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9-Jun-13 14:17pm by Monjurul Habib (updated) 
Today I will show some good practices I have learned during my professional years, those are lower level but very important for all levels.
7 hrs ago by Srinibas Das (new) 
Queue a new build using different build definition attributes at runtime. This tip will show you how to queue a new Build with custom parameters using TFS API.
7 hrs ago by Mladen Jankovic (updated) 
Another implementation of Commodore 64 emulator written in C#
8 hrs ago by Sourav Kayal (new) 
In this tip, we will learn to migrate database when multiple DbContext is present in the same application.
8 hrs ago by sajjad kardani moghadam (new) 
Octa Tree is a 3D space partitioning algorithm
8 hrs ago by Matthew Givens (updated) 
Two ways to add functionality to .NET controls
8 hrs ago by lusgon (updated) 
Uploading a file using WCF REST API and JavaScript
8 hrs ago by Sourav Kayal (new) 
In this tip, we will discuss code first migration using Entity Framework
8 hrs ago by aureolin (updated) 
Access Stored Procedures using Code First.
9 hrs ago by Dietmar Schoder (updated) 
Read rows and cells from an xlsx-file: quick, dirty, effective.
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Showcase Product Showcase

by Aspose
Conditional formatting helps highlight data in a spreadsheet, making it...
by Android on Intel
I want to tell you about a wonderful tool to automatically test the UI...
by Android on Intel
This paper introduces data encryption APIs that are available through...
by Android on Intel
This case study discusses building map and geolocation features into an...
by Kevin_Hulse
Use Atalasoft's DotPdf SDK to improve workflow processes with external...

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Tue 29 Jul 2014
Microsoft Corp appears to be the latest U.S. company targeted by China for antitrust investigation as government officials paid sudden visits to...
Tue 29 Jul 2014
A book-in-progress on refactoring JavaScript. Because you really, really never write it right the first time.
Tue 29 Jul 2014
Run a framework on a language that converts to another language that runs on a framework that runs on a platform designed to run in a browser. FTW?
Tue 29 Jul 2014
Wow - makes me appreciate VS2010.
Tue 29 Jul 2014
Continuing on that promise, and to celebrate our presence at OSCON 2014, we are delighted to announce support for another popular OSS technology -...

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by Abhishek Jaiswall
Heyy Folks!Please explain me that code n rewrite in C# (checksum code)byte crc8(byte *str, int len){ int i, f; byte data; byte crc; crc = 0 ; while (len--) { data = *str++ ; for = (i = 0; i >= 1; ...
Following is the code which sends single embedded image very fine from Outlook using c#public void sendEMailThroughOUTLOOK() { try { Outlook.Application oApp = new Outlook.Application(); Outlook.MailItem oMsg =...
by Garang1
Helo guys, i have a project idea for developing a personalised mobile therapy recommender system... but i dont know where to start from. Moreso the system should use the k-nn algorithmThe system will essentially take the users input and then process it before recommending the best therapy to...
by Rajeshtsddn
Ok the data shows up on the First comboBox, but nothing on the second when I used the select statement based on the selectedValue of comboBox2. What do I need to do here to fix this.ThanksHave a good one.Raj private void List_DistrictName(){ const string filename =...
by @SkyHigh34
Please help, I have a file that gets dumped into a temp folder. Example file name testimageYYMMDDHHMMSS.JPG, what I am trying to do is a foreach loop that will automate moving it to the new location within the same FTP directory, which the new location folder and subfolder will have; 1 folder...

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by Mladen Jankovic  4.97/5 (41 votes)
Another implementation of Commodore 64 emulator written in C#
by Nish Sivakumar  4.97/5 (22 votes)
The article goes through sevean language and IDE features in the VS 14 CTP 2 that are specific to C++ development
by ChristianNeumanns  4.96/5 (20 votes)
This article aims to answer the question: Should we return an empty list or 'null' from functions?
by Omar Al Zabir  4.79/5 (18 votes)
SQL Server Performance Dashboard (SSPD) is a small open source web app that shows you performance & problems of one or more SQL Server instances and their databases in near real time.
by webmaster442  4.94/5 (15 votes)
A mini howto on using bass.dll & wrapper.

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