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4-Nov-12 22:44pm by Igor Krupitsky (updated) 
This article talks about late binding to .NET object (not COM objects).
2 hrs ago by syed shanu (new) 
In this article let’s see what’s new with Windows 10 Technical Preview and how to create a simple Windows Universal App using Visual Studio 2015 RC.
3 hrs ago by Alaa Ben Fatma (new) 
Explore your MMSQL server tables in a professional way .
4 hrs ago by Qwertie (updated) 
Concerned about regular expressions being unintelligible, repetitive, hard to get right and non-recursive? Read part 5, possibly the most useful part yet!
4 hrs ago by Qwertie (updated) 
The Lexical Macro Processor transforms your C# code with a LISP-inspired macro system. Complete with Visual Studio integration and a Linux-compatible editor.
7 hrs ago by syed shanu (updated) 
In this article we can see in detail about how to create a simple SPC (Statistical Process Control) Cp,CPk Chart using C#
11 hrs ago by Vahe Karamian (updated) 
This article will cover the basics of Leap Motion integration into your Unity 3D project. We will look at the basic setup and implementation of the basics to get you started. In order for you to try the code you will need to have the Leap Motion hardware.
14 hrs ago by John Newcombe (new) 
Presents an explanation of Datum transformations with examples shown in C#
16 hrs ago by Sacha Barber (new) 
A brief look at using the .NET Akka framework (Akka.NET)
19 hrs ago by Muchiachio (updated) 
MVC.Template is a starter template for ASP.NET MVC based solutions

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We now support Gravatars for your profile picture to help reduce the pain in maintaining your latest profile selfie (or professional studio shot - whichever). Just setup (or update) your Gravatar...

Showcase Product Showcase

by Intel Corporation
In this article are two examples of such applications, one using the...
by Intel Corporation
This guide will teach you how to use GATT profile, by interfacing with...
by Intel Corporation
In Arduino environment, it's convenient to access BT SPP like a serial...
by LEADTOOLS Support
With the LEADTOOLS Virtual Printer SDK, developers can leverage the...
by Dirk_Strauss
LEADTOOLS Recognition Imaging SDK - I had the pleasure of taking the...

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Tue 7 Jul 2015
In the wake of some belt-tightening, what's next for Microsoft's search and advertising platforms?
Tue 7 Jul 2015
It’s only a matter of time until the Common Business Oriented Language (COBOL) will regain its spotlight as one of the most in-demand skills of...
Tue 7 Jul 2015
Project Westminster makes it simple for you to bring existing Hosted Web Apps to Windows 10.
Tue 7 Jul 2015
This morning, several news outlets gave voice to an extraordinary claim: Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, where the spacecraft Philae awoke last...
Tue 7 Jul 2015
Which is your preferred way to pay for software?

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by Member 11526191
![enter image description here][1]as you can see in above picture i want to have a datagridview by spacial column which have a button at left side.Users can both type values in the text box or click the button to select value from a list.when users click the button a new form appears...
1 sec ago by Eagle32
Forum: C#
by Akram Ahmed
1.) Via Creating Proxy with svcutil.exe and access their method. ServiceClient client = null; string endPointAddr = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["endpointAddress"].ToString(); EndpointAddress endpointAddress = new EndpointAddress(endPointAddr); ...
by Member 10567380
I have a an application which is middle ware between web API code and windows Service.Now My 1st request i.e. from Web API to Middle Ware using WCF is working perfectly fine. but when i try for the next phase i.e. from middle layer to windows service code which also releases another service is...
by JinzNaaz
I am using jquery in to assign the value to hiddenfield(hfstockcode) .But it is returning [object Object].When I print the value in console,it is showing v.fn.v.init[1].How can I get the value in the hiddenfield.Jquery$(document).on("change", '.stockcode', function () { ...

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by Akhil Mittal  4.98/5 (28 votes)
This article will explain how to make WebAPI secure using Basic Authentication and Token based authorization.
by Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter  4.97/5 (27 votes)
“The colors of the world are changing day by day!” - Les Misérables
by Akhil Mittal  4.87/5 (17 votes)
OOP: Indexers in C# (A Practical Approach)
by Chad Z. Hower aka Kudzu  4.77/5 (17 votes)
Explaining what MSDN does not, and providing an easier way to use ObservableCollection.
by Akhil Mittal  5.00/5 (14 votes)
OOP: Properties in C# (A Practical Approach).

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