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Comments by Michael dg (Top 28 by date)

Michael dg 7-Feb-16 19:59pm View
sorry I did not see that the question is from 2014.
Michael dg 16-Feb-12 19:57pm View
8 bits = 1 byte
1024 bits = 1kb
128 bytes = 1kb
Michael dg 16-Feb-12 9:07am View
what?? please elaborate further your question or at least give us a scenario.
Michael dg 16-Feb-12 8:51am View
Correct me if I am wrong,
1. User click the upload/sync button.
2. Webserver copy the files to the target machine. The target folder must be a shared folder.

Michael dg 16-Feb-12 8:48am View
Is the web server and your client machine(target folder) are accessible? I mean does the web server can access the client/target machine?
Michael dg 16-Feb-12 8:18am View
Basically your code is working. Try to read this article there are some tips.
Michael dg 16-Feb-12 8:10am View
what? we did not understand what you are saying. please elaborate more.
Michael dg 16-Feb-12 7:05am View
what do you mean by C#? C# is in tablet application, web server, or web service?
Michael dg 15-Feb-12 10:40am View
how about using POST instead of GET method?
Michael dg 15-Feb-12 10:03am View
You are welcome. Enjoy your coding!
by the way you should add the checking for null values in varElement.Attributes["value"].
Michael dg 15-Feb-12 8:27am View
make sure they are running on the same machine. the host should be running first. and then the client.
Michael dg 15-Feb-12 8:24am View
thank you
Michael dg 15-Feb-12 3:46am View
what kind of reporting components are you using? rdlc, crystal report or other? please specify.
Michael dg 15-Feb-12 2:36am View
Where do you put or export the html? directly to the Response object or to the system directory of your web server?
Michael dg 14-Feb-12 10:06am View
I will try to recreate the code by tomorrow. I work on .NET Remoting before, base on that experience, .NET Remoting is stable if it comes create the object on the server side.
Michael dg 14-Feb-12 10:02am View
oh this is a vb6. sorry for the wrong answer.
Michael dg 14-Feb-12 10:01am View
thank you for the feedback. Next time I will try to follow the coding convention. :)
Michael dg 14-Feb-12 3:33am View
It says that you should create a contract(interface). On that example it was the IServer inferface. And that interface are shared between client app and server app.
Michael dg 14-Feb-12 3:28am View
you can use this online code converter from telerik
Michael dg 14-Feb-12 2:58am View
Qureshali, you should save the uploaded csv on the server system directory.
Michael dg 14-Feb-12 2:57am View
I think you upload the file on the server but you did not save/store it on the database or in the server system directory.
Michael dg 14-Feb-12 2:11am View
well we can say it as p2p. but my point was one windows service will act as a central counter or replacement for the central database. :)
Michael dg 14-Feb-12 2:06am View
sorry i forgot to put the data types of those variables.
Michael dg 14-Feb-12 2:05am View
you are welcome!
Michael dg 14-Feb-12 2:03am View
without describing your scenario, we can imagine anything like you want to walk, run and jump with the controls in a prison cell. heheehhee. make sense?
Michael dg 13-Feb-12 8:38am View
I'll recommend this one.
Michael dg 13-Feb-12 8:24am View
it seems the code is perfectly fine. I think you have to check if your data source or data table has a data.
Michael dg 13-Feb-12 7:58am View
the above link will list all the available Sql servers.