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3-Apr-14 10:16am by Manabu Kumeta (updated) 
How to use Unicode in INI files.
4 hrs ago by John Underhill (updated) 
Serpent 512, Rijndael 512, ChaCha+ and the HX series ciphers
5 hrs ago by Member 10312566 (new) 
IoC in few steps!
7 hrs ago by Craig A. Moore (new) 
Creating labels in a PDF document using iTextSharp
11 hrs ago by Steffen Ploetz (new) 
Currently none of the big Linux/Unix (X11) GUI application frameworks (GTK+, KDE) support XAML based application development. The Moonlight project (including XAML support) was abandoned on May 29, 2012. This article reviews a XAML based application utilizing massive data binding with zero code.
15 hrs ago by jro.johnro (new) 
Design a DGML state machine using visual tools,... then depend upon C# Reflection to implement the state machine boundaries and triggers in your application.
17 hrs ago by Sandeep Singh Shekhawat (updated) 
In this article, you will learn about relationships in Entity Framework using the Code First Approach with Fluent API.
18 hrs ago by ManojKumar19 (new) 
Learn how to configure dynamic compression in iis 7.5 to improve performance
yesterday by adriancs (updated) 
A tool to export and import MySQL database in .NET
yesterday by Farzan Hajian (new) 
Analyzing HTML documets using NSoup and ExCSS libraries
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Showcase Product Showcase

by Sulamita Garcia
This sample code uses the Live USB image from the IoT Development Kit...
by Naveen Gv
This article presents the advantages of developing embedded digital...
by Dirk_Strauss
Securing Your .NET Applications – A Summary Review Of Visual Guard
by yang_wang
This document describes how to install and use the Intel System Studio...
by Nicolas_Vailliet
Our goal is to get familiar with simple sensors, wires and the board...

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Fri 21 Nov 2014
Replace Rock And Roll with Sausage Roll in popular song titles. See what you come up with.
Fri 21 Nov 2014
We've people calling my office pretending to be [manufacturer/supplier/warranty] people and they ask very specific questions of the staff about...
Fri 21 Nov 2014
TagHelpers are a new feature of ASP.NET 5 (formerly and colloquially ASP.NET vNext) but it's taken me (and others) some time to fully digest them...
Fri 21 Nov 2014
Entitled “Artist with Anna and Elsa,” the tutorial introduces students to basic coding concepts like loops and conditionals, with appearances from...
Fri 21 Nov 2014
This feature can help you overcome any inertia in getting started writing unit tests.

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by Member 10744248
Generating a fresh date by putting the following togetherHave problem aroundint mday = Convert.ToInt32(;where txt_Date_Of_Loan.Text is a datetime and we are extracting the dayfrom int myear = Convert.ToInt32(txt_Start_Year.Text);...
by Ryan von Einzbern
Hi. I'm trying to create a simple ecommerce, but i'm in trouble. Here's my code until now.Classes:public class Design{ [Key] public int DesignId { get; set; } public String name{ get; set; } public Decimal price{ get; set; } public virtual...
by saadmechiche
Hello everyone, is there a way to know if there is any audio comming from any source, which can be "enabled" on my computer whether it is an mp3 , or a youtube video , or a movie...Baically when we press the volume button on the taskbar in windows, aside of setting the volume level we...
by Member 11255907
Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone knows an easy way to add a fade in / fade out to this slideshow? It has to be in js only, no css. This is used in multiple places on the same page, so if anything needs unique names, please be specific. Thanks in advance! ...
by Josh909
I created a player class and made a array from that class for my menu driven player system I am trying to use my GetChar method to keep displaying the prompt and reading whatever the user typed on the keyboard until Char.TryParse can convert the input to an char But I keep getting the error...

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by Mahsa Hassankashi  4.94/5 (28 votes)
If you know C# or VB you are ready to learn desirable and Simple way for monitoring your environmental condition (measure temperature, humidity, GPS coordinate position, vibration) and set alarms (turn on or blinking LED, buzzer and etc) by installing NET Micro Framework and buy compatible board (F
by Ben M Watson  4.91/5 (21 votes)
Get into the details of .NET array access optimization and how you can pattern your code for efficiency.
by JMK-NI  4.96/5 (15 votes)
How to hit the ground running with AngularJS on ASP.NET MVC: Part 3
by Hassan Mokdad  4.44/5 (15 votes)
This article will show how to use the most important features of a background worker to load the balance of your code between different working threads. It will also demonstrate how to take progress events from the background worker and how to cancel a currently running thread.
by Mikael Sundfors  4.87/5 (14 votes)
How to restrict site access by blocking IP addresses

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