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26-Apr-13 20:40pm by John Bandela (updated) 
C# style async/await in C++.
2 days ago by Mr. Lai Tai-Yu (new) 
A simple ordered dither algorithm (Half-tone image)
3 days ago by jit_knit (new) 
Adding Map support in Dashboard for executive reports
3 days ago by David MacDermot (updated) 
A simple to use grid control for Windows SDK C applications.
3 days ago by Hatem Mostafa (updated) 
This article demonstrates how to forward real-time feed to multiple clients with different bandwidths.
3 days ago by Vivek Rathod (new) 
This article aspires to explain one of the ways a managed type can be invoked from a native type and more importantly from unmanaged C/C++ code.
4 days ago by Richard Chambers (updated) 
Exploring how to embed a Java VM into a C application and developing a native library for a Java application using JNI.
5 days ago by Frankie-C (new) 
Safehandles is a library for management of data structure using robust and safe handles.
5 days ago by .dan.g. (updated) 
A hierarchical task manager with native XML support for custom reporting.
19-Jan-15 12:16pm by Dave Kerr (updated) 
Rapidly create Shell Icon Handler Extensions using .NET
18-Jan-15 23:25pm by Joren Heit (new) 
A C++11 template-based signal/slot library
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by ShawInnes, Octopus Deploy
Rather than writing our own article, we thought we’d share a real life...
by LEADTOOLS Support
The new Document Converter and Document Viewer found in LEADTOOLS...

News Latest News

Mon 26 Jan 2015
Stress levels for IT workers are on the rise, according to a survey from Regus.
Mon 26 Jan 2015
NASA scientists will have good chance to study asteroid 2004 BL86 during flyby.
Mon 26 Jan 2015
We have partnered with Google Helpouts to provide an additional way for you to interact with those looking to get answers to programming questions.
Mon 26 Jan 2015
If your enterprise hasn’t already adopted a DevOps approach, there’s officially no excuse anymore.
Mon 26 Jan 2015
Microsoft is privately testing a public-facing version of its Cosmos big-data service, which features new analysis and storage engines, plus a new...

Discussions Latest Discussions

by Member 10486766
I want to make a single domain decision firewall which uses the Binary search tree for the ordering of rule....i dont have an idea from where should i
by eso0o
hi everyone, iam working on a project where iam using devexpress mvc gridview & iam trying to group rowshere's my code public static object Sum(this IQueryable query, string fieldName) { if (query.Count() == 0) return 0; var...
6 mins ago by madhu593
Forum: Algorithms
by deepak acharya
I am new in this Can any one explain me how can i send the data in php using angularjs and show this in another page in this condition what can i do I am using the Onsen ui framework Just example courier tracking system Please help me Thanx in advance Sorry for poor English
by Luiey Ichigo
Hi all,I have a mysql data type(BLOB) and on my program I'm using eg: Dim arrData1 As ByteSo when I load from datareader as below, it jump to exception:If Not IsDBNull(rdr("content_bytes1")) Then .arrData1 = rdr("content_bytes1") Else .arrData1 = NothingEnd...

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by Jerry Evans  4.97/5 (14 votes)
Adding cross-platform round-trip JSON serialization to C++ classes
by Jan Dolinay  4.88/5 (9 votes)
This article describes software library for the FRDM-KL25Z board which allows writing programs for this board using the Arduino API.
by Joren Heit  5.00/5 (9 votes)
A C++11 template-based signal/slot library
by Shao Voon Wong  4.94/5 (8 votes)
Outline Text Part 2
by Richard Chambers  5.00/5 (4 votes)
Exploring how to embed a Java VM into a C application and developing a native library for a Java application using JNI.

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