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Michael dg 7-Feb-16 19:59pm View    
sorry I did not see that the question is from 2014.
Michael dg 16-Feb-12 19:57pm View     CRLF
8 bits = 1 byte 1024 bits = 1kb 128 bytes = 1kb
Michael dg 16-Feb-12 9:07am View    
what?? please elaborate further your question or at least give us a scenario.
Michael dg 16-Feb-12 8:51am View     CRLF
Correct me if I am wrong, 1. User click the upload/sync button. 2. Webserver copy the files to the target machine. The target folder must be a shared folder. Correct?
Michael dg 16-Feb-12 8:48am View    
Is the web server and your client machine(target folder) are accessible? I mean does the web server can access the client/target machine?