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Comments by Jan Steyn (Top 6 by date)

Jan Steyn 5-Feb-16 5:09am View
Will your kiosk have Internet/Network access?
Jan Steyn 5-Apr-13 10:16am View
LOL, it shows this question as the first organic result!!!
Jan Steyn 9-Nov-12 5:00am View
Does the SQL server service user have access to the path on which the backup is?
Jan Steyn 15-Jun-12 8:17am View
If you go to MS site, you can just search for microsoft sql server 2005 feature pack and then select the one that is most suitable for you.
Jan Steyn 2-Jan-12 4:54am View
Does the user account under which you are executing the program have full control to the database file?
Jan Steyn 9-Oct-11 7:40am View
I know in Outlook there is anoption to leave your email on the server for 14 days or indefinitely with a POP3 connection. I have been using it successfully to read from multiple Outlooks. Don't know if BlackBerry have such an option?