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27-Aug-12 5:51am by Rahul Rajat Singh (new) 
This small article discusses about type casting in C#.
18 hrs ago by Steven Sung (new) 
Encoded, Decoded your QR Code using Zxing library
19 hrs ago by jindrich.babica (new) 
Binding with respect to CurrentCulture
23 hrs ago by Tom Chantler (updated) 
UPDATE: 2015-06-27 - Now works with Visual Studio 2015. Summary - If you're running Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 and you don't want to disable User Account Control (UAC) - which you shouldn't and quite possibly can't in a corporate environment - then you get an annoying prompt every time you try to run anyth
yesterday by juwikuang (new) 
Format book titles or TV series titles as the MLA style.
yesterday by Shashank S Chandel (new) 
Demonstration application using MVC SignalR and Entity framework Part I
yesterday by Ondrej_Uzovic (updated) 
Simple example for publish-subscribe scenario between HTML5 JavaScript and .NET using Websockets.
yesterday by adityasahver (new) 
In this article we will learn how to use Microsoft Band to connect to your Device.
2 days ago by Southmountain (new) 
this post discussed .NET versioning and multi-targeting of .NET application and component written in C#.
2 days ago by Chad Z. Hower aka Kudzu (new) 
Explaining what MSDN does not, and providing an easier way to use ObservableCollection.

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We now support Gravatars for your profile picture to help reduce the pain in maintaining your latest profile selfie (or professional studio shot - whichever). Just setup (or update) your Gravatar...

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by LEADTOOLS Support
The LEADTOOLS HL7 SDK simplifies the integration of complex HL7...
by Intel Corporation
In this article are two examples of such applications, one using the...
by Intel Corporation
This guide will teach you how to use GATT profile, by interfacing with...
by Dirk_Strauss
LEADTOOLS Recognition Imaging SDK - I had the pleasure of taking the...
by Tomasz Naumowicz
Take a closer look at scenarios where working with GUID and UUID in a...

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Tue 30 Jun 2015
Today, you are walking with the equivalent of what was supercomputer not too long ago — in your pocket.
Tue 30 Jun 2015
The way Livecoding works is pretty simple. Developers stream live video of themselves coding, and users watching can ask questions or give feedback.
Tue 30 Jun 2015
The road to IoT is paved with gold—and roadblocks.
Tue 30 Jun 2015
When new features appear in your chosen language, where do you use these new features?
Tue 30 Jun 2015
If anyone here can make a helpful suggestion about Customer Relationship Management software, thanks.

Discussions Latest Discussions

by Sabi1610
I'm creating an application that manages, automobile insurance with C# MVC 4 Entity framework. For the Admin module of the application, I want the Administrator to manage the processes; Creating workflow shilts the application is running on how to manage an automobile accident file. For Example,...
by Raj Negi
I am using map control in windows phone 8. I have to show places on map within 10km nearby my current location. Till then i am able to show my current location and i have latitude & longitude.Please tell me how to do this task. <TextBlock Text="Bing Map" FontSize="50"...
10 mins ago by Laurent LABROUCHE
Forum: article "Enable Remote PowerShell Execution in C#"
by Member 11802905
Hello EveryoneI have a requirement where I have to get info from almost 10000 sources over net and store it in a single table in fly time. These resources u can say are like millions of devices having unique id and I need to pump data into a single table in PostgreSQL.What can be best...
by Black_Rose
Hi allI am working in automation practice and have to work with BMC orchestrator.Please suggest me some tutorial where i can start knowing how to use c# and orchestrator for doing the tasks.Any orchestrator any language is fine for me.Thank you

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by Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter  4.96/5 (23 votes)
“The colors of the world are changing day by day!” - Les Misérables
by kenyeungdk  4.95/5 (16 votes)
Build your own marketplace with BeYourMarket
by Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan  4.71/5 (14 votes)
In this article, I would explain the steps to create a simple WPF application that can read out text for you; using .NET framework's Speech API and Installed voices.
by Marla Sukesh  4.94/5 (14 votes)
This article is continuation of day 6 for Learn MVC Project in 7 Days.
by Chad Z. Hower aka Kudzu  4.74/5 (15 votes)
Explaining what MSDN does not, and providing an easier way to use ObservableCollection.

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