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17-Jun-14 15:05pm by Taucher Christoph (updated) 
Application selection for a File to open it with
30 mins ago by Oliver_Hart (new) 
I’ll show how to build live IP camera streaming into your website by using C# to be able to monitor the area that is under video surveillance.
50 mins ago by James Dale (new) 
My Windows Sever 2003 reaches its end of life in 2015. I do not look forward to moving to Server 2012. Surely there has to be a better, portable, and cross platform solution that features zero install and fits on a USB stick.
1 hr ago by Shemeemsha RA (new) 
Bootstrap Tips
1 hr ago by Shrikant Dhar Dwivedi (new) 
How to detect Online/Offline mode through code
2 hrs ago by John Atten (updated) 
In recent posts, I've covered a lot of ground using ASP.NET Identity 2.0 in the context of an MVC application. Since it's RTM in March of this year, Identity 2.0 has offered a substantial expansion of the Authentication/Authorization . toolset available to MVC applications. Similarly, Identity 2.0
4 hrs ago by Nirosh (updated) 
Nido Framework with .Net 4.0 and Entity Framework help you standardize your Business Logic Layer (BLL).
6 hrs ago by Vahid_N (new) 
Microsoft has not updated Iran's daylight saving time information since 2009. Let's find out how it works and then fix it for next 100 years!
7 hrs ago by KarstenK (updated) 
How to start up with OpenGL on iOS.
8 hrs ago by anand P Singh (new) 
This is a simple example to show how to connect to SAP using SAP .Net Connector 3.0
10 hrs ago by Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan (new) 
This article tells the beginners the basic concepts about connecting to the SQL Server database using C#.

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by LEADTOOLS Support
Why implementing Optical Character Recognition with Leadtools ODR SDKs...
by Kevin_Hulse
Use Atalasoft's DotPdf SDK to improve workflow processes with external...
by donn-felker
In this article I’m going to discuss how this data can help you fix the...
by Android on Intel
SEAndroid refers to Security Enhancements for Android, a security...
by Alvin Ashcraft
Last June, I reviewed the Aspose.Email for .NET component and...

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Wed 1 Oct 2014
This is the "best of all possible worlds."
Wed 1 Oct 2014
On Tuesday, eBay Inc. announced it was splitting up into two companies—its eBay marketplaces unit and PayPal, its faster-growing payments unit.
Wed 1 Oct 2014
Something is brewing in the world of application development. Developers are pushing the idea of a thick/fat/rich application to the point where...
Wed 1 Oct 2014
Over the next 72 hours, we will roll out the new MSN to the more than 425 million people in over 50 countries around the world that come to the...
Wed 1 Oct 2014
Oracle has overhauled the way it will build user interfaces in a bid to meet customers' expectations for user-friendly mobile applications.

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by umaa180394
Hi All....I want a code where i can extract all the text snippets from web pages for a given search term from the search engine... i need the code in java.. Can pls any one help me....
32 mins ago by RyanDev
Forum: .NET Framework
by csdn2013_1
i want to do a proxy with epoll. but it fail.i only open one web , but the accept sockfd constantly increase.then read fail .i am very confuse for that #define msglen 1500#define LISTENQ 20#define SERV_PORT 7777#define MAXEVENT 1000int serverfd,clientfd;void setNonBlock(...
by ghanem90
c_Service2.ID = Convert.ToInt16(hfId_Check_Box1_Checked.Value);why not work?
1 hr ago by RyanDev
Forum: .NET Framework

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by Sandeep sunku  4.89/5 (43 votes)
This article showcases on explaining the Threading concepts available in .Net
by Shivprasad koirala  4.95/5 (32 votes)
In this article we have explained why MVC and we will be comparing MVC with webforms.
by iSahilSharma  4.85/5 (27 votes)
This article is the second part of the series “Abstract Class & Interface: Two Villains of Every Interview” and explains the important key points of Interface.
by Suraj Sahoo Mindfiresolutions  4.83/5 (25 votes)
Lets get into the concepts of Dependency Injection and How can that be handy in MVC applications
by benmwatson  5.00/5 (21 votes)
Understand exactly what happens during object allocation in .NET, why it's extremely efficient in the common case, and how to trigger slower code paths

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