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Comments by Rajesh Lagaria (Top 10 by date)

Rajesh Lagaria 8-Jul-16 11:24am View
I already tried this but not have any solution.
Old and new project this error in both
Rajesh Lagaria 23-Mar-16 1:24am View
My java code here:

java.util.ArrayList arr = (java.util.ArrayList)getco_ordinate(width, height, x1, y1, x2, y2);
java.awt.Point pp = (java.awt.Point)arr.get(i);
int px = pp.x;
int py = pp.y;
java.awt.image.BufferedImage currentworkingprocessimage;
getARGBPixelData(currentworkingprocessimage.getRGB(px, py));

public void getARGBPixelData(int pixel)
java.lang.String pixelARGBData = "";
a = pixel >> 24 & 0xff;
r = pixel >> 16 & 0xff;
g = pixel >> 8 & 0xff;
b = pixel & 0xff;

every thing ok but problem line is :
"java.awt.image.BufferedImage currentworkingprocessimage;
getARGBPixelData(currentworkingprocessimage.getRGB(px, py));"

there r no getRGB method in System.Drawing.Bitmap or System.Windows.Media.BitmapImage

any option doing this
Rajesh Lagaria 17-Dec-15 8:50am View
thanks Richard. after all I notice that the error rise in windows 10 64bit only. In windows pre versions 64bit and 32bit working smoothly.
Rajesh Lagaria 2-Dec-15 10:27am View
i use both x64 and x86 dll
Rajesh Lagaria 29-Nov-15 8:39am View
i recheck in debug mode and found that this error happen in 64-bit OS, in 32-bit OS work fine.
Rajesh Lagaria 20-Oct-14 21:03pm View
if I click on Label control there are no problem and show label properties . when I click on textbox or TabControl or textbox this error occurs.
Rajesh Lagaria 16-Jul-11 12:27pm View
show your code use for reporting then i help
Rajesh Lagaria 6-Jul-11 12:40pm View
good link for new thinkrs. my 5 for you
Rajesh Lagaria 28-Apr-11 20:22pm View
send your code ! what you do
Rajesh Lagaria 28-Apr-11 20:00pm View
microsoft office 2000,2003 file format *.doc and 2007 file format *.docx