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21-Apr-12 9:01am by Igor Krupitsky (updated) 
This article explains how to make drag and drop work across multiple browsers.
1 hr ago by Murtuza Husain Miyan Patel (new) 
Article demonstrates, how to consume oData RESTful Services using Breeze js with EF 5.0 code first approach. Data manipulation using breeze LINQ. It also demonstrate use of knockout js with datatable js to display data in a grid with features like paging, sorting, show hide columns, export to excel
8 hrs ago by Florian Rappl (new) 
Using Microsoft Azure to add advanced machine learning capabilities with connected IoT devices, which monitor activities of a baby and his or her environment.
9 hrs ago by Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov (new) 
Computer Languages as the Basis of the Second Semiotic Anthropology
10 hrs ago by Naren Neelamegam (new) 
Building robots from the scratch with speech recognition, remote voice control, learning intelligence with Raspberry PI, Intel Galileo and Microsoft Azure.
13 hrs ago by Pola A. Edward (new) 
A detailed walk-through for configuring Forms Based Authentication FBA for Sharepoint, side by side with claims based authentication
14 hrs ago by lally727 (new) 
Running multiple animations in one WPF XAML
16 hrs ago by C R (new) 
ASP.NET is a technology stack that has been around for a while. Its latest incarnation being ASP.NET MVC.I’d like to explore what it takes to get a simple “Hello, World!” up and running with ASP.NET MVC. You will need Visual Studio follow along with this tutorial.
16 hrs ago by Jeroen Richters (new) 
This article describes a technique to interact with the user from view-model level.
18 hrs ago by Mauricio David (updated) 
A simple, fast and free embedded .NET NoSQL Document Store in a single data file. Inspired on MongoDB, supports collections, POCO classes, Bson Documents, indexes, stream data, ACID transactions, and LINQ expressions.
19 hrs ago by Dan Letecky (updated) 
Showing the features of a flexible ASP.NET event calendar/scheduling control.

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Showcase Product Showcase

by Accusoft, Ned Averill-Snell
Watermarking in an HTML5 viewer allows sharing sensitive document...
by Kevin_Hulse
Use Atalasoft's DotPdf SDK to improve workflow processes with external...
by Rainer Stropek
MVP Rainer Stropek sets .NET developers a fun challenge. Here is a...
by Ian_Paullin
For the past few months, I’ve been analyzing Octopus Deploy in terms of...
by LEADTOOLS Support
In this whitepaper, we will explore the inner-workings of this...

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Tue 31 Mar 2015
MIT researchers have created a new algorithm to tackle one of the most common bugs in programming: integer overflows.
Tue 31 Mar 2015
Thanks to powerful tools, the need for speed, and the shifting nature of programming itself, your next nerd fight will be over framework APIs, not...
Tue 31 Mar 2015
The term "mustard cutting" in web design comes from developers at the BBC who wanted to serve different experiences of their site to different...
Tue 31 Mar 2015
Primer is GitHub’s internal CSS toolkit. It’s been the base coat for for years now, providing styles for our global typography, layout,...
Tue 31 Mar 2015
It's nice to see this old work horse get a bit of a future. Even just the modern browser support and cleanup is worth the price of admission...

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by Member 10874581
Greetings for the day,I am college student and working on vs 2012 .I had downloaded visiual stdio 2012 after the expire period i did renewal its period for three months as microsoft provied trial period for three months now that period is over now i want to again extened its period but when i...
5 mins ago by kdaras
Forum: Database
by SandeepSingh123
If We print tempdata value in View on HttpGet(default) Request.After Clicking the Submit button we cannot found TempData value. So please us.
by Member 10353114
Hi i have been struggling to create a web app that has adropdown list which contains a few xml files, when selecting one it should display that xml file in a control. it also needs to have a button to update that xml file and save it.below is an example of one of my xml...
22 mins ago by wissam1
Forum: tip/trick "A Master Detail example, using JSON & AngularJS"

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by AJSON  4.91/5 (43 votes)
Using a tri-stack of cool tools to give live insight into the usually darkened room of Windows Services and other remote server hosted code...
by Simon Jackson  4.84/5 (16 votes)
We have finally reached the end of an era and the dawn of the next with the MonoGame project. The latest release has now broken its ties to the old XNA framework and stands alone.
by Bharath K A  4.89/5 (14 votes)
This is a simple HTML5 WebSocket service that streams live, real-time data to browser grid control. This service is capable of automatically computing math expressions on the fly (dynamically at runtime)
by Jeroen Richters  4.97/5 (13 votes)
This article describes a solution that allows an application to load and execute a plug-in, and unloading it without a file lock on the assembly.
by Novar Striker  4.85/5 (12 votes)
Multi technics in one application, for an extreme relaxation moment

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