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13-Aug-14 14:23pm by Stefan_Lang (new) 
How to avoid overflow and still retain precision on large integer calculations
yesterday by .dan.g. (updated) 
A hierarchical task manager with native XML support for custom reporting.
yesterday by Jeremy Falcon (updated) 
A beginner's guide to talking like a computer.
2 days ago by David O'Neil (updated) 
A short introduction to Object Oriented Programming with C++, showing the basics of objects and virtual functions in an approachable manner.
3 days ago by Michael Chourdakis (updated) 
One-call of any DLL function with custom parameters, implemented with C++ tuple and templates.
3 days ago by Jason Newell (new) 
Solid Edge ST7 AddIn in C++
3 days ago by PJ Arends (new) 
A small command line utility to convert a binary file to hex encoded text file
4 days ago by Lô?c Nguyê~n (updated) 
A C program to scan source file for tokens
20-Nov-14 11:20am by Sanmayce (updated) 
Optimized multi-threaded console full-text searcher
20-Nov-14 9:24am by Vadim Stadnik (updated) 
Generality and efficiency of a semigroup in C++ are achieved by using an augmented B+ tree. Basic and advanced applications of such a semigroup are discussed.
19-Nov-14 8:09am by KarstenK (new) 
How to start in Metal on iOS.
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On which non-Windows platform would you most like to run your .NET applications?
.NET Core is now Open Source. Assuming a mythical write-once, run-anywhere scenario which OSs would you target?
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Showcase Product Showcase

by Sulamita Garcia
This sample code uses the Live USB image from the IoT Development Kit...
by yang_wang
This document describes how to install and use the Intel System Studio...
by Grant_Fritchey
Grant Fritchey argues that getting your databases under source control...
by Nicolas_Vailliet
Our goal is to get familiar with simple sensors, wires and the board...
by Mike_Pearce
This document shows you how to use the Arduino IDE along with the...

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Thu 27 Nov 2014
Analyst firm predict Windows will overtake BlackBerry and Android to become second most popular OS for businesses by end of 2016
Thu 27 Nov 2014
The reality of “native” app development today is that virtually all apps include at least some HTML, if only for web views. There’s just no such...
Thu 27 Nov 2014
Free at the moment, but it looks like the information it gives might even be worth paying for.
Thu 27 Nov 2014
Did you know that mobile traffic (i.e. smartphones, etc.) accounts for about 30% of website page views today? That’s up 3x from a measly 10% just...
Thu 27 Nov 2014
I always find these, "This is how you do it here" type of infodumps useful when you're planning on moving to a new language.

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35 secs ago by Member 11266650
Forum: ToDoList 5.1.1 - A simple but effective way to keep on top of your tasks
by Teledextri
How do I set the width of the body?Default.aspx jQuery Basic Image Slider <div...
by Member 11266584
i am fairly new here and c++. below is my code. it is somewhat done. but there is one more part that hasn't finish to complete all the requirements. This is what it wants, "The simulator starts the price initialized automatically with ten RM1 notes, ten 50 cent coins and ten 20 cent coins. It...
by Burhan Ahmed
My WPF app contains a Datagrid which i added with the help of XAML. I added 5+ columns in it.When i run the app i add data in datagrid with this method:private void addItems_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { AddItems addItems = new...
40 mins ago by jkirkerx
Forum: Visual Basic

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by Michael Chourdakis  4.78/5 (12 votes)
One-call of any DLL function with custom parameters, implemented with C++ tuple and templates.
by KarstenK  4.64/5 (5 votes)
Interoperability: Calling C++ from C#
by Jason Newell  4.56/5 (3 votes)
Solid Edge ST7 AddIn in C++
by KarstenK  4.67/5 (2 votes)
How to start in Metal on iOS.
by Lô?c Nguyê~n  5.00/5 (1 vote)
Top-down parsing

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