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Comments by AhsanS (Top 10 by date)

AhsanS 24-May-12 7:57am View
Very nicely answered.
AhsanS 24-May-12 7:57am View
He wants to get value from child form to parent form, and not the other way around (as you have mentioned).
AhsanS 24-May-12 7:52am View
What sort of chart do you want to show in gridview?
AhsanS 24-May-12 3:45am View
I assume that RowMain is a HtmlTableRow.
Are you adding this to the main table?
AhsanS 24-May-12 2:57am View
The solution given by Sandeep is just an example for you to get started. For creating multiple buttons you can follow above example and you have to give different id and that is it. You can create as many as you like. But make sure that id is different.
AhsanS 24-May-12 2:52am View
Do you want to get some information from another form?
AhsanS 14-May-12 7:33am View
First of all no need to cast ToString.
Secondly check for empty string like this
if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(txtDate.Text))
thirdly what do you want?
If you want to assign it the text than you are doing it the right way
i.e. txtDate.Text = "0";
AhsanS 14-May-12 5:33am View
If you click on any of the above resources posted by "Sandeep Mewara", you will find complete working solutions.
AhsanS 14-May-12 5:31am View
Instead of restarting. Re-access the design of the project. And the things that are required by multiple projects should be moved to a common resource (library).
AhsanS 3-Feb-12 0:37am View
Reason for my vote of 5
Really very nice.