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7-Aug-12 13:17pm by Shrilata Ellaboina (updated) 
Biztalk Datetime Functoids
16 mins ago by Craig A. Moore (new) 
Creating sheets of labels within a PDF document using PDFSharp
1 hr ago by Abdallah Al-Dalleh (new) 
How to handle post data coming inside an HTTP POST request
1 hr ago by Bhagyashree Chaudhari - Member 10473634 (new) 
Show dialog box with very few lines of code
3 hrs ago by Pascal Ganaye (updated) 
In this article, I try to highlight some issues in the .NET Framework generic list and how to circumvent them
4 hrs ago by Zhuyun Dai (new) 
Describes how to resolve the 'Double-Hop' issue in PowerShell remoting and how to troubleshoot issues we may meet.
7 hrs ago by syed shanu (updated) 
DataGridView Helper Class for Winforms
8 hrs ago by Akhil Mittal (updated) 
My effort in this article was to put some light on building a generic multilayered architecture using Entity Framework 4.1 and MVC3 razor view engine.
8 hrs ago by Akhil Mittal (updated) 
Repository pattern in MVC3 application with entity framework
8 hrs ago by Akhil Mittal (updated) 
Complete CRUD Operations in MVC 4 using Entity Framework 5 without writing a single line of code.
8 hrs ago by Akhil Mittal (updated) 
Day 6: Understanding Enums in C#.My article of the series “Diving in OOP” will explain enum datatype in C#.
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On which non-Windows platform would you most like to run your .NET applications?
.NET Core is now Open Source. Assuming a mythical write-once, run-anywhere scenario which OSs would you target?
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Showcase Product Showcase

by Grant_Fritchey
Grant Fritchey argues that getting your databases under source control...
by Sulamita Garcia
This sample code uses the Live USB image from the IoT Development Kit...
by Bernardo de Castilho
Learn how you can migrate an application away from Silverlight and into...
by LEADTOOLS Support
RTSP Server Made Easy with LEADTOOLS
by Gael Holmes Hofemeier
This cloud-based analytics tool includes resources for the collection...

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Thu 27 Nov 2014
The keyboard is still the predominant way we interact with a computer. This makes it all the more surprising to observe how many programmers use...
Thu 27 Nov 2014
Meteor explosion time lapse
Thu 27 Nov 2014
Members of the European Parliament, along with civil society groups, have urged European member states to stick with strict net neutrality rules.
Thu 27 Nov 2014
"We'll see your one free album, Google, and raise you a hundred!" The catch? Windows 8 and Windows Phone users only.
Thu 27 Nov 2014
And...a lot of things are considerably older than you might think.

Discussions Latest Discussions

by Jadhav Gangadhar
I am Transfer file from Client to server using Socket Programming asynchronously. But I want to bind datagridview control after completion of running task.Thanks in Advance.....Below is my Code : public void collectFileFromClientSocket(string ClientIpAddr, string clientLogDir) ...
by Icesniper
Why we should not implement IDisposable when building a custom exception class?
by Bittu14
I want to bind data into a GridView and show the data into that grid and as well as in an excel sheet. For that I don't use database. For creating data we use data table, which will be create dynamically. Means we have to create the column through code.Please Help me out.
by Member 11224323
how do i retrieve file by clicking upload button using angularjs and the file should be same even after in edit mode,pls help me,thanks in advance....
by Torakami
Hii , I am trying to remove first 2 char from my string ..But its throwing Index and count must refer to a location within the string. errorlblDataForYear.Text = expYear.ToString() + "/" + (expYear + 1).ToString().Remove(0,2);

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by Ben M Watson  4.85/5 (38 votes)
Get into the details of .NET array access optimization and how you can pattern your code for efficiency.
by JMK-NI  4.97/5 (18 votes)
How to hit the ground running with AngularJS on ASP.NET MVC: Part 3
by Mikael Sundfors  4.87/5 (15 votes)
How to restrict site access by blocking IP addresses
by Hassan Mokdad  4.90/5 (14 votes)
This is a small basic sample that shows you how to quickly set your multi-threaded environment using the new C# Task Factory.
by Louis van Alphen  5.00/5 (13 votes)

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