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bitsmax 9-Oct-14 4:23am View    
Consider the scenario when your text box with id="text" is active , you are entering some value in your text box , that time "var test = document.activeElement" your textbox with id="text" is a active element. on same element "test" i am checking that is the text box is editable or not by property "test.isContentEditable" . Is that wrong ? Or i have to use property contanteditable="true" everytime ?
bitsmax 9-Oct-14 4:18am View     CRLF
I check it because i want to avoid backspace on any alert/message box . Becouse alert or message box is not editable so i am checking whether the current selection/active element is editable or not. while i am entering username in username text box , the active element is text box , and it should be editable.
bitsmax 9-Oct-12 1:56am View    
there is no compilation error , but launching application i got access violation , stack overflow this kind of errors.
bitsmax 9-Oct-12 0:33am View    
I have changed the limit , now getting access vialoation in MFCVCR90.dll ,
bitsmax 5-Oct-12 1:07am View     CRLF
Hello Richard, I know it is very much difficult to guess what is happening , May be some person who done porting MFC feature pack , can provide me some suggestions, may be they have faced same kind of problems .