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Comments by OmiD_Haghighatgoo (Top 4 by date)

OmiD_Haghighatgoo 23-Jul-10 8:37am View
Reason for my vote of 5
OmiD_Haghighatgoo 6-Jul-10 12:41pm View

but az you know (i wish you know !!!) jshooter is the first reflect oriented framework

and there isn't any other reflect oriented framework !!!
so my knowledge is good you are not uptodate !!!
OmiD_Haghighatgoo 6-Jul-10 8:46am View

i found some thing in it's doc
I copy paste here .please read it say what's ur idea about it.
OmiD_Haghighatgoo 5-Jul-10 8:37am View
that's good

i'll do it