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Comments by N. Henrik Lauridsen (Top 12 by date)

N. Henrik Lauridsen 2-Nov-20 11:52am View
Hi Richard,
Got it working. Thanks a lot.
N. Henrik Lauridsen 22-Nov-18 11:56am View
It’s quite all right. Maybe a delay would help. Anyway, I have got to know about Html Agility Pack thanks to you
N. Henrik Lauridsen 22-Nov-18 7:41am View
Thank you very much for your reply. Unfortunately it returns nothing. Do you have an idea why the node is empty?
N. Henrik Lauridsen 8-Nov-18 10:37am View
Hi Afzaal, thanks a lot. That did it and thank you for your explanation. You are after all a VB.Net expert :)
N. Henrik Lauridsen 3-Oct-14 7:01am View
Thank you Sinisa Hajnal, that did it. I am happy that so many are willing to help. Thank's again Henrik
N. Henrik Lauridsen 3-Oct-14 4:40am View
Yes that is correct, but my Debug shows Index 0 for the first item and Index 1 for the second so this should give the names right?
txtUser.Text = lstUsers.SelectedItems.Item(lstUsers.SelectedIndex).ToString
N. Henrik Lauridsen 6-Sep-14 11:18am View
ProgramFOX you are the best it work just great.
I filled my combobox with the values from the Dictionary like this:
cboFrameRate1.DisplayMember = "Key"
cboFrameRate1.ValueMember = "Value"
cboFrameRate1.DataSource = New BindingSource(IPCamFrameRates, Nothing)

I hope this is correct.
Thank you again,
N. Henrik Lauridsen 6-Sep-14 10:58am View
Hi ProgramFOX, thank you for your fast reply. It looks good and I will try it right away.
N. Henrik Lauridsen 17-Nov-13 5:44am View
New info:

In the list of cameras there is at ID 0 : DV Camcorder, ID 1 : Logitech webcam
If I choose to view from the webcam and then when the capture is running choose the Camcorder it Works. If I choose the Camcorder first my program chrashes.
N. Henrik Lauridsen 27-Sep-13 8:43am View
Thank you for your solution. Problem solved.
N. Henrik Lauridsen 27-Sep-13 7:39am View
Hi Again,
Thank you for your solution. I am sorry to bother you with this but really would appreciate your help.
I Work untill it reaches an index 34 and stop with an error message. I guess maybe because it asumes the listview still contain the original number of items. There are 94 rows at the begining. 73 should be removed. If I use For i = 0 to 33 it Works fine and removes the duplets. When I use For i = 0 to lstV_Result.Items.Count - 1 I get an error : System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: InvalidArgument = value '34' illigal for index
N. Henrik Lauridsen 26-Sep-13 7:53am View
Thank you CPallini for your fast reply.
I am sorry. I am to much of a newbie to quite understand.
I have a ListView filled with data read from files where some are identical.
I have made a loop which goes from 0 to ListView.Items.Count -1
but as you said I am trying to remove all the ListView Items.

For i = 0 To lstV_Result.Items.Count - 1
RemoveListViewLine(lstV_Result.Items(i).SubItems(1).Text, lstV_Result.Items(i).SubItems(9).Text)

Private Sub RemoveListViewLine(ByVal TextCrit As String, ByVal SubCrit As String)
Dim li As ListViewItem
For Each li In lstV_Result.Items
If li.SubItems(1).Text = TextCrit And li.SubItems(9).Text = SubCrit Then
End If
End Sub