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Comments by Drakesal (Top 6 by date)

Drakesal 13-Jul-21 13:29pm View
Perfect you helped me very much, last question where i can get the ID list for CANCEL button?
Drakesal 2-May-20 12:05pm View
Thanks very much Richard you solved totally my problem, god bless you ;)
Drakesal 2-May-20 10:51am View
int nOffset = 0;

bDone = WriteFile(hFile, btMemArray->GetData() + nOffset, 1, &dwBytesWritten, NULL);


} while (nOffset < btMemArray->GetSize());

I have done this progress but how to use with higher chunk?
Drakesal 13-Jun-17 11:19am View
you can see it now, if you use the program Psexec with this syntax you will see:

psexec \\PCNAME -u User -p Password cmd.exe

in remote pc yopu will see a cmd window if you write at prompt : whoami
it will return User from psexec and not the currently logged, i want obtain this :)
Drakesal 13-Jun-17 11:05am View
Ok ok i haven't explained good the situation, i have written a complete application like Psexec.exe i list all pc in network i send service with IPC i use remote pipe to comunicate and i execute the commands with a service that runs as LOCAL System all is done but i need more simple thing, i only need to execute proecess with loggoed user only this
Drakesal 13-Jun-17 10:37am View
I have followed that article infact i can access as LOCAL System, i have read many times but i haven'r found the solution. it's very hard complete my code?