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CopWorker 28-Apr-20 2:34am View    

now I´ve found the install routine of the "TortoiseSVN.msi" and the executable file "SvnBridge.exe".

What´s the matter with both applications? How does they work together?
Do I have to include the "SvnBridge.exe" in TortoiseSVN somehow?

With the Tortoise Repository Browser I can only access the SVN server and not TFS.
And with the application "SvnBridge.exe" I can only start a dialog in which I can enter a port.
I currently have no idea how I should link SvnBridge.exe to the Tortoise Repository Browser.

Thanks for help.
CopWorker 22-Apr-20 2:26am View    
It's nice to learn that this concern also affects other software developers.
I stay tuned.
Please take part in this chat if you find out what.

Thank you so much!