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18-Jun-15 13:57pm by Marla Sukesh (updated) 
This article is continuation of day 4 for Learn MVC Project in 7 Days.
1 hr ago by Imran Abdul Ghani (new) 
What would you do, if you need to update a portion of your web page with the content from the server? Yes, you need Ajax. Let’s get dive into the Asynchronous concept with ASP.NET MVC for some time. How Ajax conquered the web? Whole page gets loaded causing an increased bandwidth Frequent hit on the
6 hrs ago by syed shanu (updated) 
In this article we can see in detail about how to create a simple SPC (Statistical Process Control) Cp,CPk Chart using C#
11 hrs ago by Imran Abdul Ghani (new) 
How would you feel, when you ordered something, you gotta money-debited text peeping out from your mobile but couldn’t see a order successful page while shopping at your favorite portal? Don’t you yell at the portal which didn’t send you the product and the bank which took your buc
18 hrs ago by Peter Leow (updated) 
Putting faces on Your Android App.
yesterday by Shashank S Chandel (new) 
Update WebGrid on clients without Postback using SignalR
yesterday by NormDroid (new) 
AndroidServiceClient with Authentication
yesterday by DrABELL (updated) 
Serial and Parallel implementation of efficient Prime Factoriing algorithms
yesterday by RoarkDude (updated) 
Generate every permutation of dictionary items.
yesterday by Nathen Drees (new) 
Today we will be looking at how to integrate data with Salesforce using SSIS and CData’s SSIS driver.
yesterday by Shivachalappa Gotur (new) 
Detecting USB Modem Device using C#.Net.

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We now support Gravatars for your profile picture to help reduce the pain in maintaining your latest profile selfie (or professional studio shot - whichever). Just setup (or update) your Gravatar...

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by Intel Corporation
In Arduino environment, it's convenient to access BT SPP like a serial...
by Intel Corporation
This guide will teach you how to use GATT profile, by interfacing with...
by Tomasz Naumowicz
Take a closer look at scenarios where working with GUID and UUID in a...
by LEADTOOLS Support
With the LEADTOOLS Virtual Printer SDK, developers can leverage the...
by Intel Corporation
In this article are two examples of such applications, one using the...

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Fri 3 Jul 2015
I need a scanner (flatbed, for my PC, using Win'7) and software to put the text from business cards into an ASCII text format.
Fri 3 Jul 2015
A new programming language survey shows Apple’s Swift breaking into the top 20 for the first time, while the future of Microsoft’s Visual Basic...
Fri 3 Jul 2015
How do you write code that other people want to use? Facebook’s Brian Gesiak talks about two elements he finds necessary to write compelling code:...
Fri 3 Jul 2015
But the move to IPv6 picks up speed.
Fri 3 Jul 2015
Wondering whether Windows 10 Home, Pro, Enterprise or Education will have all the bells and whistles you want and need? Here's Microsoft's feature...

Discussions Latest Discussions

by nelson_fonseca
there some way to do it? actually i'am using android studio i have the next code but does not work, not display resultsCursor c = db.rawquery("select * from myTable where strftime('%m',myDate)= '07'",null);
by Member 10779439
my data table fields are as follows ItemID,Itempartnumber, ItemName,SerialNo, 01 Fw009 Fual 444333 02 Ew434 Oil 332232 I want to show it wpf datagird by input only serial number. when i entered serial number in wpf datagrid cell and then press...
by Gbenbam
I understand that literally putting keys, and password in codes is not wise, because the code may be dissemble, so how does one protect his keys? Heard it could be done using pass-phrase, how does that work?
by Shrikesh_kale
hiI am displaying Description column from database Table in gridview. It display in single line but I want to display it in multiple Can I do?
by Shrikesh_kale
hiI already install sql server 2012 on my local machine . how to install SSIS Package in sql 2012

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by gggustafson  4.91/5 (52 votes)
Revises the KnownColorsPalette Tool and the earlier article of the same name.
by john morrison leon  4.97/5 (35 votes)
An alternative approach in which dialogs are entirely specified as C++ code that requires neither IDE support to be written nor IDE generated resources to be executed. Powered by the C++ type system.
by Nick Polyak  5.00/5 (32 votes)
Implementating Attached Properties and Bindings outside of WPF, in plain C#
by Akhil Mittal  4.91/5 (29 votes)
Resolve dependency of dependencies using Inversion of Control and dependency injection in Web APIs with Unity Container and Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF).
by Stephen C Young  4.90/5 (25 votes)
Why you must tame complexity to become a better programmer

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