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Fred Ackers 28-Jul-12 21:28pm View    
I am still working on this project so I am not 100% there yet. I have had limited success with using a C++ library called libwebsockets to communicate with the HTML5 page. The HTML5 page loads the camera, gets the image from the canvas and transmits it to through the websockets to the C++ program. The C++ program grabs the image from the libwebsocket library sockets and then creates an image using OpenCV. I have had success with it, but it is not easy and does not always give me the data I seek for some unknown reason. I am using a C++ custom program that makes use of the OpenCV and libwebsockets for the processing, then sends the updated image back to the HTML5 page. One item worthy of mention, is that I am copying the pixels from the canvas into a buffer and sending that buffer of raw pixels. I then receive the raw buffer and add an image header in the C++ program for OpenCV to use.

Hope this helps!