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a_alise 11-Nov-21 4:14am View    
I tried All You Send In Base64 C++ - Google Search[^] But There No Resault , I Need Full Code ,Thank You
a_alise 10-Jan-17 8:39am View    
please help me
a_alise 10-Jan-17 8:08am View     CRLF
i didn't add any webmethod can you show me it in my project as it be clear above ???
a_alise 8-Jan-17 8:48am View     CRLF
$('nav').click(function () { //tab click event, note the "." here means css class var id = "MainContain"; //to get div id ex: "mytab_name1" var divid = '#' + id; $(divid).empty(); //clear the div contents, note the "#" here means id //retrieve data with Ajax ex: //in data (this is optional) you can pass some identifier (or multiple) to indicate which dynamic content will loaded on server..."parameter1" or whatever you name it will be paramter in WebMethod $.ajax({ type: "POST", url: "url to method [declare this as static and WebMethod]", data: { parameter1: id }, success: function (response) { //check if "response.SomeProperty" is sufficient or "response.d.SomeProperty" as you're using ASP.NET Web Forms var html = '' + response.SomeProperty + ''; //build your div content using the response $(divid).append($.parseHTML(html)); //render the string as html elements and insert inside the div //the tabs will remain the same but contents of div should change on tab change }, error: function () { //handle any error ex: var html = 'Error loading data'; $(divid).append($.parseHTML(html)); } }); }); Have Error When Do it Error loading data ..
a_alise 8-Jan-17 8:41am View     CRLF
yeah i try it , but i think not work can you help me in my vertical menu that above please