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Sujeet Pardeshi 3-Jul-12 3:35am View
Sujeet Pardeshi 29-Jun-12 6:36am View
Did you have any good article to explain what is persistence ignorance in POCO or entity framework????
Sujeet Pardeshi 29-Jun-12 5:53am View
Thanks for a reply.

It has cleared all my doubts.
Sujeet Pardeshi 6-Apr-12 0:13am View
Yes the second solution works. Thanks...:):)
Sujeet Pardeshi 13-Jan-12 1:04am View
Actually we are using Resource.xsd file to check if xml file is valid or not in our code. And today I have found solution.
In order to resolve references to schema file or namespace, we need to use XmlNamespaceManager class.

Here is the detailed code.
XPathDocument doc = new XPathDocument(@"E:\xmls\P_APSB11-21.xml");
XPathNavigator nav = doc.CreateNavigator();
XmlNamespaceManager nsmgr = new XmlNamespaceManager(nav.NameTable);
nsmgr.AddNamespace("ms", "Resource.xsd");

XPathNodeIterator PatchFilesiterator= nav.Select("//ms:PatchFiles",v);

Today I found that, if there is any reference to schema file or namespace then we need to resolve that reference using XmlNamespaceManager class.
Sujeet Pardeshi 12-Jan-12 8:32am View
Thanks for the reply....
After removing reference its working perfectly fine....:):)
Sujeet Pardeshi 12-Jan-12 6:09am View
But the mentioned solution is not working for above xml.
Sujeet Pardeshi 12-Jan-12 6:05am View
Yes its possible using System.Xml namespace. But can we extract data from above xml using XPath using tagnames???????
Sujeet Pardeshi 15-Nov-11 3:02am View
Thanks for the reply.

It means that calling close() method will going to deallocate memory for object as well. But then which method we should???? close() or dispose()
Sujeet Pardeshi 10-Nov-11 8:06am View
I have read it already. But still I have confusion. Because in both cases we are communicating via message. and i think messages will be transmitted only once.
Sujeet Pardeshi 5-Oct-11 1:55am View
I got it.
E.g. base a=new Derived();
in above example even though we are pointing derived class object to the base class, we can access only base class member.
In above case Base can be either abstract class or interface or any some other base class.

Thanks for the reply...:):)
Sujeet Pardeshi 4-Oct-11 9:28am View
Thanks for the reply.
But in above case we can directly create the object of derived class and performed required computation.
My basic question is, Is there any scenario in which we need to create base class object which point to the derived class object??