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Aless Alessio 25-Nov-16 12:10pm View
Not clear the distinction of behavior when '!' belongs to a word in the dictionary of the not allowed words (ex.: "PHB!") and when it occurs in the comment (ex.: ".. . POOPHEAD!")

Aless Alessio 25-Nov-16 11:40am View
Regarding the requirement:
We also have to allow shouting. So

"My PHB is such a POOPHEAD!" should become "My PHB is such a P**PHEAD!"

Shouldn't be "My boss is such a P**PHEAD!", instead ??
Aless Alessio 18-Aug-16 10:18am View
If you don't post table data, would be difficult to see where s the mistake my friend ..
Aless Alessio 18-Aug-16 5:20am View
would you please post a little more code (client and server), or upload the hub/configuration somewhere. otherwise, it is very difficult for me to help
Aless Alessio 18-Aug-16 4:32am View
so, if you put a break point in the code i sent you,
after it disconnects is it connecting again after 5 seconds?
Aless Alessio 17-Aug-16 11:57am View
first: for god's sake, use a Sql Formatter your SQL is unreadable.
second: you need to tell us the tables structure and the relations between them, otherwise how can we know how to write the query?
Aless Alessio 16-Aug-16 12:46pm View
ok, so it in an issue client side. you should be able to reconnect your client after disconnection with this :

$.connection.hub.disconnected(function() {
setTimeout(function() {
}, 5000); // Restart connection after 5 seconds.
Aless Alessio 16-Aug-16 7:19am View
What about your Hub (Server code)? And the startup configuration?
If you can debug your server method "subscribe", would you be able to put a breakpoint in it and check if the server method is actually called after "chat.server.subscribe('@User.Identity.Name', groups);" ?
Aless Alessio 16-Aug-16 6:34am View
has the Wav been included in your project as a Resource?
Aless Alessio 16-Aug-16 6:33am View
you should give more insight your database structure, and the solution you provided. and why you think it is only temporary, otherwise i cannot see how we can be of any help
Aless Alessio 16-Aug-16 6:30am View
Not really clear .. are you using EF?
Aless Alessio 16-Aug-16 6:27am View
Could you paste your code? otherwise i have no clue of what's going on.