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Internet dialup program

, 2 Dec 1999
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A dial-up dialer for connection to Internet providers

Sample Image - afdialer.jpg


I have written dial-up dialer for connection to Internet providers. This is a simple little program that dials your modem and tracks your online time. It also allows the user to setup multiple dial in numbers and gives the user a basic settings screen.

The sourcecode is freeware and can be distributed under terms of GPL. It is written in Visual C++ with use of MFC, RAS API and several other APIs like Performance Counters and multimedia API. Contact me if you have any suggestions on this software ( or on this article (

Latest update

The latest version of the project can be found here -


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About the Author

Alexander Fedorov
Web Developer SEO
Russian Federation Russian Federation
AlexF's Blog in Russian
Owner Spy competition analysis
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Comments and Discussions

QuestionProgrmatically Creating New Modem PinmemberRangaraman12-Jul-12 4:33 
GeneralMy vote of 5 Pinmemberr0ediPell1-Jul-10 17:29 
Questionwhat version of compiler was used. I've tried to compile under Version 7 and 8 of Visual Studio no luck PinmemberACPR4839-Apr-08 10:21 
Generalsolved: RasEnumEntries() working in W2k/XP (code attached) PinmemberFrank Rysanek25-Sep-06 5:10 
Hello everyone,

the original code wrapped around RasEnumEntries() contained several bugs.
Specifically, it didn't properly distinguish the following:
1) RAS phonebook entry size, i.e. sizeof(struct ...)
2) RasEnumEntries() buffer size, i.e. the malloc() argument

buffer_size = entry_size * number_of_entries

Note that entry_size is passed into RasEnumEntries() via
entry->dwSize, whereas buffer size and number of entries
are passed in via the function prototype (by pointer).

The initial call to RasEnumEntries() will check entry->dwSize
and buffer size. It may report *two different* errors:
the entry size can be wrong, or the buffer can be too small
for all the entries. In either case, it will return the following:
1) the correct buffer size
2) the correct number of entries
via the arguments "passed by pointer" through the prototype.
Can't say if it also modifies the entry->dwSize - for the
second try, I'm setting it to buffer_size / number_of_entries,
just in case.

As a side note, the buffer size was originally initialized to
sizeof(DWORD), rather than sizeof(phonebook_entry) Smile | :)

The following code snippet should be obvious enough.
I've compiled that as a console proggie with gcc/mingw,
but the code should be fairly portable to MSVC.

(CodeProject's editing system seems to eat all empty lines - oh well...)

=========== SAMPLE CODE =============

bool GetPhonebookEntries()
   RASENTRYNAME* first_ras_entry; // really a buffer of [num_entries]
   DWORD buf_size, entry_size;
   DWORD num_entries = 1;
   DWORD retval;
   UINT  ndx;
   char  szMessage[256];
   entry_size = sizeof(RASENTRYNAME);
   buf_size = entry_size * num_entries;
   first_ras_entry = (LPRASENTRYNAME) new char[buf_size];
   // check for a malloc() failure
   if (NULL == first_ras_entry) return FALSE;
   // clear the whole buffer, rather than a single entry
   ZeroMemory(first_ras_entry, buf_size); // AKA bzero() or memset(0)
   first_ras_entry->dwSize = entry_size; // initialize the dwSize member
   retval = RasEnumEntries(NULL, NULL, first_ras_entry, &buf_size, &num_entries);
   if (
          (ERROR_BUFFER_TOO_SMALL == retval) // entry size OK, but too many entries
       || (ERROR_INVALID_SIZE == retval) // entry size wrong
      entry_size = buf_size / num_entries; // recalculate the correct entry size
      // reallocate the buffer:
      delete first_ras_entry;
      first_ras_entry = NULL;
      first_ras_entry = (LPRASENTRYNAME) new char[buf_size];
      if (NULL != first_ras_entry) // if buffer OK, try again
         ZeroMemory(first_ras_entry, buf_size);
         first_ras_entry->dwSize = entry_size;
         retval = RasEnumEntries(NULL, NULL, first_ras_entry, &buf_size, &num_entries);
         retval = ERROR_NOT_ENOUGH_MEMORY;
   if (0 != retval) // other error
      long int tmp_retval;
      tmp_retval = RasGetErrorString((UINT)retval, szMessage, 256);
      if (0 == tmp_retval)
         printf("%s\n", szMessage);
         printf("Couldn't get a verbose err. message. RasGetErrorString() = %ld", tmp_retval);
   if (0 == num_entries)
      delete first_ras_entry ;
      return FALSE;
   if (0 == retval)  // No errors
      for (ndx = 0; ndx < num_entries; ndx++)
         printf("Found a RAS entry: %s\n", first_ras_entry[ndx].szEntryName);
   delete first_ras_entry;
   return TRUE;

GeneralRe: solved: RasEnumEntries() working in W2k/XP (code attached) PinmemberTamnn21-Dec-09 0:49 
GeneralRe: solved: RasEnumEntries() working in W2k/XP (code attached) PinmemberFrank Rysanek21-Dec-09 6:10 
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