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3-Feb-13 3:05am by Ron Beyer (updated) 
A WinForms line control that works how you would expect one to.
55 mins ago by Brad Joss (new) 
SQL CLR Functions for Zip Compression and Regular Expression evaluations
4 hrs ago by 4Dinand2 (new) 
Easy trick to get your int or string value from your enum. Extra DayOfweek
6 hrs ago by Tank Knat (new) 
Metah.W(MW) is a C#-derived metaprogramming language for Windows Workflow Foundation 4.5. It provides an alternative way of composing activities to the WF designer.
7 hrs ago by syed shanu (updated) 
Insert select update delete in with Simple Login
12 hrs ago by David Jeske (updated) 
A simple open-source scene manager, and WavefrontOBJ file loader in C# and OpenGL (OpenTK). Runs on MacOS and Windows.
18 hrs ago by Nick Polyak (updated) 
Using a single file wrapper generator to facilitate creating Adapter pattern and Multiple Inheritance
18 hrs ago by Marc Clifton (new) 
APOD, Horoscopes, Weather Radar, Windyty, Tech Feeds, Chromium, NOAA Weather
19 hrs ago by ChRi$m0rG@N (new) 
An article about an omni directional Arduino Yun robot, and an alternative .Net implementation of CmdMessenger
19 hrs ago by Mathi_CP (new) 
Self Host Web API 2 in Asp.Net web forms application using OWIN
20 hrs ago by ChristianNeumanns (updated) 
This article aims to answer the question: Should we return an empty list or 'null' from functions?
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Showcase Product Showcase

by Gael Holmes Hofemeier
This cloud-based analytics tool includes resources for the collection...
by Accusoft
This whitepaper describes the basic steps in deploying a .NET solution...
by Kevin_Hulse
Use Atalasoft's DotPdf SDK to improve workflow processes with external...
by matthias-hahn
Recently someone asked me on more documentation about Yocto builds. In...
by Sulamita Garcia
This sample code uses the Live USB image from the IoT Development Kit...

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Thu 18 Dec 2014
Get one-on-one programming help while you browse CodeProject.
Thu 18 Dec 2014
Explained in this flowchart
Thu 18 Dec 2014
We’re exited to release a brand new update for the Android Player with several fixes and new features that will make developing Android apps even...
Thu 18 Dec 2014
Lessons to learn from Oculus development team when using the “Modern C++” approach.
Thu 18 Dec 2014
The good news is that the process of bringing your Silverlight apps to WinRT-based universal apps is fairly straightforward.

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by iamvinod34
how to create ASPX PAGE if user click on button?title name:______________--->textboxmatter:___________---->textboxif user click on create titlename textbox.aspxplz help me
by Dhiraj Bhole
I Want To save image into temp folder at runtime in wcf service and pass this folder image path for display from my pageplease help me
by Member 11065510
haii created crystal reports in windows application forms using with c# was successfully executed on my pc.but it not works while moving this into another pc .i was use following code ReportDocument cryRpt = new ReportDocument(); ...
by Nirmal Chandru
How to get current month details in from date to todate wise in sqlMy query:select a.Staff_Id as StaffID,a.From_Date,upper(b.Staff_Name) as StaffName,a.From_Date ,a.To_Date,a.Total_Days as TotalDays,Convert(Varchar(24),Applied_Date,113) as Applied,a.Reason as Reason,Status=(case...
by Member 10955427
Hi I need to implement Breadcrumb Patterns on charts using wpf. If i have any chart(pie,line,column) when i click any part of pie its navigate to another chart, i have no of child navigation on clicking chart i want show that in Breadcrumb bar.when a user click any page of...

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by Sacha Barber  4.97/5 (44 votes)
Small demo app showing how to create a streaming Publisher / Resilient clients using SignalR + RX
by syed shanu  4.88/5 (33 votes)
Insert select update delete in with Simple Login
by dontumindit  4.61/5 (29 votes)
Performs basic function on your Facebook Profile from C# code without use of Facebook API
by Nick Polyak  4.82/5 (14 votes)
Using a single file wrapper generator to facilitate creating Adapter pattern and Multiple Inheritance
by Mohammad Dayyan  5.00/5 (12 votes)
A C# library to use PersianCalendar as easy as DateTime

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