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Comments by adi007me (Top 6 by date)

adi007me 30-Jun-12 8:42am View
Please elaborate more on the requirement. Screenshot if available will help.
adi007me 30-Jun-12 8:34am View
Not sure about Android, but you can develop for Win8 using HTML5 and Javascript.
adi007me 7-Jul-11 1:50am View
Thanks SA.
I am also unsure about any design limitation, I was just confirming.
adi007me 6-Jul-11 13:55pm View
Yes. It is not much useful, but is there any other design limitation in .net which doesn't allow this ?
adi007me 6-Jul-11 10:19am View
Little confusing ... Please send example code ...
adi007me 9-Sep-10 4:21am View
Check if you are specifying the relative URL for the images in master page.
If yes then try absolute URL.