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Comments by softwaremonkey (Top 23 by date)

softwaremonkey 4-Apr-22 10:15am View    
Thanks, I do have a SetVideoClippingWindow() call in my code and it works when playing an AVI file but not with the webcam (Capture Filter). Its driving me mad!
softwaremonkey 1-Apr-22 6:30am View    
Thanks. My application does use MFC but I am not aware of any MFC classes that would assist with video streaming/rendering. Although the article you refer to is in C#, it has prompted me to explore the DirectShow framework.
softwaremonkey 1-Apr-22 6:24am View    
Thanks. This is what we have done in the past but it creates a significant amount of re-working each time we change camera vendors. I was looking for a more generic approach that would only involve small changes to the application.
softwaremonkey 12-Feb-20 17:56pm View     CRLF
Richard, that link was interesting as it stated that toolbar styles TBSTYLE_FLAT and TBSTYLE_TRANSPARENT are ignored when using Common Controls version 6.00 which explains why when I changed these styles it had no effect. I found that if I turned off visual styles for the toolbar using SetWindowTheme() and also set the TBSTYLE_TRANSPARENT style, I got the appearance I was looking for. Thanks for your help!
softwaremonkey 6-Nov-18 1:31am View    
Worked for me - Good solution!