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ranjithsubra 20-Sep-16 9:43am View
What type of thread are you created ? . Is that userinterface or worker thread ? .
ranjithsubra 20-Sep-16 9:39am View
i think your control must have name start with A and its start like &A. Remove & from dialog name properties .

check again .
ranjithsubra 20-Sep-16 9:36am View
try updateAllView()
ranjithsubra 17-Mar-16 8:20am View
Hello Kumar,
For example , If click the Login button after entering the username and password . If the credentials are correct , you are moving execute the exe right ?

If that is the case , You may use CreateProcess function and you have to pass the command line arguments as a exe name in that.


Another way you can use shellexeute API , to exeute the exe.