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NABIN SEN 25-Apr-14 0:04am View
i am not changing OrderId columns in Custorder table.
NABIN SEN 24-Apr-14 0:29am View
OrderId is primary key in Custorder table and foreign key in OrderDetails table
NABIN SEN 7-Apr-14 5:10am View
what is TableRepository?
NABIN SEN 10-Mar-14 2:22am View
thank u so much santosh
NABIN SEN 4-Dec-13 1:44am View
Thank .It Solved My Problem.
NABIN SEN 3-Dec-13 23:59pm View
no It is Not Show any Error.
Where I used Sleep function?
NABIN SEN 28-Nov-13 7:10am View
NABIN SEN 28-Nov-13 0:38am View
i need to match \r\n+CMGS: 67\r\n\r\nOK\r\n string if condition is true then get the value of 67
NABIN SEN 28-Nov-13 0:08am View
CMGS: 67
NABIN SEN 16-Oct-13 2:44am View
how to set permission to add mdf file?
NABIN SEN 16-Sep-13 7:49am View
ProductId Type Quantity
1 Purchase 24
1 Sale 1
NABIN SEN 16-Sep-13 6:42am View
It Does Not give me desired result,It Show me wrong value
i have a 24 purchase qty and 1 sale qty
It give me a result 21 and 1
NABIN SEN 22-Aug-13 6:28am View
i am inserting data in parent table then child table but it doesn't work......
NABIN SEN 12-Aug-13 6:39am View
i want to print report of tax invoice in pre defined format.
NABIN SEN 7-May-13 6:07am View
it's print everything except "ARAHAL D"
NABIN SEN 7-May-13 5:34am View
ARAHAR DAAL is in the text see the above text..
NABIN SEN 16-Apr-13 6:43am View
i set write permission and it's working fine
thnk u.....
NABIN SEN 16-Apr-13 6:42am View
<add name="ConStr"
="" connectionstring="Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=|DataDirectory|\RestroManagement.mdb" providername="System.Data.OleDb">
NABIN SEN 16-Apr-13 6:38am View
it's give problem in window 7 not in xp
NABIN SEN 16-Apr-13 6:37am View
i am using aapconfig file to connect with database
connection is-public static string DbConn = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["ConStr"].ConnectionString;
NABIN SEN 16-Apr-13 6:16am View
ya i added..
NABIN SEN 16-Apr-13 6:14am View
it gives error when i install in c drive if i installl other drive then c then it doesn't give error msg....
NABIN SEN 4-Jan-13 5:28am View
i have tried this but not worked......
NABIN SEN 28-Nov-12 7:33am View
how to set access database path not a sql server
NABIN SEN 15-Oct-12 1:41am View
how to set the information in the registry?
NABIN SEN 15-Oct-12 1:39am View
how to set the information in the registry?
NABIN SEN 6-Oct-12 5:05am View
there is no problem in connection string.
When i am trying to open sql server 2005 database then gives a error.
NABIN SEN 18-Sep-12 1:11am View
it is-Data Source=SNEHA-PC\SQLEXPRESS;Initial Catalog=DB_Jaggry;Integrated Security=True
NABIN SEN 18-Sep-12 1:07am View
How to connect to the master database?
NABIN SEN 13-Sep-12 11:21am View
sql Server 2005 database
Code for Back Up-
public static void BackupDB(string backupDestinationFilePath)
// Console.WriteLine("Backup operation started");
Backup backup = new Backup();
//Set type of backup to be performed to database
backup.Action = BackupActionType.Database;
backup.BackupSetDescription = "BackupDataBase description";
//Set the name used to identify a particular backup set.
backup.BackupSetName = "Backup";
//specify the name of the database to back up
backup.Database = "DB_Jaggry";
//Set up the backup device to use filesystem.
BackupDeviceItem deviceItem = new BackupDeviceItem(

// Setup a new connection to the data server
ServerConnection connection = new ServerConnection();
Server sqlServer = new Server(@"SNEHA-PC\SQLEXPRESS");
//Initialize devices associated with a backup operation.
backup.Initialize = true;
backup.Checksum = true;
backup.ContinueAfterError = true;
backup.LogTruncation = BackupTruncateLogType.Truncate;
MessageBox.Show("Backup operation succeeded");
catch (Exception ex)
NABIN SEN 13-Sep-12 11:15am View