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Nicholas Marty 17-Oct-14 10:39am View
Well, I don't regularly try to express something with regular expressions (pun intended ;-)). And I my knowledge for writing the simple ones I need is enough for not needing a tool to construct them. I only need a tool to get some basic verification if the expression is actually doing what I need. As soon as I've figured it out I usually write a small sample script in LinqPad to be sure .Net handles the expression as I expect it to, before finally writing the unit tests to it. Sure TDD would suggest to write the Tests first. But I think it's a bit tedious to test a regex using unit tests ;)
Nicholas Marty 17-Oct-14 9:57am View
I like to test my regex ;)
Nicholas Marty 28-Apr-14 6:55am View
Open the Project File (.vbp) in Visual Basic 6 and press F5 to start debugging? I don't get what this has to do with visual studio 2010 or any .sln files when the project is developed in VB6...
Nicholas Marty 15-Apr-14 4:55am View
Shouldn't you only need the "Oracle Data Provider" (ODP.NET) instead of a whole program for that?
Nicholas Marty 10-Apr-14 10:47am View
Maybe you should replace "</br>" with it's actually correct representation: "<br>", "<br/>" or "<br />"? "</br>" doesn't really exist ;)
Nicholas Marty 26-Feb-14 10:47am View
The problem would still persist here as the other methods are declared in the same manner :)
Nicholas Marty 19-Feb-14 6:07am View
Ok. Then it is possible to run older .Net Applications under the CLR 4.0 or 4.5 but the .NET 4.x does still not include lower versions of the framework.
Basically if you tested something with .NET 2.0 CLR doesn't mean that it works exactly the same on .NET 4.

Quote from that msdn page: "so you may have to provide a configuration file to enable your app to run on the .NET Framework 4.5."

And especially noteworthy is the second paragraph of the backwards compatibilty section where it is made clear that newer frameworks are not guaranteed to be 100% backwards compatible. (Although probably most applications should work fine)
Nicholas Marty 19-Feb-14 5:32am View
I agree that .Net 4 applications run under 4.5(.1) as the CLR is the same (although modified). But I'm not sure about .NET framework including all previous versions. I thought .NET 4 onwards didn't contain any lower frameworks anymore (but I'm not really sure if lower target application would run under the CLR 4.0 (or 4.5))
Nicholas Marty 19-Feb-14 5:29am View
Might be best to add what exactly you can't figure out. What doesn't work, how exactly should it work. Use <code> blocks to format the code and make it more readable. And please don't shout. All uppercase is considered shouting on the internet (while using all lowercase is considered childish). Oh and if we're at it: Add some punctuation so that one might at least hope to be able to understand what you're trying to do :)
Nicholas Marty 14-Feb-14 6:58am View
@Bala Selvanayagam: Please do NOT edit Spam questions.
Nicholas Marty 4-Dec-13 7:53am View
Yeah, most likely the program generating that file is at fault somewhere.

My missing link was that I didn't know (or maybe also forgot) that when converting an unknown character this might result in "FF FF". (I was at least pretty close in finding out that FF FF translates to EF BF BF in UTF-8 ;) )

Your explanation would very well explain the problem here. So thanks for that :)
Nicholas Marty 2-Dec-13 6:48am View
You're doing lots of UNION ALL. How about just call each select one by one and do the union in the main query?
Nicholas Marty 22-Nov-13 3:37am View
You just read the file into a string. Either line by line or the complete file at once. This pretty much depends what you want to use it for. If your file isn't that big reading the whole file into memory shouldn't be an issue.
Nicholas Marty 21-Nov-13 7:54am View
Are you sure you need a generic database? Often those who use the db or change the configuration isn't the developer who implemented it and they might make mistakes causing lots of work for them and for you troubleshooting the problems. I'd recommend to avoid generic databases if it isn't really necessary...
Nicholas Marty 21-Nov-13 5:36am View
You're welcome. But it's only my opinion and experiences I have thus far ;)
Nicholas Marty 21-Nov-13 5:27am View
I'm sure it's a good idea to learn more languages. I guess one advantage when learning 2 languages at once is. You can compare the functionality while learning how to use them. So you can get a better view which language is best in a certain case. Yet I think as soon as it goes into the deeper levels of the languages there are features you can't really compare. Besides, if you can use Python at your company this a good opportunity to learn another language at home ;)
Nicholas Marty 20-Nov-13 7:17am View
And what are you actually trying to accomplish? The StreamReader object doesn't have a method "ReadWord"... System.IO.StreamReader
Nicholas Marty 20-Nov-13 7:13am View
Those settings aren't carried over to your installer. I don't know if there is something that changes the version of your installer. And as far as I know (at least for the Visual Studio Setup Project) this is not possible. You could take a look at the WIX Toolset but I haven't really used it yet.. You might want to clarify your question to include the setup version too.
Nicholas Marty 20-Nov-13 6:14am View
:thumbsup: I wouldn't even have known how to answer to a question which didn't ask anything :) This is more than the OP could have asked for :)
Nicholas Marty 20-Nov-13 5:57am View
I'm not sure if I understand correctly. You want every user to expire after 7 days? If so where are you experiencing any issues? (I was probably more focussed on the "If he not visited our company in 7 days" part. you need to store when his last visit was otherwise it will be a bit difficult to know when his last visit was ;) )
Nicholas Marty 20-Nov-13 5:54am View
And what is your problem?
Nicholas Marty 20-Nov-13 5:22am View
Could it be that during your "Thread.Sleep" call the Process terminated all by itself?
Nicholas Marty 20-Nov-13 4:41am View
Looks like a GUI Update seems to fail. And it looks like an ObservableCollection is the cause of that issue? If this is a WPF app you should be able to catch it with Dispatcher UnhandledException Event
Nicholas Marty 18-Nov-13 10:10am View
And you might add some more details. Like on what server you want to use it (Apache, IIS) and which version of that browser (as IIS6 and IIS7+ differ quite a bit).
Nicholas Marty 18-Nov-13 10:02am View
Maybe you should also try to execute the exe in the "bin" directory instead of the "obj" one?
Nicholas Marty 15-Nov-13 9:04am View
I just tried it with a the ASP.Net Webapplication Default Template. Interesting thing is: Although there is a compiler warning that the Method on the ASPX page is hiding the one from Codebehind when running the page both methods were executed. (First the CodeBehind one, then the ASPX one) I would however strongly suggest to avoid such a thing as it causes more confusion than it's useful...
Nicholas Marty 15-Nov-13 7:29am View
I've done something similiar to this in c# and rest assured that you can probably everything what this c++ also in java. Just put on your thinking cap ;)
Nicholas Marty 15-Nov-13 7:27am View
not necessarily as you're able to modify the page even after compilation. But quite surely when you're requesting the page.
Nicholas Marty 15-Nov-13 7:21am View
I guess this should create a conflict as the resulting class will have two methods with the same definition...
Nicholas Marty 15-Nov-13 7:18am View
yeah. of course this needs to be there too, but I'm assuming he's already doing that when he talks about "content Page" ;)
Nicholas Marty 15-Nov-13 6:48am View
I'm not sure if this is the right page to ask such questions. You might be better off trying to find some documentiation on the manufacturer's page.
Nicholas Marty 15-Nov-13 6:46am View
Argh.. My poor eyes.. Why do you have to violate them with Caps Lock?? :(

