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Comments by Nicholas Butler (Top 30 by date)

Nicholas Butler 4-Jan-12 7:28am View
You can use a closure: new Thread( () => MakeGrey( ...pass your argument here... ) );
Nicholas Butler 4-Jan-12 7:24am View
Have you configured a MEX endpoint? What do you get if you browse to http://localhost/dotnet/Service.svc?wsdl?
Nicholas Butler 4-Jan-12 7:22am View
What have you tried? What problems did you have?
Nicholas Butler 4-Jan-12 7:20am View
You can load the version numbers dynamically using reflection: AssemblyName.Version
Nicholas Butler 4-Jan-12 7:13am View
WinForms or WPF?
Nicholas Butler 4-Jan-12 7:11am View
+5 for HTML agility pack
Nicholas Butler 4-Jan-12 7:09am View
Inheritance and multi-threading are two unrelated things
Nicholas Butler 4-Jan-12 7:08am View
Repeater is a server-side control - it is not itself rendered in the HTML, just it's contents
Nicholas Butler 4-Jan-12 7:05am View
Nicholas Butler 4-Jan-12 7:00am View
Convert.ToDouble( string ) just calls Double.Parse. There is also an overload that takes an IFormatProvider.
Nicholas Butler 18-Oct-11 7:49am View
you're welcome :)
Nicholas Butler 18-Oct-11 7:23am View
Yes, they have to be, because the service can be running when no-one is logged on ( and therefore there is no desktop )
Nicholas Butler 18-Oct-11 7:21am View
DllImport is an Attribute and this is how you apply one to a method.
Nicholas Butler 18-Oct-11 7:07am View
What have you tried? What problems did you have?
Nicholas Butler 18-Oct-11 6:56am View
Please use "Improve question" and add more details
Nicholas Butler 18-Oct-11 6:53am View
How long does the transfer take before you get the error?
Nicholas Butler 8-Oct-11 10:53am View
What do you mean by external and internal jQuery?
Nicholas Butler 8-Oct-11 5:13am View
What framework? ( WinForms || WPF )

What have you tried and what problems did you have?
Nicholas Butler 8-Oct-11 4:30am View
What are your tasks? If they are http requests you need a web farm. Otherwise you are looking at a cluster or load balancing architecture.
Nicholas Butler 7-Oct-11 9:16am View
I don't understand your question. Could you explain in more detail?
Nicholas Butler 7-Oct-11 5:46am View
Nicholas Butler 6-Oct-11 13:28pm View
Unless you have thousands of tables, I think you're over-engineering this.

You're finding it difficult to split the tables into groups that are isolated - where's the gain?
Nicholas Butler 5-Oct-11 8:58am View
Your question and your code sample do not match - are you trying to set the focus or the TabIndex property?
Nicholas Butler 5-Oct-11 8:37am View
Why aren't you using the RootFolder property?
Nicholas Butler 18-Nov-10 4:37am View
The library is open source - I meant look at that! It will show you how much work is required to get what you want.
Nicholas Butler 17-Nov-10 16:12pm View
The only way to test a TCP connection is to send a packet and see if it is acknowledged.
Nicholas Butler 13-Nov-10 10:59am View
Right click the project in Solution Explorer and click Properties. You can select the "Target Framework" on the "Application" tab.
Nicholas Butler 15-Oct-10 12:23pm View
Just saw... 17,000 files !!! Do you really want to show that many in one go?
Nicholas Butler 15-Oct-10 12:17pm View
Are you running the Debug build? It should throw as soon as you touch the grid from the background thread.

Yes, you can get the file paths from the underlying data, as long as you match it up to the current data in the grid when you set the backgrounds.

Also, I think it is imperative you call File.Exists on a background thread. It could take 30 seconds per file if there are network problems and you don't want the UI thread to block.