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KGr28 9-Dec-19 11:41am View    
I'm not trying to grab the files singly b/c they change from day to day, I need to be able to grab an entire folder
KGr28 6-Aug-19 10:52am View    
The issue isn't getting the progressbar to work it is getting it to run synchronous with my function so:

What I want it to do:

When I click on the submit button I want it to fire both my ProgressBar and method at the same time , the progressBar should Monitor the length of time it takes my method to complete from 0% to 100% .

What it is doing:
When I click on the ButtonSubmit_Click button it hits my thread with my code for my progressBar ignores it, then it statrts my method , without loading my progressbar

The Link you provided doesn't show how to do that.
KGr28 6-Aug-19 10:24am View    
My question is:

I have a long running method, so I created a progress bar to show what percentage my method was to completing, but I am having difficulty figuring out how to do this ,syncing my progress bar with my method => excelHelper.InsertNewRows();.
Basically my progress bar representing how long the function has to run.