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Comments by Eagle32 (Top 15 by date)

Eagle32 13-Jan-17 8:28am View    
Thanks for sharing that, my application does not have a UI so i will refer to link you shared.
Eagle32 28-Nov-16 16:53pm View    
Ok thanks.
Eagle32 28-Nov-16 14:21pm View    
My XML is not being correctly parsed when i pasted it into the post. How can i fix this?
Eagle32 19-Nov-16 11:20am View    
Thanks for the response. Yeah i see what you mean, the end users can provide various combinations so i will need to look deeper into your suggestions etc.
Eagle32 21-Oct-16 5:48am View    
At which point do i invoke .ToList() method so i get just a List<product> at the end.