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27-Jul-12 13:02pm by Juan Torrecillas (updated) 
Simple application that consumes a WCF Service with both jQuery/JSONP and XML/SOAP implementations.
16 mins ago by V.Naveen (new) 
The article is my first submission to a series for Android Development. I had tried to include as little technical stuff as possible, because of the articles being marked as for beginners. But I have included whatever naccessary for a Developer. Thanks
23 mins ago by (new) 
List of all system error codes from 0 to 15999
26 mins ago by techcap (new) 
Caution when using "yield return"
5 hrs ago by John Underhill (Steppenwolfe) (updated) 
CSRG random generator in C# and the NIST STS Library (Huge update!)
10 hrs ago by Mohammad_Hamad (new) 
Using the Function Pointer inside C struct
10 hrs ago by 1337Architect (updated) 
Handy classes to use the .NET Encryption/Decryption
10 hrs ago by Dennis E White (updated) 
Collaborating via an HTML5 Canvas using DooScrib, Node.js, Express and
11 hrs ago by Meena Chockalingam (new) 
Understanding LIST_ENTRY lists and CONTAINING_RECORD macro which are used in Windows Kernel

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by Android on Intel
This paper introduces data encryption APIs that are available through...
by Android on Intel
In this article we will discuss how to configure Eclipse to take...
by Android on Intel
In this document, we will focus on a few Android UI programming...
by John_Tyrrell
My Health Assistant is an app that helps individuals manage and track...
by Android on Intel
I want to tell you about a wonderful tool to automatically test the UI...

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Fri 25 Jul 2014
In computers' circuits is the bit 0 really represented by no currency or it is a small signal that the computer is made to treat as 0 ?
Fri 25 Jul 2014
Given web users’ general reluctance to pay for content. We are of course, paying. Just not with cold hard cash, but with our privacy — as digital...
Fri 25 Jul 2014
There is a lot of excitement around the current trend to get more people to be into computer programming. Whether or not they end up becoming...
Fri 25 Jul 2014
Late last year Microsoft finally made itself an account on Github, now the de-facto platform that software writers use for sharing and working on...
Fri 25 Jul 2014
As Microsoft continues its push to remain relevant in the mobile space, it still doesn't appreciate the factors that allowed Apple to enter a...

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by Member 10970275
I had done autocomplete = "off" for not allowing browser to remember password. but in some versions of browser like firefox 30.0 etc it is not working can somebody help.
by saifullahiit
Hi!i want to put the whole calendar in gridview using you can check out sample in the given link[^]can somebody please tell me how to do thisThanks in advance
by sandeep QA
UPDATE epp_domain set created_on=created_on - interval '2 year' where name='';what is the use of this portion set created_on=created_on - interval '2 year'
by Member 10855786
Please help to solve this cd piracy Problem.Thanks in advance
by veena nair
when i tried to install a joomla quick stater pack which i bought from themeforest, it shows the following error :-Deprecated: preg_replace(): The /e modifier is deprecated, use preg_replace_callback instead in /home/multitech/public_html/SHT/libraries/joomla/filter/input.php on line...

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by Mladen Jankovic  4.98/5 (28 votes)
Another implementation of Commodore 64 emulator written in C#
by Michael N. Haephrati  4.80/5 (25 votes)
How to develop a tool that will adjust mistaken date and time of multiple files, photos or videos
by Florian Rappl  4.90/5 (22 votes)
Architecture, design and implementation of a cross-platform Windows Desktop / Windows Store space shoot-em-up game.
by ChristianNeumanns  4.96/5 (18 votes)
This article aims to answer the question: Should we return an empty list or 'null' from functions?
by Omar Al Zabir  4.88/5 (17 votes)
SQL Server Performance Dashboard (SSPD) is a small open source web app that shows you performance & problems of one or more SQL Server instances and their databases in near real time.

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