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20-Oct-13 12:36pm by Mosi_62 (updated) 
This approach shows quite an easy to be understood way to the first order Goerzel algorithm.
2 mins ago by Nitij (new) 
An article about different ways to write Unobtrusive JavaScript.
3 hrs ago by Kimmo Mbanga (new) 
MyFamily.Show : A simple Family Tree Mobile App to keep details of your family tree.
4 hrs ago by MatthewThomas (new) 
Dragging and dropping in WPF with a MVVM style architecture
4 hrs ago by F-ES Sitecore (new) 
IntroductionSitecore has an extensive caching framework that allows it to cache everything from items in its database all the way to the html output of its renderings.  When using Sitecore's cache framework it employs a number of techniques to ensure that the cached data remains valid, and if you us
4 hrs ago by Lee P Richardson (new) 
I thought it would be fun to do a back-to-basics kind of post on the JavaScript language and base it on my second most popular blog post of all time Parameter passing in C#.In other words this post will present some JavaScript brain teasers around parameter passing and visually illustrate the soluti
5 hrs ago by Passion4Code (new) 
Introduction Still using images for icons!! Now in every other web site/web pages, we find intensive use of icons to help user navigate and understand easily the whole purpose. Making the icons simple and understandable from user point of view is what the motive stands here. But using images for ico
5 hrs ago by Passion4Code (new) 
Introduction Being developers we always face a challenge, to debugand optimize the queries we have written for any request made to the server. Getting the exact time of the queries requested for each page load is next to impossible. Usually we count one two three.. and see the average.. :D. But is t
6 hrs ago by Graham D Smith (new) 
When I first started listing the draft titles of blog posts for my series on implementing continuous delivery with TFS naturally the vNext / Agent-less / PowerShell DSC feature of Release Management that shipped with 2013.3 was on my list. And why not? Surely this was the successor to the agent-base
6 hrs ago by Graham D Smith (new) 
In this blog post (which is part of my series on on implementing continuous delivery with TFS) we look at creating automated web tests with Selenium. Although the need for manual testing will probably never go away any organisation that wants to deploy software on a frequent basis is going to have t
6 hrs ago by Graham D Smith (new) 
In this instalment of my series on implementing continuous delivery with TFS we pick up where we left off in the previous post and add the automated web tests we created to Microsoft Test Manager. We then look at how to schedule these tests for automatic execution through the deployment pipeline. Ex
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Showcase Product Showcase

by Rainer Stropek
MVP Rainer Stropek sets .NET developers a fun challenge. Here is a...
by Kevin_Hulse
Use Atalasoft's DotPdf SDK to improve workflow processes with external...
by Igal Tabachnik
Why you should use OzCode to debug your C# code in Visual Studio
by LEADTOOLS Support
In this whitepaper, we will explore the inner-workings of this...
by Ian_Paullin
For the past few months, I’ve been analyzing Octopus Deploy in terms of...

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Wed 4 Mar 2015
Seems like they want ever more forgettable password every year!
Wed 4 Mar 2015
At least he actually made his wealth from building something. Unlike a lot of others.
Wed 4 Mar 2015
Tech is key to our ability to image planets and learn about their atmospheres.
Wed 4 Mar 2015
"We're for an open Internet and that's not regulation of the Internet," FCC chairman says at Mobile World Congress.
Wed 4 Mar 2015
Ugh — another week, another nasty widespread security bug to worry about. The twist this time: this one has apparently been around since the 90s.

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by Member 11493150
How do I...i want to send reminder mail from that automatically save it outlook calenderi have done through but not helpfull imean not fullfill my requirement(Send Calendar Appointment As Email Attachment[^]
by Member 11000455
Code:else if (answer is HandwrittenAnswer){ this.Sourcecode.AppendLine("\t\t\t\t<textarea id='" + id + "' name='" + id + "' value='' style='position: absolute; " + "top: " + top + "px; left: " + left + "px; height: " + height +...
by Voley
I am doin a program which reads the privileges of a folder given the path of a folder... but when within that folder ther are others i have a problm. Are there ancy classes which shomw me if within a folder there are others and get me the paths of thet??
by ahsan.subiya
Hello Sir,I am using timer Control in website which shows left exam time in Hour ,Minute and secondsbut the problem is when i m scrolling page downwards because of timer scroll moved upwards with each timer tickbelow is the code snippet...<asp:UpdatePanel...
by venkat teja
HEllo i searched google but till now i didn't get any solution for that i.eIs it possible to get image from server(.net) and show it on webpage using pure javascript because i dont want to using any jquery language

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by Abhinaw Kumar  4.80/5 (35 votes)
Process of runtime type discovery is called reflection. Using reflection, we are able to obtain the metadata information, dynamically.
by pradeep shet  4.67/5 (24 votes)
Features included in c# 6.0 that can help us to have our code better and readable.
by  4.85/5 (21 votes)
This article provides a recipe on how to avoid producing legacy code by using a proper architecture and unit testing.
by DebugErr  4.98/5 (17 votes)
Retrieving the path to the new user folders like Downloads, Saved Games or Searches
by Max R McCarty  5.00/5 (16 votes)
How to prevent XSS in ASP.NET

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