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31-Mar-15 23:33pm by Onkarraj A., Rahul Khode (new) 
The article showcases BLE sensors (IoT) solution developed using Azure Event Hub, Stream Analytics and Power BI.
4 hrs ago by B. Clay Shannon (new) 
Use Hidden Fields to Access Code-Behind/Server-Side Vals from Your Client-side (jQuery) code
6 hrs ago by Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan (new) 
I would talk about Windows 10 from a developer's perspective. Windows 10 has not yet been released, but it is better to know the tool to get your hands ready to develop applications.
9 hrs ago by 1sumitanand (new) 
Sorting of simple ListView Elements in Ascending/Descending Order
10 hrs ago by Woong Gyu La (updated) 
How to create a server-client network quickly using IOCP TCP template server-client framework, EpServerEngine.cs (C#).
14 hrs ago by Arthur V. Ratz (new) 
The following article describes how to implement sorting of custom non-generic collections by overriding the functionality of the generic IComparable and IComparer interfaces used by the LINQ’s Enumerable.OrderBy clause aggregate method.
18 hrs ago by Akhil Mittal (updated) 
In this article I’ll explain how to write your own custom routes using Attribute Routing.
18 hrs ago by Akhil Mittal (updated) 
Resolve dependency of dependencies using Inversion of Control and dependency injection in Web APIs with Unity Container and Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF).
18 hrs ago by Akhil Mittal (updated) 
My article will explain how we can make our Web API service architecture loosely coupled and more flexible.
18 hrs ago by Akhil Mittal (updated) 
Enterprise level application architecture with Web APIs using Entity Framework, Generic Repository pattern and Unit of Work.
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We now support Gravatars for your profile picture to help reduce the pain in maintaining your latest profile selfie (or professional studio shot - whichever). Just setup (or update) your Gravatar...

Showcase Product Showcase

by Intel Corporation
In this article are two examples of such applications, one using the...
by LEADTOOLS Support
The LEADTOOLS HL7 SDK simplifies the integration of complex HL7...
by Intel Corporation
In Arduino environment, it's convenient to access BT SPP like a serial...
by Dirk_Strauss
LEADTOOLS Recognition Imaging SDK - I had the pleasure of taking the...
by Intel Corporation
This guide will teach you how to use GATT profile, by interfacing with...

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Thu 2 Jul 2015
Directly engaging with customers is great, but should Sony be using them to fund R&D?
Thu 2 Jul 2015
The Mobile Checker emulates a mobile browser when checking a Web page and builds a report of possible issues, completed by tips and links to...
Thu 2 Jul 2015
It’s no longer enough to simply make sure your web content fits on a small screen. Google reinforced this precedent by updating its algorithm to...
Thu 2 Jul 2015
This tutorial describes how to simultaneously create, test and modify both the front and back end of a modern mobile app using Zend Studio’s...
Thu 2 Jul 2015
With the launch of a new version of its RhoMobile developer platform, Illinois-based Zebra Technologies Corporation is aiming to make...

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1 hr ago by sajijebran
Forum: Article "WPF: XmlDataProvider Two-Way Data Binding"
by Raj Negi
I am trying to fetch all the latitude and longitude of my JSON result.JSON Result (have many records):"results" : [ { "geometry" : { "location" : { "lat" : 28.637255, "lng" : 77.05202800000001 } }, ...
by Akbar Fardi
in paint we can paste images in ink canvas ,but how?
by AB29
Create the following Stored ProcsSP Name - Sp_Insurance_UsernameExists Input Parameters- @username nvarchar(50) Output Parameters- @returnValue int Functionality- Should check if the passed in username exists in the webcrendetials table. IF exists,...
by Member 11602830
i want to import CSV file in to SQLCE database table, it is reading the Header Row also so please spme one help me to code........ This is my ".CSV" file format for Import"Sr.No","Sales Order No","Shipment No.","Cust. Name","Item","Bundle No.","Roll No.","Qty","Trans Id","Validated...

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by Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter  4.97/5 (25 votes)
“The colors of the world are changing day by day!” - Les Misérables
by kenyeungdk  4.95/5 (16 votes)
Build your own marketplace with BeYourMarket
by Chad Z. Hower aka Kudzu  4.77/5 (17 votes)
Explaining what MSDN does not, and providing an easier way to use ObservableCollection.
by Marla Sukesh  4.94/5 (15 votes)
This article is continuation of day 6 for Learn MVC Project in 7 Days.
by Mostafa A. Ali  4.77/5 (13 votes)
A simple insight into the difference between recursive functions and loops

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