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edyzakaria 9-Jan-11 21:01pm View
Hi, Abhinav,

Thanks for your answer. I also thinking that WCF should be for the pass on layer by combining it with ASP.Net.
Only now is that my imagination about WCF still blur. By now I am reading some references and starting to got the image, only not exploring too far yet since references still talking about SOA.
Currently my thinking is like this schema :

SERVER (IIS/Others) <-- IN/OUT --> Internet (using WCF) <-- IN/OUT --> User/Intranet (Silverlight/WinForm/ASP.Net/Others)

Hope be able to implement it.

edyzakaria 6-Jan-11 1:23am View
Ok, i have read some of WCF basic. it looks like some kind of service that can deliver data just like i imagined. i will try to spend more time reading it deeper. but can you helped me before that with these ?

a. does WCF hosted the same like ASP.Net, using IIS ? if yes is there certain version of IIS ? (no need to answer this. i know the answer already.)
b. my idea is that WCF will be the point where big process of data will be done. and Silverlight (or ASP.Net Webform) is where presentation will be done. can WCF do that ?

thank you.
edyzakaria 5-Jan-11 6:37am View
hmm.. inspiring. i will try to read it first...
edyzakaria 14-Dec-10 22:24pm View
I've read that, thank you.
But still not for me. When i explore about the commandname in msdn i also arrived at there. but not the thing that i want.
in the example showing that e.commandname submit doing something. that is the thing that i want to know from commandname Login.
but i also have considering that my question might be quite sensitive since looks like the logic behind that commandname "login" is not open.

So if anybody out there know that it is a "closed logic/code" please inform me. :)
edyzakaria 26-Nov-10 1:56am View
edyzakaria 21-Oct-10 6:43am View
ok i finish read that site. and got confused. <sigh>....
still got no idea the significance advantage of c#.... maybe because i confused....
better concentrate on c# first....
edyzakaria 27-Sep-10 21:39pm View
yes, looked like your answer very acceptable. anyway, i move this question to forums.
edyzakaria 27-Sep-10 21:38pm View
Ok. Thanx for the info.
i will move it to forum. i will delete this question.
edyzakaria 17-Sep-10 13:12pm View
yep i like it. detail enough for productivity.
yes you are correct, i don't have time to learn a lot (multiple) language here. i need to learn the good one so at least it equipped me for productivity.

thank you.
edyzakaria 17-Sep-10 13:08pm View
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edyzakaria 17-Sep-10 2:34am View
Reason for my vote of 5
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edyzakaria 17-Sep-10 2:34am View
i like the number 4 answer.
thank you.
edyzakaria 17-Sep-10 2:33am View
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edyzakaria 17-Sep-10 0:33am View
Ah, true in experience. I learned C++ when i was in college and get a grade C at the Advance C++ Programming (C = C hahaha...). i stuck at "malloc" :p.
it is a good idea to re-learn again c++. time is my constraint. but what you said is also correct. i also will try to see some basic again at c++, but when i hit malloc again, maybe i will run away. hahahaha....

salute to c++ skilled people :)
edyzakaria 15-Sep-10 12:38pm View
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edyzakaria 15-Sep-10 12:38pm View
Reason for my vote of 5
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edyzakaria 15-Sep-10 5:31am View
hahaha... i just want to know whether other than mono exist or not. for c# i register mono as my arsenal as VS for windows. :)
edyzakaria 15-Sep-10 5:28am View
Wah, comprehensive answer.

Thank you.
edyzakaria 15-Sep-10 4:53am View

Wow, what a history. Thanks a lot !!
Thank you also for the answer.

Btw, i take a loot at your introduced D language. Quite interesting. I bookmarked the page. The sample of syntax quite similar with c#. Indeed, it is still immature. But i will try to look at it periodically for any improvement.

Thank you.
edyzakaria 15-Sep-10 4:18am View
Hahahaha... good comment. Thanx Roger.
edyzakaria 15-Sep-10 3:11am View

you are correct for the VS Express IDE and it is absolutely a good one for me. i like it. i just concern about a lockdown situation where i am currently facing. i don't know a lot about things outside windows. if the situation that windows always there for the job then it's ok. but the world is round. it has time when it will be down and time when it will be up. i don't want to be totally blind of outside but i also realize my capacity and time to learn. i just thinking that it might be good to have an alternative if by any means my situation force me to use non windows.

c++ strength and weakness (for me as non expert c++) is in memory management. i got bad mark for that back when i was in college. it is difficult. but it might be difficult because i don't know clearly what it is for. if i know then maybe it will be easy for me. therefore for now i like the c# memory management. but i also don't want to ignore this c++ capability. and there i hope by learning c# it will ease my effort to learn c++ if i need to one day. and as you have said about the writing back the calculator back using c++ is not hard to do then it is good enough for me.

Good encouragement for me Roger. Thanx a lot.