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5-Sep-12 10:27am by interopper (updated) 
How to make a thin-as-possible .NET IEnumerable-wrapper around MFC list classes.
13 hrs ago by Mizan Rahman (updated) 
Gives you total control when it comes to resizing windows
16 hrs ago by Mattiassich (new) 
A C++/CLI wrapper around MMAudioDeviceApi with notification support.
yesterday by geo dev (new) 
Tutorial on how to encrypt/decrypt files using C++
yesterday by JorgeLuisOrejel (new) 
yesterday by Szymon Roslowski (updated) 
This article is about a HID USB Stack for Microchip PIC 16F1455 and the way of communicating with it on Windows Platform.
yesterday by SergeiR[MCTS] (moved) 
Demonstrates battmon tool for automotive battery live status, smart monitoring and stand-alone logging
4 days ago by .dan.g. (updated) 
A hierarchical task manager with native XML support for custom reporting.
5 days ago by Ryan S White (updated) 
CppHeader2CS: A compile-time tool for converting C/C++ header constants, enums, and structures to C#.
5 days ago by Flaviu2 (updated) 
Tree ComboBox Control
15-Oct-14 16:57pm by JorgeLuisOrejel (new) 
Balanced Multiway Trees
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by Android on Intel
This paper will help you choose the right engine for your game so it...
by yang_wang
This document describes how to install and use the Intel System Studio...
by Geoff Arnold
What follows is a description of how senior programmer Richard...
by Kevin_Hulse
Use Atalasoft's DotPdf SDK to improve workflow processes with external...
by Alvin Ashcraft
Last June, I reviewed the Aspose.Email for .NET component and...

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Wed 22 Oct 2014
Microsoft has released Windows 10 build 9860 today and if you haven't downloaded it yet, here is how you can do so. Along with the new release,...
Wed 22 Oct 2014
Any recommendations?
Wed 22 Oct 2014
Everybody knows that by far the coolest part of Back to the Future: Part II is the scene where Marty McFly escapes his arch-nemesis by zooming...
Wed 22 Oct 2014
Each compiler could report after the build many warnings. These warnings won’t keep your code from compiling except if you decide to treat them as...
Wed 22 Oct 2014
The dearth of software development talent isn’t an issue restricted to U.S. businesses. Finding programmers, especially to fill positions in the...

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by Member 11148917
am getting error Error: more than one operator "=" matches these operands:
by kod3brkr
I play Terraria. I host games sometimes. I want users to be able to grab a current map of my world, whenever they want to. So I created a simple web page to use MoreTerra (a mapping software) to create a map in the background for me and a web page to display the map to users.MoreTerra comes...
by rf_libra
Following program extracts data from SQL Server 2008 tables, applies a simple for loop and counts total number of records. Program compiles and runs successfully without any error but doesn't print the total count of records to the screen. It doesn't print anything. .cs (code behind)...
by Member 11148917
am getting an error..likeError:more than one operator "=" matches these operands:
by Muhammad Taqi Hassan Bukhari
I have a project to understand and modified. in this the developer is using membership provider for user registration purposes. I need to know which password encryption technique is using in this project.My web.config file is this. <clear...

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by SergeiR[MCTS]  4.81/5 (15 votes)
Demonstrates battmon tool for automotive battery live status, smart monitoring and stand-alone logging
by JorgeLuisOrejel  4.93/5 (14 votes)
by Atle Solbakken  4.60/5 (9 votes)
Are the programming languages we use for web design today really adapted well enough to fit our needs?
by Evgeny Zavalkovsky  4.69/5 (7 votes)
`Memoization' of a computation result makes computation faster by trading space for time. Here you will see extremely simple and "easy to use" Memoization Infrastructure.
by JorgeLuisOrejel  4.58/5 (6 votes)
Balanced Multiway Trees

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