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Comments by Raghavendra HG (Top 7 by date)

Raghavendra HG 17-Feb-11 6:52am View
I have used custom sorting only. Sorting is happening with no problem. But string sorting is happening. I need integer sorting.
Raghavendra HG 3-Aug-10 2:48am View
Man this is not working. I tried in IE8...
Raghavendra HG 2-Aug-10 9:25am View
No I want that div when I click a link inside a grid.
Raghavendra HG 20-Jul-10 3:08am View
OK, How do u find the textbox control inside a header template in telerik grid ? (If you have any idea of telerik grid...)
Raghavendra HG 13-Jul-10 9:21am View
This wont work dude as you are finding the control inside the Rows.
Raghavendra HG 9-Jul-10 1:37am View
Its not the problem of that because for the first 4-5 hits it is responding very fast...
Raghavendra HG 26-Jun-10 5:04am View
Oh man.. It worked.. thanks a lot.. :)