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15-Dec-14 6:09am by Sergey Nozhenko (new) 
This is an alternative for "PipeStream, a Memory Efficient and Thread-Safe Stream"
3 hrs ago by Pranay Rana (updated) 
Publisher/Subscriber pattern with Event/Delegate and EventAggregator
6 hrs ago by Divikiran (new) 
Network connectivity check using Xamarin forms in iOS and Android
6 hrs ago by Siminov Framework (new) 
Siminov Android Connect is a android based RESTful Framework, which allows your to consume RESTful Web services that seemlessly support your data, in a variety of representation media types and abtract away the low-level details of the client-server communication.
8 hrs ago by syed shanu (new) 
Animated Image Slide Show for winforms using C#
9 hrs ago by Mahsa Hassankashi (updated) 
It is a simplest tutorial on AngularJS and Repository Pattern for developing professional MVC Applications. It includes a source code about practical permission management project.
9 hrs ago by syed shanu (new) 
Telerik RadGrid Helper Class for ASP.NET
9 hrs ago by adriancs (updated) 
A tool to export and import MySQL database in .NET
9 hrs ago by B. Clay Shannon (updated) 
Add a bit of code to a form to make all ReadOnly TextBoxes non-tabbable
10 hrs ago by Mr. Lai Tai-Yu (new) 
How to make a clear color image (Histogram Equalization)?
10 hrs ago by Yannick Turbang (new) 
HTML WPF editor WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get).
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by LEADTOOLS Support
The new Document Converter and Document Viewer found in LEADTOOLS...
by ShawInnes, Octopus Deploy
Rather than writing our own article, we thought we’d share a real life...

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Thu 29 Jan 2015
Codacy, a Lisbon-based code analysis startup, has revealed that its software identified over a billion coding errors last year, resulting in...
Thu 29 Jan 2015
Microsoft's co-founder and former CEO is the latest luminary from the world of technology and science to warn against the threat of smart machines.
Thu 29 Jan 2015
Create a Microsoft Azure application that unlocks the true power behind embedded and connected devices: the web services and applications that...
Thu 29 Jan 2015
In this age of digital bloat, you might be surprised to hear that making a game as small as possible is an attractive challenge.
Thu 29 Jan 2015
Interested in building iOS apps with Apple’s new(ish) Swift programming language? Want to learn Swift for free? Stanford University’s School of...

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by Prince Tegaton
Hi guys, am working on a CMS which has to do with blog posts.I always create a new page for a new blog post so that it can be fetched by SEO and also easy reference. ARTICLE CONTENTS COMES IN HERE Everything is working fine but how...
by Member 11390168
this is my functionPrivate Function validatingControls() As Boolean Dim cmbs() As ComboBox = {cmbEmployee, cmbParty, cmbSoftwares, cmbStatus} Dim rtb() As RichTextBox = {rtbTextArea} Dim empytCB As ComboBox = cmbs.Where(Function(f) f.SelectedIndex =...
by Stan Huang
Below is a snippet of my codes for getting time ticks. DateTime now = DateTime.Now; string lines = "" + (now.Ticks - previousClick.Ticks);; System.IO.StreamWriter file = new System.IO.StreamWriter(@"e:\tmp0\test.txt", true); ...
by Member 11302981
I have some problems.I try to convert standard SIMD instructions to other using libsimdpp.libsimdpp is a portable header-only zero-overhead C++ wrapper around single-instruction multiple-data (SIMD) intrinsics found in many compilers.[^]__m128i v_zero =...
by Mohamed Abdelwahab
i have problem in gridview , when click edit in gridview and press save button , the edit button in grid convert to update/cancel how prevent update/cancel ???? i want to press save , and not change edit in gridview ???

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by syed shanu  4.66/5 (113 votes)
This Article will explain a very simple way to understand the basic C# OOP Concept
by syed shanu  4.84/5 (64 votes)
Insert select update delete in with Simple Login
by Bhushan Mulmule  4.86/5 (39 votes)
This write-up will take you through all the steps that are required to understand lambda expression thoroughly.
by syed shanu  4.75/5 (35 votes)
Nested or Master Detail or Hierarchical DataGridView for winforms
by Shivprasad koirala, Marla Sukesh  4.79/5 (33 votes)
In this article we learn MVC 5 step by step in 7 days – Day 1.

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