Btw. "Give me code" and "it's urgent" or "please hurry" aren't going to work here. You have a question and if someone is in the mood to answer your question you will get one. If it's urgent go somewhere else...
Nicholas Marty 15-Nov-13 6:43am View
If you connect e.g. with the telnet client (or any other tcp client) to the server. Are you receiving anything? Maybe you're missing an "AcceptSocket" or "AcceptClient" call ore something like that on the server. In addition SMTP isn't just sending the whole message from the client to the server. An e-mail sent over smtp contains multiple messages where the server has to report with a status code.
Nicholas Marty 15-Nov-13 6:19am View
"IsOneWay=true" is not related to Duplex. It just says that the Operation doesn't return a response. You can remove it and return e.g. an integer or something like that if you like.
Take a look at the "ICalculatorDuplexCallback" usage this is how the Server -> Client calls are made
Nicholas Marty 15-Nov-13 6:12am View
Without having any information where and how you want to show this its pretty difficult to provide an example. If you already are accessing the database and how you render your asp page etc. you could add this to your question and I might be able to explain you better what you could do ;)
Nicholas Marty 15-Nov-13 6:08am View
So if you want to limit the whole string to 15 chars just replace the asterisk "*" with "{0,8}"
Nicholas Marty 15-Nov-13 5:57am View
Please provide some information about how you're trying to access the database.
Nicholas Marty 14-Nov-13 6:51am View
Just show him an error message on the page. (e.g. render a new html on the server side or modify the html document on the client side with some javascript). You can for example show an asterisk (*) beside the field or color it in red where an input value is missing thus making it easier for the user to spot the fields he has missed.
Nicholas Marty 14-Nov-13 6:37am View
I might be wrong but I guess this is nothing you can influence yourself as this a functionality of the browser. If you don't want this message just stop displaying multiple alert messages ;)
Nicholas Marty 31-Oct-13 10:32am View
Have you considered using a Validator (e.g. CustomValidator) for checking the password?
If you wan't to stop them entering an empty password there is an RequiredFieldValidator etc.
Usually those Validators (except the Custom one) also have Client-Side validation (in addition to server side)
Nicholas Marty 18-Jul-13 5:54am View
The functionality of var hower does exist. Known as "Option Infer":
Nicholas Marty 16-May-13 5:34am View
Thanks for hinting me in the right direction ;)
Nicholas Marty 15-May-13 9:33am View
Yeah. After lot of testing this seems to do the trick. But I had to rewrite the query (Only a select statement without any update) so basically a SELECT WITH (UPDLOCK READPAST ROWLOCK).
Nicholas Marty 7-May-13 14:06pm View
Hm. I'm not looking for enabling https (which is working) but disabling http (with that meaning the unsecured connection) ;). Also this article seems more to address iis6 on a local machine than wcf and ssl in general. Will still take a look at it. :)
Nicholas Marty 5-Apr-13 5:56am View
Which line exactly raises the error?

I could spot 2 possible sources:
- The FindControl Method does not return a Control
- "databindobj" is null

Try checking if any of those objects might be null while debugging
Nicholas Marty 5-Apr-13 5:51am View
Didn't spot the typo.. However I also think it's always better not to nest classes if not necessary.. However this should not cause the bug as the class is public...
Nicholas Marty 5-Apr-13 5:34am View
Should work... Have you tried a rebuild?