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Comments by R.SIVAA (Top 8 by date)

R.SIVAA 9-Aug-12 7:09am View
Sandeep: you have mentioned for SSRS, but i need for RDLC (client)
R.SIVAA 7-Aug-12 5:52am View
Thanks Vani
R.SIVAA 7-Aug-12 3:10am View
Vani: Thanks, the link you have provided is the simple RDLC not a DrillDown. However I have explored and found and working on multiple drill-downs, soon i ll post the answer which would be usefull for many.
R.SIVAA 7-Aug-12 2:26am View
Vani: complete step by step solution would be good as Im new to RDLC
R.SIVAA 7-Aug-12 2:16am View
getting error "A data source instance has not been supplied for the data source 'ModelSet'"
R.SIVAA 27-Jul-12 9:06am View
Great, thanks Santhosh..
R.SIVAA 18-Jul-12 4:08am View
Encapsulation and Data Hiding explanation and history given was really excellent.
R.SIVAA 25-Jun-12 6:39am View
Thanks Zoltan. The above code is good to generate the encryption for a given word. But I really need to generate random numbers, not based on any input. I wanto use these random numbers for OTP(One Time Password). To be particular, want to use this "System.Security.Cryptography.RandomNumberGenerator".