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Comments by Samuel Cherinet (Top 14 by date)

Samuel Cherinet 3-May-11 9:46am View
Can you post the code you have done so far, coz am having a hard time wrapping my head around what you are looking for.
Samuel Cherinet 20-Sep-10 9:14am View
are you on if so... .net has a quick implementation library already for you, check out this link
Samuel Cherinet 16-Sep-10 15:48pm View
alright!!! must say this is a better approach, you learn something new everyday. Thanks!
Samuel Cherinet 11-Sep-10 22:10pm View
The EventHandler is not a guarantee that it will be run in a separate thread. its just calling on pointer to the function(delegates). please post some code about your problem.
Samuel Cherinet 7-Sep-10 10:48am View
are you using XML serialization or Binary serialization?
Samuel Cherinet 3-Sep-10 9:30am View
I think that is what you are doing (initializing it again) put the notify icon only on the main form
Samuel Cherinet 2-Sep-10 16:37pm View
why are you concerned with the modal dialog? Do you want it to block the main application while it is running? am a bit confused there!!
Samuel Cherinet 1-Sep-10 11:49am View
you can access and update objects in different threads. it wouldn't throw an exception for other objects other than UI controls(its a validation imposed on such objects). the only thing would be you have to make sure there is no concurrent update on the object state because you will need to handle those scenarios to prevent data corruption.
There are a bunch of ways provided by .net to make your classes thread safe. the simplest one would be locking ...

hope this shed some light ...
Samuel Cherinet 16-Aug-10 22:57pm View
yap! there are a bunch of default setting for the channel in the config file. all you gotta do is increase those values and it should work for you. I have used WCF for a file server and had run into the same issue.
Samuel Cherinet 16-Aug-10 9:53am View
unless you are planning on binding this control to a datasource. I would just use ListView instead. you will get more flexibility and a typed item from it. something to think about!!
Samuel Cherinet 13-Aug-10 16:10pm View
am confused here ... why are you looking for the panel in the first place ... I mean you are looking for the checkbox in the tabpage??? if you added the checkboxes in the panels then you should be looking for the checkbox inside the panel.
Samuel Cherinet 13-Aug-10 16:01pm View
yeah how are you planning to draw the tables in the first place ... if you are using gridviews and adding them as a control to your form then that is one case or are you using graphics to draw the tables as well???
Samuel Cherinet 12-Aug-10 9:19am View
poooh ... don't know at this point tried it on binary serialization as well and unfortunately HTMLElement is not marked as serializable. at this point the only thing I can ask you is "what is the need for you to serialize an Xml element?? " I mean you can use the HtmlElement.OuterHtml to get the element as plain string and save it, because that is what XMLSerialization basically is going to do.

other than that I hope one of those fine .net developers in here would resolve this issue for you"
Samuel Cherinet 11-Aug-10 14:51pm View
on top of everything you might want to check if the value in the cell is not null in the first place,.. it might be so that the cell considers "0" as null. you can check that in the "NullValue" property of the column's Cellstyle. Just something to try ..