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Comments by D V L (Top 17 by date)

D V L 7-Nov-15 4:53am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n nice :)
D V L 3-Nov-15 12:16pm View
and as per your question & information given
works well
but you have to add with detail to get accurate answer
D V L 3-Nov-15 12:11pm View
well, i tried on my server to solve your problem..
query works fine without null
little conversion & some condition changes will works
D V L 12-Sep-15 8:11am View
Reason for my vote of 4 \n nice :)
D V L 1-Sep-15 8:33am View
Any time :)
D V L 22-Aug-15 9:34am View
error say simple and clear.
"Window must be the root of the tree. Cannot add Window as a child of Visual."

you can use UserControl.
D V L 21-Aug-15 9:01am View
solution updated check it
D V L 21-Aug-15 2:18am View
try following link it could help
D V L 21-Aug-15 2:12am View
may be you have code first approach of entity framework.

in that case you can add parameter manually to your stored procedure function and map.
D V L 21-Aug-15 2:05am View
to find your edmx file use search bar of solution explorer
or use shortcut ctrl + ;
and type edmx
D V L 21-Aug-15 2:03am View
expand all project in solution and see where is it..
D V L 21-Aug-15 1:59am View
D V L 21-Aug-15 1:57am View
then find your .edmx file in solution explorer
double click or open it
it show diagram view of your models.
D V L 21-Aug-15 1:48am View
are you using Entity Framework?
specify what are u using?
D V L 21-Aug-15 1:48am View
in your solution explorer
D V L 20-Aug-15 8:59am View
can you describe what an error it show?
D V L 18-May-15 1:46am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n very Nice.. :)