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Daniel Leykauf 9-Dec-21 20:36pm View
I installed also MS Office 2019 (x86) after deinstallation of previous version and got same error message.
Daniel Leykauf 20-Jun-17 16:08pm View
Also that does not solve my problem. As you can see in the sample file there are per row different childs.
But overall is there a logical structure that I want to build.
For example: in 2nd row line2 is new compared to first row and listed before line3 (from its index) because line3 is in 2nd row after line2.
Therefore the index per value has to be shifted. A sorting by name cannot be used as the element names can be have different names. Only the values from previous to current row can be used and each index has to be changed campared to previous row index.

One other simple sample per line:

1: abc, def, jkl
2: def, ghi, jkl

The result should be: "abc, def, ghi, jkl"

Please ignore the sample names; they could also be: "xyz, abc, zuv, ooh" or whatever. Therefore an alphabetical sorting cannot be used! The sorting needs to by applied by the index (considering the next and previous value) campared with the value index in the line before.
If there are values those are not existing before, they have to be added at the end.
But if one of next line contains that value already, the index has to be set the correct position.
Daniel Leykauf 20-Jun-17 13:50pm View
Hi Rick,
Please have a look at the XML sample above and the expected result. A string sorting cannot be used as I need it ordered by the name index (instead the name). Thanks!
Daniel Leykauf 20-Jun-17 13:36pm View
That is unfortunately not the issue and question.
The node parsing is the easiest part. I want to get the sorted child names according to their occurance per row.
Therefore a solution has to get all childs per row and has to insert new names according to their logical position. For existing names the index has to shifted in case the new index is unequal to the existing one.
Daniel Leykauf 18-Jun-17 12:43pm View
Thanks once again (also for the time you spent for)!
Daniel Leykauf 18-Jun-17 12:13pm View
Thanks for your reply! The reason for my question is that I want to visualize the child nodes in a grid (elements names has header, rows listed with their values below). The header names should appear in order of the child elements based on their occurances (in the parent element). But not all XML files are referenced to a xsd file (where you can get the correct position) or are mendatory and might be missing per row. Therefore I have to parse each node (in above sample the "row" element) and their childs and to build a sorted list.
Linq to query is therefore no alternate as I do not know the XML file structure nor could be the element names in an non-alphabetically order where only the position describes the correct order.
Daniel Leykauf 18-Jun-17 10:18am View
As already mentioned after the xml block, I would like to have the sorted child names as unqiue list: "line1, line2, line3, line4".
Daniel Leykauf 21-Nov-10 18:02pm View
Thank you! I found a C# solution and it is working fine in C#. But in VB do I have to truncate the values otherwise do I get for the 3rd byte 4 instead of 3 ... crazy:
Dim Length as Integer = 63040
For i As Integer = 3 To 0 Step -1
b(i) = Convert.ToByte(Length Mod &H80)
Debug.Print(b(i)) Length /= &H80
Length = Math.Truncate(Length / &H80)
Daniel Leykauf 31-Oct-10 13:36pm View
VB: If (CULng(val) And &HFFFF000000000000UL) = &HFFFF000000000000UL ...
C#: if (((ulong)val & 0xFFFF000000000000) == 0xFFFF000000000000) ...