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Comments by Jens Madsen, Højby (Top 3 by date)

Jens Madsen, Højby 17-Mar-16 13:53pm View
Var topFolders = info.EnumerateDirectories().OrderByDescending(d => (d.LastAccessTime)).ThenBy(d => (d.Name)).Select(d => (d.FullName));
Jens Madsen, Højby 25-Jan-16 13:43pm View
Thanks for the UDF link :)
Jens Madsen, Højby 24-Apr-14 10:22am View
Basically, I want to build comparisons on the fly, so to say.
Enumerating properties from an 'unknown' (at compile time) object, finding properties (or fields) that implement IComparable (Or CompareTo(Of WhatEver) and from these members build a complex comparison defined at runtime.