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27-Sep-14 4:19am by Marla Sukesh (updated) 
Is ASP.NET MVC replacement for Web Forms? No, Both have there pros and cons. Lets take a look at same.
11 hrs ago by Cristian Moldovan (new) 
Common issues in the projects I have worked on.
11 hrs ago by greggma (new) 
Provides an alternative to an ObservableCollection that is less UI intensive
15 hrs ago by adriancs (updated) 
A tool to export and import MySQL database in .NET
16 hrs ago by Szymon Roslowski (updated) 
This article is about a HID USB Stack for Microchip PIC 16F1455 and the way of communicating with it on Windows Platform.
17 hrs ago by Alberto Molero (updated) 
This article describes the file format NBT and shows how can be implemented in a real application to store data.
17 hrs ago by SergeiR[MCTS] (moved) 
Demonstrates battmon tool for automotive battery live status, smart monitoring and stand-alone logging
19 hrs ago by Jakob "XnaFan" Krarup (updated) 
A set of .NET extension methods to get the difference between images and more...
yesterday by Anurag Gandhi (updated) 
This article provides you the simplified ways to implement batch editing (inline editing in gridview/repeater) using angular.js
yesterday by Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan (new) 
What are the wearable devices and what is the role of Internet of Things in them and how do they interact to make things better and easy.
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Showcase Product Showcase

by yang_wang
This document describes how to install and use the Intel System Studio...
by Android on Intel
Mobile applications can behave differently between emulator and device...
by E-iceblue
E-iceblue Co., Ltd. is a vendor of .NET, Silverlight and WPF...
by Gael Holmes Hofemeier
Cyberlink and Intel utilized several tools to analyze and optimize the...
by Kevin_Hulse
Use Atalasoft's DotPdf SDK to improve workflow processes with external...

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Tue 21 Oct 2014
I can make chili almost anytime of the year, but I prefer, to make it in the Fall/Winter time. For me, it is the perfect comfort food. I like to...
Tue 21 Oct 2014
Physicists have built a tractor beam out of lasers that can both repel and attract objects across distances 100 times farther than previously...
Tue 21 Oct 2014
We all use instruments like Google Analytics. It is a powerful way to collect data. In this article, we will see a CSS-only approach for tracking...
Tue 21 Oct 2014
AngularJS and .NET seem to work great when used together. At first this type of technology arrangement may seem like overkill. However, I would...
Tue 21 Oct 2014
For a long time it seemed like it was ok to just use a single file full of jQuery selectors and event handlers. This is just not a sustainable...

Discussions Latest Discussions

by rajshreelande
hello guys,please suggest sql query for input password whcich does not contatin consecutuive reprating chrcters
by Member 11085392
Plz send me bow and arrow game code in c# if any one has
by mehdishahgholi
I have this function in a DLL:void VD_GetHomeDirectory( TCHAR *ADir )But I cannot work with it in VB.NET here is my .NET code:<DllImport("VADAV.DLL", EntryPoint:="VD_GetHomeDirectory", SetLastError:=True, CharSet:=CharSet.Auto, ExactSpelling:=True,...
by irfankhan200
Hi want to check the Registry key for Crystal Reports in Windows 7. But can not find where is Registry key for Crystal reports is stored in Registry Tree in windows 7?bye.
by sravan gorle
Hi, I have a nested grid(parent grid1,child grid2).i am displaying grid2 on row command event of grid1. I am trying to update grid2 on rowcommand event of grid2 but its not binding properly. I found through breakpoint that latest reocrds are binding grid2 but it is not displaying...

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by Marla Sukesh  4.82/5 (99 votes)
Welcome to day 1 of Learn HTML 5 in 3 days article series
by Shivprasad koirala  4.82/5 (54 votes)
In this article we will try to understand C# Attributes.
by Darko Juric  4.92/5 (17 votes)
Fast object detection by template matching
by amateurp  4.86/5 (15 votes)
OWIN is used to create loosely coupled web applications
by Bryan Tubbs  4.86/5 (12 votes)
This article will show how to create a list of a particular class type from a SqlDataReader object by dynamically creating a lambda expression to carry out the process of populating the list.

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