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Comments by Anand.genius (Top 11 by date)

Anand.genius 25-Aug-12 8:21am View
thanks i will try it
Anand.genius 25-Aug-12 8:08am View
no it is not like that i m not paid ..i m a student and want to develop my colleges technical festival web sites ..thats why
Anand.genius 25-Aug-12 7:58am View
yes but i have no time to learn now.. only this one is missing project i know CSS and HTML there any sort way ???
because have to complete my work in very limited time ..
Anand.genius 7-Aug-12 13:48pm View
i cant understand this ,please give me some complete code using some example...
i have tried but give error.....
Anand.genius 1-Aug-12 13:33pm View
yes in C...on windows platform... i m try to draw graphic for each movement of disk.....when it moves...
Anand.genius 31-Jul-12 8:18am View
thanks for solution ..i tried it works.......using package we can do this ......
Anand.genius 30-Jul-12 11:47am View
ohk thanks ...
Anand.genius 30-Jul-12 11:36am View there anyother way to do so??
Anand.genius 25-Jul-12 13:02pm View
thanks for your advice. you are right i have to find it my self ... thanks
Anand.genius 25-Jul-12 12:52pm View
i am a student give seminar in college...
if you have some latest topics you can suggest me...
Anand.genius 25-Jul-12 12:42pm View
sorry but ,i know how to use google..but its give so many topics ,so i m little bit confuse thats why i post question...