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Jack_321 9-May-12 15:54pm View
if you need a sample code I can post it here.
Jack_321 9-May-12 15:53pm View
what is thermal printer? is it normal dot matrix printers used at offices or pos. if this it then use normal printing procedure.
Jack_321 9-May-12 15:47pm View
if you like my answer then please vote it.
Jack_321 9-May-12 15:44pm View
commenting this "On Error Resume Next" will trigger errors if any. then you can be specific.
Jack_321 9-May-12 15:43pm View
you can try one thing first.
comment this "On Error Resume Next" in function. then make all vars & function friend or public & make web browser control public. you can put all these code into the main form or where the control is, at least I did this.
Jack_321 9-May-12 15:31pm View
please check your grammar & spelling before you post a question. The head of the question should be How to "Connect" ms-access using / vb 2010.