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Comments by Indrajeet Tiwari (Top 4 by date)

Indrajeet Tiwari 6-Jun-16 6:53am View
I have two tables one which store the data for family head and other one is for family member where i can insert more then one record for each family head like son wife mother etc. now i need to insert data in both the table from one view and one button click the problem is for family head table there will be only one row but for member it might be more than one row so how to get all this working in mvc 5 that is my question
Indrajeet Tiwari 5-Jun-16 4:02am View
a father can have many children so to add them we need to create many rows also in this case there is going to be only one head to a family and the member can't be head of any famiy
Indrajeet Tiwari 20-Aug-15 1:08am View
thank you for reply...
Indrajeet Tiwari 4-Apr-13 8:38am View
Thanks ryan for your reply. i will try this...