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Comments by MNMR (Top 13 by date)

MNMR 11-Mar-12 12:20pm View
Ok, now it clearer a little. I'll test. Thank you. But what about this stream to show in screen?
MNMR 11-Mar-12 12:13pm View
Ok, thanks for your observation, maybe global and local declaration is error my prone programming style. I can correct it. But when I try to read from file my object method man.getName(); I get the same error, maybe it's read anyway from object, but not from file?
MNMR 11-Feb-12 12:25pm View
A big thank to you Emilio! Now it's clearer! Your hard work to explain is really value!!! By the way, string library and string type work perfect!
MNMR 5-Feb-12 6:39am View
MNMR 14-Jan-12 16:09pm View
Thanks :) You really helped to me!!! Btw your links are very useful!
MNMR 14-Jan-12 12:45pm View
I think too. And I think, that is no important where to place semicolon. Important is that to write where is need, and anywhere else don't effect. I just saw example like my one in the bottom with semicolon and I thought that is a bug, but when I tested, everything worked. So this is a question...
MNMR 7-Apr-11 14:36pm View
Yep John. I'll do it anyway.
MNMR 31-Mar-11 15:22pm View
Well i need to make a simple meniu, that user have to enter correct numbers and chose do smth... and that code above work perfect, but when i enter a char type its going crazy. :)
MNMR 31-Mar-11 15:21pm View
Too fast for my happiness... The string name type didn't worked because, i forgot std::
But seems it doesnt work at all. Need to examine more... >:|
MNMR 31-Mar-11 15:04pm View
I am done with string stream! :D
MNMR 31-Mar-11 14:41pm View
Good to see your opinion SAKryukov, well i use OR (||) operator, becauce i need that while loop have to work until you enter correct number. With your offer that to change in to (&&) it doesn't loop at all. :)
MNMR 31-Mar-11 14:28pm View
Thanks Sandeep Mewara, analyzing now your links.
MNMR 30-Mar-11 14:45pm View
A very big thank you SAKryukov!

I will analyze your sample and i will try to undestand how correctly to use that. :)