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Suraci7 4-Aug-11 15:13pm View
I am noting some XMLHTTP requests using firebug, so I assume that's Ajax, though i'm not too familiar with Ajax.
Suraci7 6-Mar-11 22:23pm View
@SAKryukov: Please stay off of my wall posts unless you'd like to post help. The response box is entitled "Add your solution" for a reason. Also, other posters may be turned away from my postings because they think you actually tried to address the issue I have.

Have a good night.
Suraci7 4-Sep-10 20:02pm View
Fantastic explanation! Many thanks!

(Your link appears broken, however!)
Suraci7 2-Sep-10 3:48am View
Please forgive me. Correct match for match 1 is:

Match 1: a sample string 123