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Comments by Dheerendra Dwivedi (Top 15 by date)

Dheerendra Dwivedi 20-Jan-17 4:11am View
i am useing REAL,but it save only 4 digits,but i want to save 16 digits after point.
Dheerendra Dwivedi 15-Jan-15 4:51am View
i am downloadin throug browser,but it saves in download folder,but want to save it in Mydocuments or another location.
Dheerendra Dwivedi 15-Jan-15 0:32am View
but i want to download file from Server directory and save it in fix client system path ,then i want to run this saved file or exe in Client system and install this in client system.
Dheerendra Dwivedi 20-Oct-14 4:48am View
i have use session for data and i got it,but problem is that how to show this on Popup windows,
Dheerendra Dwivedi 20-Oct-14 4:44am View
Praneet,i want to show aspx page with data not message ,your solution is work for message ,
Dheerendra Dwivedi 10-Jul-13 23:37pm View
how to add more than pdf page in my code ,and where add this.
Please help me
Dheerendra Dwivedi 5-Jul-13 8:38am View
my content fits more than one page,but pdf generate only for one.
Dheerendra Dwivedi 5-Jun-13 9:35am View
but height property not increase by 788,i need more than 788.
Dheerendra Dwivedi 12-Apr-13 1:59am View
I want to convert tiff to txt file,but error is occur

richTextBox1.Text = string.Empty;
MODI.Document doc1 = new MODI.Document();

doc1.Create("C:\\Users\\Dhirendra\\Desktop\\file con\\images_3_.tiff");

doc1.OCR(MODI.MiLANGUAGES.miLANG_ENGLISH, true,true);------Ocr erroor occor Here
string strText = String.Empty;
MODI.Image img = (MODI.Image)doc1.Images[0];
MODI.Layout layout = img.Layout;

for (int i = 0; i < layout.Words.Count; i++)
MODI.Word word = (MODI.Word)layout.Words[i];

if (extractedText.Length > 0)
extractedText += " ";

extractedText += word.Text;
richTextBox1.Text = extractedText;
// File.Delete("C:\\Users\\Dhirendra\\Desktop\\file con\\Raster_and_Vector.tiff");
layout = null;
img = null; // !!!
doc1 = null;

//textBox1.Text = strText;
richTextBox1.Text = strText;
File.Delete("C:\\Users\\Dhirendra\\Desktop\\file con\\images_3_.tiff");

Please Help me
Dheerendra Dwivedi 11-Apr-13 7:13am View
mdoc.OCR(MODI.MiLANGUAGES.miLANG_ENGLISH, True, True)is giive me OCR Error
Dheerendra Dwivedi 8-Apr-13 8:08am View
But how to Add OcrEngin in my Application
Dheerendra Dwivedi 11-Feb-13 5:38am View
I want to Secure my webpage,this means Nobody can save my page on browser.
Dheerendra Dwivedi 14-Jan-13 0:23am View
i want to write simply or or but not as or or other invalid
Dheerendra Dwivedi 2-Jan-13 3:07am View
in which page we write this query
Dheerendra Dwivedi 16-Dec-12 8:34am View
i want to work without webservice