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18-Feb-13 1:20am by lkgamage (updated) 
A small C# utility to clear a single contact chat history, since Skype by default only deletes full chat history.
27 mins ago by Emiliarge (updated) 
Comparison of 4 browser engines and controls + some tips for their using (in attached projects and in tip text). Short and clear.
33 mins ago by Emiliarge (new) 
Using Free Spire.XLS for .NET - free professional XLS/XLSX interaction library.
2 hrs ago by Nick Polyak (updated) 
Present Roslyn's code analysis capabilities in easy samples
6 hrs ago by Serge Jerkezian (new) 
How to upload, rename and resize in MVC
6 hrs ago by Veronica S. Zotali (new) 
The article aims to demonstrate the usage of Ajax.BeginForm
7 hrs ago by manchanx (new) 
A simple general purpose retry pattern for trying an action with different values, e.g. user password input.
8 hrs ago by James Wright_ (new) 
Getting to grips with TypeScript, and its compiler, in the context of Node.js
9 hrs ago by Biswabid Rath (new) 
This tip is all about best practices while checking in /checking out in TFS2012.
11 hrs ago by joseacl79 (new) 
This is articule is about the spring security and how to create a custom jsp page to login with.
14 hrs ago by Mayur Shah (new) 
Markup Extension that allows you to declare Generic classes in Xaml
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Showcase Product Showcase

by LEADTOOLS Support
In this white paper we will show how to set up a master form template...
by Rainer Stropek
MVP Rainer Stropek sets .NET developers a fun challenge. Here is a...
by ShawInnes, Octopus Deploy
Rather than writing our own article, we thought we’d share a real life...
by LEADTOOLS Support
The new Document Converter and Document Viewer found in LEADTOOLS...

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Mon 2 Feb 2015
The next generation of cloud servers might be deployed where the clouds can be made of alcohol and cosmic dust: in space. That’s what ConnectX...
Mon 2 Feb 2015
Google has recently revealed that it is dropping the paid subscription from Google Earth Pro, a more robust version of its Google Earth software.
Mon 2 Feb 2015
It's been a long time since last hearing of any major innovations or improvements to VirtualBox, the VM software managed by Oracle since their...
Mon 2 Feb 2015
I’m a software engineer for the fine folks at HappyFunCorp and I’m occasionally called on to diagnose and fix projects that have gone horribly...
Mon 2 Feb 2015
Larry has announced that the Perl 6 Developers will attempt to make a development release of Version 1.0 of Perl 6.0 in time for his 61st Birthday...

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by Member 10809885
Hi everyoneI am having a problem with my win32 wrapper class in c++here is my codeDisplay.h#pragma once#include class Display{private: char* mWindowTitle; WNDCLASSEX mWndClass; HWND mHwnd; MSG mMsg; int mWidth; int mHeight;public: Display(int width,...
by Member 11360293
I have a UITableViewCell with a accessorytype detail indicator. When I resize the cell, the cells accessory centers itself horizontally. How can I make it stay on top, and not center itself?- (UITableViewCell *)tableView:(UITableView *)tableView cellForRowAtIndexPath:(NSIndexPath...
1 hr ago by sherry21
Forum: article "LiteDB - A .NET NoSQL Document Store in a single data file"
by aksjustcool
I tried To bind up both in Single Media Element but there some time gap between switching:Here is what i have done till now:using System;using System.Collections.Generic;using System.Linq;using System.Text;using System.Windows;using System.Windows.Controls;using...
by Member 1993936
Hi,I'm wondering if there're a better way how to subtract certain value from multiple rows in a table. Let me explain the problem using this simplified example:We want to track stock quantites of different commodities we bought in a table that looks like this:Id ReceivedOn ...

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by syed shanu  4.65/5 (118 votes)
This Article will explain a very simple way to understand the basic C# OOP Concept
by syed shanu  4.84/5 (65 votes)
Insert select update delete in with Simple Login
by syed shanu  4.68/5 (43 votes)
Windows Form Design at Run Time.Panel has been used as a Form where user can Add ,Move controls.user can Add,text,items,colors and etc using Property Window.Bind Data to DatagridView,ListView,ComboBox from DataTable,XML File and From SQL Server Data Base
by syed shanu  4.77/5 (36 votes)
Nested or Master Detail or Hierarchical DataGridView for winforms
by Mahsa Hassankashi  4.79/5 (34 votes)
It is a simplest tutorial on AngularJS and Repository Pattern for developing professional MVC Applications. It includes a source code about practical permission management project.

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