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25-Jun-13 11:07am by Alexandr Belotserkovskiy (new) 
This series will be about Web API and its use in Windows Azure
3 hrs ago by gunjan k saxena (new) 
This tip will help to create an action filter to compress the contents like Json, partial view, etc.
3 hrs ago by Antonio Nakic Alfirevic (updated) 
Creating a library for persisting the application state data between work sessions
yesterday by Dirkster99 (updated) 
This is an alternative for "A WPF File ListView and ComboBox"
yesterday by Shuqian Ying (updated) 
Implementing a unified structured query system of service based relational data source with build-in intelligence.
yesterday by Frank W. Wu (updated) 
Showing you how to use the Popup to create your own dropdown-like window.
yesterday by Bartlomiej Filipek (new) 
Short review of a very interesting book about DirectX 11 using C#
yesterday by Yvan Rodrigues (updated) 
Complete list of GUIDs found in .csproj files and their descriptions
yesterday by digimanus (new) 
Windows CE devices are not setup properly for the use of FTP despite the HttpWebRequest and HttpWebResponse classes.
yesterday by Shenwei Liu (updated) 
The article shows how to enhance the shopping cart of the Microsoft ASP.NET MVC Music Store 3.0 sample application by making the workflow more practical with a quantity update feature and unobtrusive data validations.
yesterday by AnthonyPaulO (updated) 
These classes should solve the multi-threaded issues plaguing the INotifyCollectionChanged classes for good.
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Showcase Product Showcase

by Kevin_Hulse
Use Atalasoft's DotPdf SDK to improve workflow processes with external...
by Edward J Correia
The Scribblify drawing app with its 10-point touch capability and...
by Red Gate Software
An interview with senior .NET Developer, Lyle Keeton on use of SQL...
by Jeffrey T. Fritz
In this article, I’m going to show you how to set up dtSearch with an...
by Edward J Correia
When Intel put a call out for apps that would transform the way we...

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Fri 18 Apr 2014
The Heartbleed bug crushed our faith in the secure web, but a world without the encryption software that Heartbleed exploited would be even worse....
Fri 18 Apr 2014
I think that the quality of Code Project is going down.
Fri 18 Apr 2014
So: </div> is an invalid self-closing tag and is viewed as a new tag
Fri 18 Apr 2014
Astronomers have discovered what they say is the most Earth-like planet yet detected — a distant, rocky world that’s similar in size to our own...
Fri 18 Apr 2014
So, which code-base should I be reading about to improve myself?

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by Member 10503105
Tried to ask this several times, but still didn't get an answer. At least after several weeks my question are became more... understandable I guess...So far I am trying to create an aplication which will do second things: I run aplication. While it is working, when I am clicking on button or...
by dudicus1414
file has 1000 lines that look like these114680858 19670607 Matilda Vincent MI114930037 19471024 Desdemona Hanover ID115550206 19790110 Xanadu Perlman ND116520629 19630921 Alexander Hall SD117050976 19301016 David Lamprey GA119610646 19650202 Thomas Porlock IL120330928...
by Behno0o0oD
My application will respond to a user selection on a listview, and then pass the selected item to another activity. But, length is sometimes less than adapter length.and the application crashes (force close).How can I get the real position of item selected of my listview?
by Mohamed Mahmoud Abo Raghep
How to compile C# Application for both 32 bit and 64 bit system
by Sicppy
I am trying to read text from a file but it doesn't read all the characters, could someone please identify the problemContents of Text.txtTestmain.cpp#include#includeusing namespace std;int main(){ FILE* file; file = fopen("C:/Text.txt", "r"); ...

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by Shai Vashdi  5.00/5 (31 votes)
This article shows a simple way to implement Master-Detail pattern with hierarchical DataTemplate
by Sarvesh Kushwaha  4.95/5 (24 votes)
This article describes what CSRF attack is and how to prevent CSRF attacks.
by Jakub Szymanowski  4.84/5 (15 votes)
The article shows implementation of fundamental algorithms in matrix and polynominal algebra
by Nick Sagriotis  4.95/5 (15 votes)
You want to customize the database connection string at run-time? Here is how.
by Fabio Ottavi  4.89/5 (14 votes)
An implementatio of an ISO 7816 Virtual SmartCard

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