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17-Aug-14 19:08pm by NitinShrivastava (new) 
In this article we will try to understand Data Binding in AngularJS
12 hrs ago by Sandeep Singh Shekhawat (updated) 
This article introduces the Repository pattern in an MVC application.
19 hrs ago by syed shanu (updated) 
Project Scheduling using GridView ASP.NET.
20 hrs ago by Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan (new) 
This article is for the concept of Random URLs and how they can be generated in ASP.NET for creating Random URLs for your application.
22 hrs ago by Member 10951710 (new) 
A simple extension to the original TextBox, allowing simple calculations (+, /, *, -)
yesterday by Brian Aberle (updated) 
XMLFoundation is the fastest approach to dealing with XML and it also delivers a simple and easy to manage pattern of software development into your application.
yesterday by Dan Letecky (updated) 
Parsing PDF files in .NET using PDFBox and IKVM.NET (managed code).
yesterday by Craig A. Moore (new) 
Creating sheets of labels within a PDF document using PDFSharp
yesterday by Bhagyashree Chaudhari - Member 10473634 (new) 
Show dialog box with very few lines of code
yesterday by Akhil Mittal (updated) 
My effort in this article was to put some light on building a generic multilayered architecture using Entity Framework 4.1 and MVC3 razor view engine.
yesterday by Akhil Mittal (updated) 
Repository pattern in MVC3 application with entity framework

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Showcase Product Showcase

by Sulamita Garcia
This sample code uses the Live USB image from the IoT Development Kit...
by LEADTOOLS Support
RTSP Server Made Easy with LEADTOOLS
by Kevin_Hulse
Use Atalasoft's DotPdf SDK to improve workflow processes with external...
by Gael Holmes Hofemeier
This cloud-based analytics tool includes resources for the collection...
by yang_wang
This document describes how to install and use the Intel System Studio...

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Fri 28 Nov 2014
After changing from Blackberry to Android and loosing the availability to have infinite data even in a different country where I do live... I've...
Fri 28 Nov 2014
OmniSharp is a family of Open Source projects, each with one goal - To enable great .NET development in YOUR editor of choice.
Fri 28 Nov 2014
West Side-project story
Fri 28 Nov 2014
I think it's well known that beer is one of mankind's greatest inventions. But aside from the perfect taste, and ability to make in-laws seem...
Fri 28 Nov 2014
When you look up the word “Language” in the dictionary, you’ll find a few variations of similar definitions.

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by ssharma21
Hi guys,I got stuck in fixing the focus to the time out popup window. After popup window is coming , when i m pressing the tab to give focus, It still giving focus to whatever the page is open under it. I am not getting where I need to write the code . And I ma new to this Jquery Javscript...
9 mins ago by CrashDavisCP
Forum: article "Understanding the Random URLs and creating them in ASP.NET"
by Bruno Sprecher
Hello ExpertsWhy multiply processes are more performant than one process with multiply threads for parallelization?Background:In my Application, I need to calculate a lot of matric inversions (SVD). This means more or less only, a lot of cpu power is needed.Observation:A. 1...
Hi, I am executing PowerShell commands using C#, for which i am using "WSManConnectionInfo" class to create connection object for Runspace.But i could not understand about the parameters to provide. Can anybody explain below two,1) WSManConnectionInfo(string scheme, string...
by 5everin
HI,I have written a program that would work well as a screen saver and am attempting to convert it to one. (not just changing the extension) As far as I understand the first thing you need to do is intercept the commandline arguments when the program executes. I wrote this and put it in my...

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by JMK-NI  4.94/5 (19 votes)
How to hit the ground running with AngularJS on ASP.NET MVC: Part 3
by Mikael Sundfors  4.88/5 (16 votes)
How to restrict site access by blocking IP addresses
by syed shanu  4.91/5 (14 votes)
Project Scheduling using GridView ASP.NET.
by Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan  4.85/5 (13 votes)
This article provides an overview of the hashing process of passwords in ASP.NET's Crypto class.
by Matt Perdeck  5.00/5 (11 votes)
Co-locate HTML, CSS, JavaScript and image files that make up a page or component. Auto generate your MVC bundles to ensure the right files are loaded in the right order.

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