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Tom Wauters 27-Jun-17 2:35am View
look @ this blog for azure. I have not used azure for reporting yet.
Tom Wauters 27-Jun-17 2:20am View
SSRS is 'free' in the sense that it comes with SQL server.
The SQL server express edition does not support it. (so 'free' is not exactly free)
What are you using as a data storage? What kind of reports do you want to create charts, matrix, ...?
Exporting to PDF is always a pain in the ass to create.
Tom Wauters 27-Jun-17 2:04am View
The is used for the DB data handling, the Serialization is used for getting your data and converting it from or to an object type (could be DB data), so basically they are 2 different things.
Tom Wauters 27-Jun-17 1:47am View
How are the columns of paid amount and received amount orderd? Do they have some kind of datetime column? And in the title you say you want to use SQL but in 'What I have tried' it's c#.
Tom Wauters 23-Oct-16 4:59am View
Not sure what you are trying to do here.
As far as what I can see here, your newresp variable is empty.
You are filling the Customer and DocketList, but not the NewDataSet you are giving the service. Maybe it gets filled in another part of your code, there is somewhat little information here. Also there is no way for us to know what type the wcfServiceClient.PushOrderData_PUDO_New(); function in your service is expecting.
Tom Wauters 23-Oct-16 4:43am View
Like G3Coder says, I also do not think the size of the file is the problem. When the service gets faulted, it deposes his channel with the client. The client is unaware of this and still uses this channel to communicate with the service. When this happens you could also get this error. If the service is yours, try to debug your service and check at what point you are getting the error. If the service is not yours, ask the owner of the service to set the <servicedebug includeexceptiondetailinfaults="false"> to true so you have an error message back from the service.
Tom Wauters 22-Feb-16 13:00pm View
You are correct. I will remove this one. Thx for pointing that out.
Tom Wauters 7-Oct-13 23:56pm View
Do you have some code that goes with that?
Normally you can do the thing you want,
ussually when intellisense isn't showing your listbox then it is something
you did, and the syntax before is not correct.
Tom Wauters 2-Oct-13 15:23pm View
I'am not sure because c++ is not my thing but is it possible that the problem might be that your class is non static and the var's are?
Tom Wauters 23-Sep-13 23:54pm View
Thx for the reply.
V10.0 is what I use at home.
The application I have the problem with uses V9.0
When I debug it local I use V11.0.
I have noticed that + V10.0 is case sensitive
about what Filepath and printername concerns, but
with V11.0 It seems to work in the same mather.
I think it is a printerproblem, maybe a time out or something like
that. That's why I wanted to know how to catch those error's
I appriciate your reply anyway.

Tom Wauters 23-Sep-13 0:03am View
What don't you understand?
Tom Wauters 27-Jun-13 1:29am View
Maybe Delegates are the answer
Tom Wauters 27-Jun-13 1:10am View
Is it when the system date changed manually?
Tom Wauters 27-Jun-13 0:33am View
Is it a possibility to make the methods in class B static?
Tom Wauters 26-Jun-13 2:51am View
If you specifie it with a name, type as connectionString,scope: Application, and value as the connectionstring you want to use, you can just acces it as setting.Default."theNameofYourConnectionString"
Tom Wauters 20-Jun-13 0:39am View
If you try to do this then you can fill in only one cell.
If you change the items of the combobox, while there is an other
value filled in in one of the other comboboxes you wil get an error because
the filled in value does not excist in the new items.
Tom Wauters 12-Jun-13 16:45pm View
My bad.
Tom Wauters 12-Jun-13 6:03am View
The only problem you've got is that you can't use backspace.
But you can put it in your dictionary.
Tom Wauters 12-Jun-13 5:02am View
Do you really need to use a Dictionary?
Tom Wauters 12-Jun-13 2:15am View
How would you like to display your data in that listbox?
Tom Wauters 12-Jun-13 0:00am View
You can also override the ToString() method in that partial class.
Tom Wauters 11-Jun-13 16:35pm View
I had a similar problem once (i think).
What i dit was:
I jammed all the data in a List<t> (to minimize the trips to the server)
and itterated through every cell of the datagridview and looked at
the first cell of each row and got the matching data in the list, and
set the data in each cell seperate.
My list wasn't very big +/- 300 records, it worked pretty fine.
Tom Wauters 11-Jun-13 16:01pm View
Do you want to update the database or the datasource the datagridview uses or only the datagridview