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13-Nov-12 18:41pm by Michael Abramovitch (updated) 
A flexible way to generate unique numbers for things like invoice numbers.
3 hrs ago by Ranjan.D (updated) 
This article is all about dealing a way to track pets.
10 hrs ago by Anele 'Mash' Mbanga (new) 
Create CRUD web apps in three easy steps using JQM.Show
10 hrs ago by Satish Jagtap (new) 
This article explains how to import database to MySQL server and how to export database from MySQL server without using batch files.
18 hrs ago by yuvalsol (new) 
POCO generating application for SQL Server
20 hrs ago by Ajit Kumar Thakur Microsoft (new) 
This tip explains SQL Server metadata information. It will provide internal details of all available SQL Server 2012 Metadata.
22 hrs ago by Naren Neelamegam (updated) 
Building robots from the scratch with speech recognition, remote voice control, learning intelligence with Raspberry PI, Intel Galileo and Microsoft Azure.
2 days ago by Mauricio David (updated) 
A simple, fast and free embedded .NET NoSQL Document Store in a single data file. Inspired on MongoDB, supports collections, POCO classes, Bson Documents, indexes, stream data, ACID transactions, and LINQ expressions.
2 days ago by Evgeny Bestfator (new) 
Sometimes for processing rowsets we need a cursor, but we may not use standard cursor, we can create our pseudo cursor with much more simple syntax...
2 days ago by Manoj K Bhoir (new) 
Lookup web user control with some basic properties and functionalities
3 days ago by Anele 'Mash' Mbanga (new) 
Demonstrates how to use SQLite database for mobile development
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Showcase Product Showcase

by Rainer Stropek
MVP Rainer Stropek sets .NET developers a fun challenge. Here is a...
by Kevin_Hulse
Use Atalasoft's DotPdf SDK to improve workflow processes with external...
by Igal Tabachnik
Why you should use OzCode to debug your C# code in Visual Studio
by Ian_Paullin
For the past few months, I’ve been analyzing Octopus Deploy in terms of...
by LEADTOOLS Support
LEAD’s HTML5 and JavaScript viewer control provides unparalleled speed...

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Wed 1 Apr 2015
Microsoft is targeting enterprise developers with changes it is making to its Visual Studio 2015 pricing and version line-up.
Wed 1 Apr 2015
Let's say every company gets about three innovation tokens. You can spend these however you want, but the supply is fixed for a long while.
Wed 1 Apr 2015
Google has turned on the fun switch on Google Maps with a playable version of Pac-Man.
Wed 1 Apr 2015
It involves dissidents hacking ways around the Great Firewall.
Wed 1 Apr 2015
Is there any reference for what the range is typical of / acceptable for real-world applications?

Discussions Latest Discussions

by C3D1
Hey out there,i hope there is an Windows-CE guru out there who can help me.I had to connect a Windows-CE powered barcode-scanner to 3 different windows workstations and the only thing i know is, that the windows mobile device center allows me only to choose between one or two...
by Member 10556516
Hi Everyone,Would like to seek help on how to code for IDOC Listener or getting of SAP IDOCAppreciate if you could provide a working program? Thank you so much in advance for the help.
by shiva2239
I have tried with the below code but getting a empty pdf/image.I want output file(PDF/Image) same as web page along with all the user entered data.Please guide me. string myDocumentsPath = "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\GPLGS\\gswin32c.exe"; ProcessStartInfo psi = new...
32 mins ago by ForNow
Forum: C / C++ / MFC
by hansoctantan
Hello,How can I get the parent class width or height inside the sub class.public class NewClass extends JScrollPane { public class PopUp extends JPopupMenu { public PopUp() { //How can I get the parent Class Width or Height inside the sub class. ...

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by Naren Neelamegam  4.63/5 (14 votes)
Building robots from the scratch with speech recognition, remote voice control, learning intelligence with Raspberry PI, Intel Galileo and Microsoft Azure.
by Mahsa Hassankashi  4.92/5 (8 votes)
This article enables you to generate table in any database such as Oracle, SQLServer, MySQL, SQLite, Sybase and etc just by typing table name and its fields. Then you can use NHibernate facilities to make query for data layer.
by yuvalsol  4.92/5 (8 votes)
POCO generating application for SQL Server
by Aby Mammen Mathew  4.09/5 (7 votes)
IoT devices needs the capability to augment the environment around them, even when sensors utilized by them break down
by Manoj K Bhoir  4.80/5 (6 votes)
Lookup web user control with some basic properties and functionalities

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