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18-Sep-12 11:25am by Henrik Jonsson (updated) 
How to work around that Binding's Converter, ConvertParameter and StringFormat cannot be specified as dynamic Bindings.
25 mins ago by Dan Letecky (updated) 
Showing the features of a flexible ASP.NET event calendar/scheduling control.
1 hr ago by Visakh Raghunath (new) 
This article explores how the power of social networking can be leveraged for specific needs
11 hrs ago by Bharath K A (updated) 
This is a simple HTML5 WebSocket service that streams live, real-time data to browser grid control. This service is capable of automatically computing math expressions on the fly (dynamically at runtime)
12 hrs ago by Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan (new) 
What is code reuse and why use it?
12 hrs ago by Ranjan.D (updated) 
All about "Gilt" product analytic's by making use of Azure and Internet of things.
yesterday by DaveMathews (new) 
Speaker independent speech recognition in Mono and .Net C#
yesterday by john_1726 (new) 
Details on improving responsiveness and dealing with performance bottlenecks using async and await
yesterday by rcwhiteley (new) 
Easy and fast to use object serializer in C#
yesterday by Alaa Ben Fatma (new) 
Surf your PictureBox using scrolling bars
yesterday by Joseph Philbert (new) 
Simple logger for console
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Showcase Product Showcase

by Rainer Stropek
MVP Rainer Stropek sets .NET developers a fun challenge. Here is a...
by Igal Tabachnik
Why you should use OzCode to debug your C# code in Visual Studio
by Kevin_Hulse
Use Atalasoft's DotPdf SDK to improve workflow processes with external...
by Ian_Paullin
For the past few months, I’ve been analyzing Octopus Deploy in terms of...
by Accusoft, Ned Averill-Snell
Watermarking in an HTML5 viewer allows sharing sensitive document...

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Mon 30 Mar 2015
C++ continues to be an important language for building Windows apps and in this blog post, we want to highlight some C++ specific functionality...
Mon 30 Mar 2015
GitHub has been continuously hammered for three days by a DDoS attack aimed at anti-censorship GreatFire and CN-NYTimes projects; the traffic is...
Mon 30 Mar 2015
“Not Invented Here”, or “NIH syndrome”, refers to the tendency of organizations to undervalue external or third-party technical assets, even if...
Mon 30 Mar 2015
Bazel is a build tool that builds code quickly and reliably. It is used to build the majority of Google's software, and thus it has been designed...
Mon 30 Mar 2015
Windows is the number one desktop operating system by a wide margin, but you might be surprised at number two and three.

Discussions Latest Discussions

4 mins ago by cricrides
Forum: Article "i00 VB.NET Spell Check - No 3rd Party Components Required!"
by developer54321
Sir, i have a Parent Gridview and a Child Gridview. In Child Gridview i have a image button. i need to set the select row index by click on image. how can i do it in child code is:-<asp:GridView ID="GridView3" runat="server" DataKeyNames="ClassesID" CssClass="mGrid" ...
by Parth Mashroo
i have so far tried so many methods starting with OLEDB,ODBC and it worked but only offline but when i published my website it showed many errors and was to slow and then i shifteds to NPOI a third party free ware tool and the code that i used is as follows :protected void...
by Arul R Ece
Hi All,I try to upload data using flat file connection,the file contains delimiter § .When i developing same thing in a local machine working fine but in remote server not working can u please any one help for this error.RegardsArul.R
15 mins ago by Kevin Marois
Forum: technical blog "What is Code Reuse and Why Use It?"

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by AJSON  4.91/5 (43 votes)
Using a tri-stack of cool tools to give live insight into the usually darkened room of Windows Services and other remote server hosted code...
by Simon Jackson  4.84/5 (16 votes)
We have finally reached the end of an era and the dawn of the next with the MonoGame project. The latest release has now broken its ties to the old XNA framework and stands alone.
by JFRichters  4.97/5 (13 votes)
This article describes a solution that allows an application to load and execute a plug-in, and unloading it without a file lock on the assembly.
by Bharath K A  4.89/5 (13 votes)
This is a simple HTML5 WebSocket service that streams live, real-time data to browser grid control. This service is capable of automatically computing math expressions on the fly (dynamically at runtime)
by Novar Striker  4.85/5 (11 votes)
Multi technics in one application, for an extreme relaxation moment

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