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26-May-13 6:52am by Xavier Spileers (updated) 
Use a T4 template to generate Knockout-viewmodels based on .NET classes.
1 hr ago by Ehsan.MA (new) 
How to use BriefFiniteElement.NET to analyse solids and structures
2 hrs ago by Steppenwolfe (updated) 
An experimental AES-CTR random generator in C#
3 hrs ago by Tom Clement (updated) 
This article provides a console utility and a method for extending a merge tool to ensure that only real changes (not reordering) appear when merging files from different source control branches.
7 hrs ago by Vitilevu (new) 
How to link ASP.NET MVC with DB2 table
10 hrs ago by Theo Kandiliotis (updated) 
Single Page Application with MVC 4 / C# / Razor / JQuery demonstrating a chat room.
10 hrs ago by RoboJRR (new) 
How to use Powershell to query webservices.
10 hrs ago by Uzi Granot (updated) 
PDF File Writer is a C# class library allowing .NET applications to create PDF files.
13 hrs ago by Stas Wolski (new) 
This article describes how to integrate dhtmlxGantt into an ASP.NET MVC application
14 hrs ago by Julian Ohrt (updated) 
Easy to use yet powerful command line argument parser which also creates usage and parameter information for the user.
14 hrs ago by Bwalsh490 (new) 
This article presents how to develop a C# application using XML/HTTP/PHP and DTMF signalling that allows you to authenticate your customers through a phone call with the help of their User ID and PIN code.
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by LEADTOOLS Support
Why implementing Optical Character Recognition with Leadtools ODR SDKs...
by Kevin_Hulse
Use Atalasoft's DotPdf SDK to improve workflow processes with external...
by SoftPerfect Research
Virtual Volume Software Development Kit (VV SDK) is a developer’s...
In this tutorial how to create a simple game using the Cocos2d-x...
by Android on Intel
In this document, we will focus on a few Android UI programming...

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Thu 10 Jul 2014
Unanswered questions
Thu 10 Jul 2014
Well, not so much *how*, or even why, but it does answer the question of, "Is Microsoft stopping me from using this, or is it just because I have...
Thu 10 Jul 2014
When I start Internet Explorer it states that the last session ended unexpectedly and before I can do anything a new dialog appears telling me...
Thu 10 Jul 2014
Companies like Microsoft, Cisco and Salesforce are creating new open source projects mainly as a means of promoting their existing products and...
Thu 10 Jul 2014
Not a huge surprise: mobile cookies are like desktop cookies. However, as he points out, a lot of people don't think of this when using their...

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by Member 10935983
Is there is any possibility to automate login into virtual desktop through any of programming languages ( either through sockets or others ) need to automate login in to vdi and access application of it in local
by Nischal Bhatt
Hi! All,I was trying to host my website online on a server but When I published and hosted my ASP.Net site files over FTP I encountered HTTP Error 403.14 - Forbidden, I already have the following attributes in my web.config file. ...
by chandra sekhar
I have a list like List FaultValues and i have to check if the FaultValue is null i have to do something.But when is assign (FaultValues==0 ) i am getting error so how to check whether it is null or not??
by RajeeshMenoth
am added username in anchor tag dynamically..but widget id is not a property of anchor to bind widget id in anchor tag dynamically..' CssClass="twitter-timeline" data-widget-id="64643131786644">Tweets...
by Member 10925581
Instruction: Complete the code which obtains 3000 random dice throws and prints how many sixes were thrown.Question:For 'random() * 6 + 1', I am not sure why the random number has to times 6 and plus 1?Is 'number6++' to add up all the random dice thrown landed in 6?Is i++ to...

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by Akhil Mittal  4.81/5 (31 votes)
This article focussses on understanding a basic multilayered architecture in C#.
by Paulo Zemek  4.94/5 (31 votes)
This article presents a Genetic Algorithm that searches for the shortest path to visit many places and return to the original one.
by Halil ibrahim Kalkan  4.94/5 (25 votes)
Building an NLayered, localized, well-structured Single-Page Web Application using AngularJs, ASP.NET MVC, Web API, EntityFramework and ASP.NET Boilerplate.
by Manikandan10  4.89/5 (24 votes)
This article explains some of the template programming techniques
by Akhil Mittal  4.95/5 (18 votes)
This part discusses all about access modifiers in c# (public/private/protected/internal/sealed/constants/static and readonly fields)

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