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Comments by joao pedro Jun2022 (Top 14 by date)

joao pedro Jun2022 2-Jul-22 16:04pm View    
What you mean 5ed?
joao pedro Jun2022 1-Jul-22 15:22pm View     CRLF
i have seen this code here on
procedure TForm1.sEdit1Change(Sender: TObject);
 var a :integer;
IF sEdit1.Text <> '' then
ADOQuery1.SQL.Add('select * from employé where num_emp='+inttostr(a));;
ADOQuery1.SQL.Add('select * from employé');;

can you code like this with the fields and conditioning i have mentioned, would it work?
joao pedro Jun2022 1-Jul-22 14:47pm View     CRLF
i expect when i scroll on torcamentos_New with cod_orcamento = 16 table torcamento_aux cod_Orc quantidade preco_unit iva totalciva1 1,23 when i scrolll on torcamentos_new with cod_Orcamento = 47 table torcamento_aux cod_Orc quantidade preco_unit iva totalciva1 2,46 i need only one record on the Ado query when i scroll o torcamento_new or add records on torcamento_aux
joao pedro Jun2022 1-Jul-22 8:41am View     CRLF
the filter i have on ado table is : procedure TForm1.ADOTorcamentosAfterScroll(DataSet: TDataSet); begin if (form1.Active=True) then begin If (ADOTOrc_AuxCod_Orc.AsString <>'') and (ADOTOrcamentosCod_orcamento.AsString <>'') then begin ADOTorc_Aux.Filtered:=false; Edit1.Text:=ADOTorcamentosCod_Orcamento.AsString; ADOTorc_Aux.Filter := ('[Cod_Orc]=' + QuotedStr(Edit1.Text)); ADOTorc_Aux.Filtered:=true; end; end; end; Can i use the same kind of filter on tado query?
joao pedro Jun2022 1-Jul-22 7:22am View     CRLF
can i use a delphi tfilter on the ado query? like i used on the ado table?