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Comments by Dmitriy Gakh (Top 21 by date)

Dmitriy Gakh 9-Dec-19 1:15am View
Yes. It is about robots. But a specialized literature magazine is better place because it has auditory who interested in sci-fi. The best way is to publish my story in the magazine, but here a technical article discussing possibilities of technical achievements described in the story would be seen attractive and useful.
Dmitriy Gakh 19-Oct-16 2:15am View
Reason for my vote of 2 \n You study and state the problem from your personal narrow vision. I see a lot of problems relating to these:

1) Modern successful SW develppment processes involved many developers. Even system SW is written by many peple. And the SW is developed with vertical layered structure (source, preprocessor, static code analyser, compiler, tests, ...). In this complex environment close cooperation and common vision is essential.

2) Level of abstraction (OOP/OOD, patterns, best practices, ...) forms specific vision of developers. In many cases "goto" can break the picture and contradict with rules that work for SW development methodologies.

3) The text that you have been published cannot be considered as an article because it does not refer to literature and work of other people. It is a big flaw and root of many "downvotes". You shoud form this as an question named for example as "Why goto has so bad reputation".

As a conclusion - the article is too smal and does not consider influence of SW development methodologies, OOP/OOD, patterns, best practices, e.t.c.
Dmitriy Gakh 7-Jun-16 8:14am View
Conversion operators - see my solution and reference below. If you will stuck, I can help you because I have big experience with conversion operators.
Dmitriy Gakh 7-Jun-16 8:11am View
I improved the solution stating copying instances, not classes.
Dmitriy Gakh 7-Jun-16 8:08am View
This solution is the best indeed because it points to Class/Instance mistake and based on interface that is best from architectural point of view (the best practice).
Dmitriy Gakh 7-Jun-16 2:23am View
It is possible without reflection.
Dmitriy Gakh 2-Jun-16 3:35am View
To insert one document into another without changing header/footer you need inserting section break in way you new text will be in new section.
Dmitriy Gakh 2-Jun-16 3:26am View
JSONP is a technique, not a file format. You need to understand JavaScript to have clue how JSONP works.
Dmitriy Gakh 21-May-16 6:08am View
Reason for my vote of 4 \n In one hand it is an unuseful tip - you did not describe which benefits gain a programmer from this knowledge. In another hand you have risen an important question. It would be better to write more detailed article showing advantages of using this knowledge.
Dmitriy Gakh 15-May-16 11:44am View
I also did not understand what exactly is the problem. Did you considered use Session instead of ViewState ? Try learn how to use Session - it could be helpful.
Dmitriy Gakh 13-May-16 10:15am View
I think call

dtvregister.DataSource = list;

deletes all in dtvregister and take new data from the list. So, you should delete entry only in the list, should not ?
Dmitriy Gakh 13-May-16 9:47am View
It is new question :-) You asked about unexpected error. The error is fixed. Let's do next step. I think you should better understand what you should delete. I think you should delete an item in the your list in place I commented for deleting code.
Dmitriy Gakh 13-May-16 9:39am View
log should be replaced by Log.
Dmitriy Gakh 13-May-16 7:02am View
You could put remove commands in place commented as "Try remove commands here". Try do different options and see results. Hope it will be helpful.
Dmitriy Gakh 13-May-16 6:54am View
You are in right way. :-)
Dmitriy Gakh 13-May-16 5:25am View
You are right. I tech my students to use debugger as soon as they started coding. Step by step operations show many details.
But here people even did not read comments before acting...
Dmitriy Gakh 12-May-16 9:32am View
You should create your list first. Your list is null when you call RemoveAl.

List<log> list = null;

And after debug your code and fix logical problems using debugger.
Dmitriy Gakh 28-Apr-16 13:43pm View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Your method saves heap and GC time because avoid string manipulations. It is excellent from memory save perspective.
Dmitriy Gakh 8-Sep-15 12:38pm View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Simple and useful.
Dmitriy Gakh 3-Sep-15 7:23am View
Reason for my vote of 4 \n The Title promises to explain different types of sending data in IPC. It should be named somewhat as "One way to ...".
Dmitriy Gakh 2-Sep-15 9:51am View
Reason for my vote of 4 \n Too small to be an article.