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Comments by Dave Crump (Top 11 by date)

Dave Crump 27-Oct-12 6:36am View
Reason for my vote of 5
Great job.
Dave Crump 25-Aug-12 1:51am View
Thanks Ridoy, it really helped me.
Dave Crump 23-Aug-12 21:28pm View
Thank you Christian,
I thought about that before, and I set the Copy Local to True. Maybe you are right and I need another DLL for that, but which one? I have been looking into many many websites for a solution!!
Dave Crump 21-Aug-12 16:49pm View
Sorry about that!!
Dave Crump 21-Aug-12 16:05pm View
Did you know, I am coding on Windows-Phone Project?
Can it be cause of the problem, that I can not use the System.Windows.Media.Brushes.White? It says "Are you missing an Assembly reference?"

Dave Crump 21-Aug-12 15:29pm View
Sure I will do that so long it works really. In fact still I have the same problem. Error-ID is; (Compiler Error CS0103 "The name 'Brushes' does not exist in the current context") So, as you might see, I have the "System.Windows.Media" in my header. Do I have to define it again?
Did you know that I am trying to develop on Windows Phone 7.1?

Dave Crump 21-Aug-12 14:46pm View
Thanks, I have got it already.
Dave Crump 21-Aug-12 14:30pm View
@Sergey: First of all, keep your manner. Here is a development's forum not a standup comedy. Second: You can beleive in what you like, but you are not in the position to judge upon anybody.
Back to work: I tried already Brushes instead of Brush, I get the same Error. Does not matter if I code TextBox1.Foreground = Brushes.White; or TextBox1.Foreground = Brush.White;
DO I have the right using in my header.

Dave Crump 21-Aug-12 0:13am View
Thank you, I was in this MSDN page, but still I don't know how to set the Brush.
Can you help me with an example?
Dave Crump 20-Aug-12 19:16pm View
Yes, exactly like Alarm Setting.
The scenario is like that; User has to set the time, for example like 12:30.
I have to get "12:30" for later use. Because I have to search based on the setted time.
Dave Crump 20-Aug-12 14:12pm View
Thank you for the reply and help,
I did a lots of research about coding. I am also so much volunteer to learn.

It was not my request. My request is, that set the time by the user with scrolling a TextBox Control in a scrollview container.

I tried many ways to get the String's Date and time but, no success.

Thank in advance