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Comments by Abbas A. Ali (Top 2 by date)

Abbas A. Ali 10-Oct-14 16:26pm View
@Sergey Like I said earlier I do not need any special features but for the sake of learning while searching internet I found Abstract classes and I couldn't find any useful tutorials on how to implement it. I got as far as I could on my own but its not far enough.
I used ArrayList but also would like to know how to accomplish same goals using the AbstractList.
Abbas A. Ali 10-Oct-14 16:10pm View
@Sergey Although this started as an assignment from school but I turned it bigger in to a project for learning and addressing unaddressed issues in my programming in Java (Obviously I have not mastered the art). But since I have started implementing big. I want to complete it but more than that I want to learn on how to use Java Abstract classes that provide a way to implement data structure uniquely. I say uniquely because I was a c++ programmer and Java is a little different in implementing OO Concept.
The Goal was simply to create a data structure that best suited the need of my Chat Messenger. Obviously it is a small application which simply demonstrates the concept of Chatting, however I'd also like to know which structure is best suited for bigger applications too. This structure is only to hold online users for the time they are logged in so that I may use this information to send messages to the directed user.