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22-Mar-13 14:15pm by Nehla GHOUAIEL (updated) 
How to create a basic augmented reality application using Android SDK and OpenglES.
20 hrs ago by Dr. Song Li (new) 
This article presents an example Spring MVC Rest service application that supports both Json and XML serializations.
22 hrs ago by Debdatta Basu (new) 
Tip calculator using RoboMVVM- An MVVM framework for Android.
23 hrs ago by Fabrizio Stellato (new) 
Create a JSTL tag for manipulating anche print the output of each object inside the list
3 days ago by FaizanMubasher (new) 
This article include steps to create simple needle in android using View and Graphics. A needle like placed in Speedometers.
5 days ago by Ranjan.D (updated) 
This article is all about various Android Storage capabilities. We will be discussing in detail about the storage options like SQLite database, Internal and External Storage, Shared Preferences, Network etc.
5 days ago by ChristianNeumanns (new) 
Part III: Empty Lists in Real Life
17-Sep-14 7:37am by Grasshopper.iics (new) 
Content Provider in Android Was Never this easier.
15-Sep-14 9:42am by Ranjan.D (updated) 
This article is all about leaning with a hands on code samples about Android Content Provider.
15-Sep-14 0:04am by Ranjan.D (updated) 
This article discuss in detail about various Android connectivity options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, SIP, USB.
14-Sep-14 22:14pm by Peter Leow (new) 
Exploring the connectivity options in Android.
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Showcase Product Showcase

by Android on Intel
This guide is intended to help developers port existing ARM*-based NDK...
by Paul Lindberg
This case study illustrates how, working with Intel engineers, Tencent...
by Android on Intel
This paper will help you choose the right engine for your game so it...
by Geoff Arnold
What follows is a description of how senior programmer Richard...
by Bruno Terkaly
Recently, the team at DiscountASP.NET launched a new cloud hosting...

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Tue 23 Sep 2014
When your website uses JavaScript, you are giving up control of how the code runs. Discuss.
Tue 23 Sep 2014
Higgs demonstrates how lazy code generation and other techniques improve compiler performance.
Tue 23 Sep 2014
I am currently having issues with a guy at work who think he's a great programmer and knows everything about what is the latest and greatest...
Tue 23 Sep 2014
Always nice to see a polite and friendly API. This one is for connecting to OAuth services.
Tue 23 Sep 2014
CSS has always seemed to suffer from the battle between print designers and non-print designers. And now a word (and feature) from the print folk.

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by Vineetha Ravindranath
hi,while selecting current date ,showing the message as 'You cannot select a day earlier than today'.function checkDate(sender, args) { if (sender._selectedDate) < new Date()) { alert("You cannot select a day earlier than today!"); ...
by Member 11091767
Please give some good resource to learn NodeJs properly
by Android_Maddy
Here is my attendance class:package com.shinetrack.activity;import java.util.ArrayList;import android.annotation.SuppressLint;import android.os.Bundle;import android.view.View;import android.widget.AdapterView;import android.widget.AdapterView.OnItemClickListener;import...
6 mins ago by George Jonsson
Forum: C#
by Vishwanath.284
Hi ...... The code is in CodeIgniter ...Cron job is not executing my javascript in PHP view page ,when I am assigning controller function and on the same time i am calling View Page(contains Javascript code ) ,after cron job done javascript was not executing in View page please help out .

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by Peter Leow  5.00/5 (18 votes)
Exploring the connectivity options in Android.
by ChristianNeumanns  4.55/5 (16 votes)
Part III: Empty Lists in Real Life
by gupta.avinash  5.00/5 (12 votes)
In this article, you will learn Android’s way of sharing data through the use of content providers. You will learn how to use the built-in content providers, as well as implement your own content providers to share data across packages.
by William SerGio  5.00/5 (11 votes)
Collecting, Saving, and Using User Data to Deliver Targeted Information and Ads
by Peter Leow  4.90/5 (10 votes)
Handling and storing of inputs in various Android storage options and consuming web services

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