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Comments by sanug (Top 8 by date)

sanug 16-Aug-10 3:27am View
thanx a lott:)
sanug 16-Aug-10 2:30am View
thanks a lottttt:)
sanug 6-May-10 2:49am View
i am unable to see grid at runtime
sanug 6-May-10 0:38am View
thanks for replying but i waz asking for bulk insertion of dataset into database
sanug 4-May-10 1:15am View
please reply me...
sanug 4-May-10 1:08am View
can u please provide some other code for zipping excel sheet using vb language..thnx in advance..
sanug 4-May-10 1:07am View
can you plz provide the class module?when i added the zip32 dll,again error is coming that it is not a valid component to be added....
sanug 4-May-10 0:52am View
please answer me....its very urgent.....thanks PG