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Comments by sbarnes (Top 8 by date)

sbarnes 5-Jul-21 15:59pm View
Thank you, CHill60. All helpful points I didn't know or really think about. But next time, if I'm trying to guess why I get down counts I'll keep my mouth shut. Better to speculate and say nothing than to know why. Oh, and another two 16 point down counts. Boy, I really pissed someone off. What prevents a Code Project member with powerful privileges from attacking someone daily until they exhaust your reputation? Now there's an automation article that we would all like to see. Thank you again CHill60 for being genuinely helpful.
sbarnes 3-Jul-21 21:19pm View
Maybe. I think Dave Kreskowiak probably has the better argument. At least it may explain two down counts of 16 points on both my solutions. Good to know for the future.
sbarnes 3-Jul-21 21:17pm View
I can see your point. Professors are SO lazy. I'll shy away from questions that look like homework. Thanks for letting me know. Down another 16 points on this solution.
sbarnes 28-Dec-20 16:43pm View
Good observation and answer. But I got the impression
was asking about limits and the like. What goes wrong when n gets too big? What is too big and why? But, yes, as a practical matter your shorter way is more performant.
sbarnes 20-Dec-20 16:53pm View
This is really the best, most straight forward answer. A little trig does the rest.
sbarnes 4-Nov-18 15:39pm View
Here in Nov. 2018. Simple. Works. I can't believe how this answer could evade me for days and how many complicated bending-over-backwards solutions I tried to pursue.
sbarnes 1-Apr-14 1:53am View
good succinct useable answer
sbarnes 22-Jun-13 20:46pm View
Thanks. I always have a question about where to ask a question. But this only raises the question about where you found the answer to where to ask the question. I guess if the answer to that question was already evident here, I wouldn't need to ask the question here. I'd ask where you found this question should be asked but this is probably not the place.