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26-Feb-15 16:36pm by John Underhill (updated) 
Twofish 512, Serpent 512, Rijndael 512, the HX series, and Super-Ciphers
1 hr ago by Anele 'Mash' Mbanga (new) 
Demonstrates how to use SQLite database for mobile development
7 hrs ago by Yaseer Mumtaz (new) 
This tip will explain step by step Bootstrap basic development for beginners. Attached is small application having three pages using Bootstrap CSS, Components and JS.
12 hrs ago by Vijay Rana AON (new) 
Some common differences in C#
14 hrs ago by Tadit Dash (????? ????? ???) (new) 
We have already talked about integrating a jQuery Slider Plugin to ASP.NET Repeater control. Now in this blog, we will change the default speed of the slider.
15 hrs ago by Matt Perdeck (new) 
Point your domain to your AWS hosted site using Route 53
yesterday by ASP.NET Community (updated) 
Sending e-mail is an important and common feature in ASP.NET (through the System.Net.Mail namespace). In this article, I will show how to send asynchronous mail.
yesterday by Mahsa Hassankashi (updated) 
It is a simplest tutorial on AngularJS and Repository Pattern for developing professional MVC Applications. It includes a source code about practical permission management project.
yesterday by Mahsa Hassankashi (new) 
This article enables you to generate table in any database such as Oracle, SQLServer, MySQL, SQLite, Sybase and etc just by typing table name and its fields. Then you can use NHibernate facilities to make query for data layer.
yesterday by Muhammad Rashed Otahbashi (new) 
How to implement Drag and drop files and Images feature in ASP.NET MVC App
yesterday by Member 11459717 (new) 
An application used to manage applications which are categorized by functionality which also prioritizes tasks necessary to manage a household. The application is back-end managed, controlled and operated through Microsoft's Azure cloud platform.
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Showcase Product Showcase

by Rainer Stropek
MVP Rainer Stropek sets .NET developers a fun challenge. Here is a...
by Kevin_Hulse
Use Atalasoft's DotPdf SDK to improve workflow processes with external...
by Accusoft, Ned Averill-Snell
Watermarking in an HTML5 viewer allows sharing sensitive document...
by Ian_Paullin
For the past few months, I’ve been analyzing Octopus Deploy in terms of...
by Igal Tabachnik
Why you should use OzCode to debug your C# code in Visual Studio

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Fri 27 Mar 2015
Last year, Amazon gave a boost to its Prime members when it launched a free, unlimited photo storage for them on Cloud Drive. Today, the company...
Fri 27 Mar 2015
Recent high-profile vulnerabilities have put the lie to the 'many eyes' theory -- but also driven real progress in securing the open source ecosystem.
Fri 27 Mar 2015
Agile is continuing to be a driving force behind software development. VersionOne recently released its results from the annual State of Agile...
Fri 27 Mar 2015
What's your good news for today?
Fri 27 Mar 2015
The Visual Studio Feature Timeline gives a glimpse into what’s coming in future releases.

Discussions Latest Discussions

by Leon Barkan
Hi i have datatable with information like:header 1 | header 2 | header 3 ... a | b | c d | e | f g | h | i ...and gridview that i made headers to it like:h1,h2,h3what i want to do is to bind datatable header 1 as column source to h1h1 | h2 | h3 a | b | c d | e |...
20 mins ago by Member 11413810
Forum: article "How to upload image on one server and save it on another using and web services"
by Member 11563819
FlowChart(input: string; chart: FlowChart) :- words: string[] := parseStringIntoWords(input); node: FlowChartNode := chart.current; for each word in words: := new FlowChartNode; := word; current :=;
by Member 11563816
$value ): if ( $name == 'Venue' ): ?> " $name "" ?> variable...
by SarahSaid84
Hi all, I use vb.net2005 and access 2010,I want to search inside a text in my db when i use Like '**' it work very fine inside access engine but when i exceute in from form it get empty result and count of my datatable =0 i don't know why that is happened but if i don't use *...

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by AJSON  4.91/5 (43 votes)
Using a tri-stack of cool tools to give live insight into the usually darkened room of Windows Services and other remote server hosted code...
by Bharath K A  4.88/5 (12 votes)
This is a simple HTML5 WebSocket service that streams live, real-time data to browser grid control. This service is capable of automatically computing math expressions on the fly (dynamically at runtime)
by Marla Sukesh  4.54/5 (10 votes)
Welcome to Day 2 (Part 1) of Learn HTML 5 in 3 days series.
by Jochen Arndt  4.88/5 (9 votes)
Add drag & drop support with drag images and drop descriptions to your MFC applications.
by Dan Letecky  4.50/5 (8 votes)
Day/week AngularJS event calendar/scheduler with drag and drop support. PHP and ASP.NET MVC backends.

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