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Comments by 123arvind123 (Top 8 by date)

123arvind123 26-Aug-11 6:50am View
wow MRB!! thanks its good...
123arvind123 26-Aug-11 0:59am View
thanks for your reply but I am not using array...well I will go with what Niral suggest..but I appreciate your reply..
123arvind123 26-Aug-11 0:58am View
wow!!! it works thanks niral...
123arvind123 22-Aug-11 1:42am View
well thanks SAKrykove for reply...I am doing this task on the android tablet.I know what is it properties and parameters.On the desktop its working good but not working on the android tab.It just pop up on the whole screen which is my problem.
123arvind123 8-Aug-11 6:56am View
I didn't foun anything helpful for me on these links.
123arvind123 29-Jul-11 8:17am View
thanks a really works
123arvind123 29-Jul-11 7:41am View
sorry but I am using simple html dropdown and textbox..see my questions tags.
123arvind123 22-Jul-11 8:43am View
@Gregory:Please post your html code too..