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19-Jun-12 16:57pm by Burak Ozdiken (new) 
How to make a custom panel control like in Visual Studio 2008 for a Windows Forms Application using the .NET Framework.
1 hr ago by Samir NIGAM (new) 
This article describes default binding configurations, default behavior configurations, inheritance model in behavior configurations, file-less activation and standard endpoints in WCF 4.0/4.5
1 hr ago by Tsuda Kageyu (updated) 
Implement a simple-look substitution of BOOST_SCOPE_EXIT using some of the new features of C++0x
1 hr ago by Don Kackman (updated) 
An easy to use Rest client using the Dynamic Language Runtime and RestSharp
7 hrs ago by Paulo Zemek (updated) 
This article presents a .NET like Dictionary implemented in C++, which has better performance and consumes less memory than the STL's unordered_map class.
8 hrs ago by Hadrich Mohamed (new) 
Get started with Spire.Doc in order to make fast and valuable applications
10 hrs ago by Anurag Gandhi (updated) 
A custom GridView control which provides you an additional facility to group the data in gridview along with the facility to customise the Group Header and Group Footer
11 hrs ago by Mack Ait-Aoudia (new) 
Entity Framework 6: Update an entity with a many-to-many relation
11 hrs ago by Bankey Sharma (new) 
Converting DataReader Result into List of Objects Using Generic Type, Property Attribute and Reflection
11 hrs ago by Cuba Cubicula (new) 
Attached behavior that saves control's template in a file as XAML
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Showcase Product Showcase

by Dirk_Strauss
Securing Your .NET Applications – A Summary Review Of Visual Guard
by Cisco
Cisco ® Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) integrates Citrix...
by Jerry Baugh
Zhongqian Su and a group of fellow graduate students used the Intel®...
by Edward J Correia
When Intel put a call out for apps that would transform the way we...
by Jeffrey T. Fritz
In this article, I’m going to show you how to set up dtSearch with an...

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Fri 25 Apr 2014
In 2008 and 2012, President Obama campaigned on the incredibly popular idea of network neutrality—a law that would forbid phone and cable...
Fri 25 Apr 2014
Four major tech companies including Apple and Google have agreed to settle a lawsuit accusing them of conspiring to hold down salaries in Silicon...
Fri 25 Apr 2014
Vic Gundotra, who aggressively led Google into the social world with the creation of Google+, is leaving the company.
Fri 25 Apr 2014
IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, and others pledge millions to open source.
Fri 25 Apr 2014
I feel like I'm getting raked over the coals by my cable provider. Please share if you have an option other than cable? Any ideas are welcome.

Discussions Latest Discussions

by syedkhaleel
Hi,In Application i am getting address data from my local db.but this data is limited.i want to know any service available in market to get address from whole world.please suggest me.Thank in AdvanceSyed Khaleel
by HuyNTT
Which best tool can be used for code quality measurement and monitoring?
by Member 10615028
The following error occurs:-Invalid object name 'Registration'.Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code. Exception Details:...
by Member 10546504
I have just kept all controls in GroupBox. Now I am trying to use it events coding but it makes new event with _1 name. e.g old txtName_Gotfocus(...) and new txtName_Gotfocus_1(...) i have checked deeply, found that it has removed all Handles ....... from controls events.why this...
by Aditeswar Reddy
How can i see the addition of two numbers reading from two text boxes in the third text box. pl, help me.

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by Marco Bertschi  4.96/5 (30 votes)
Serial communication with an Arduino Board via C# and the SerialPort class from the System.IO.Ports namespace
by Sarvesh Kushwaha  4.95/5 (27 votes)
This article describes what CSRF attack is and how to prevent CSRF attacks.
by Siddhartha S.  4.97/5 (23 votes)
A WPF smart client demonstrating nitty gritty of MVVM for a real life LOB application.
by Shameel  4.79/5 (16 votes)
A hand-on review of the latest Windows Phone update that was released as Developer Preview
by Evgeny Zavalkovsky  4.88/5 (15 votes)
An easy and an elegeant way to create "trusted" data variables.

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