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13-Mar-13 6:20am by Armanisoft (updated) 
This is an alternative for "How to Prepare a USB Drive for Safe Removal"
6 hrs ago by Mike Meinz (new) 
Describes an algorithm to ignore spurious ultrasonic sensor readings.
yesterday by PengHeProfessor (new) 
A high performance monte carlo simulation framework for financial derivative pricing
2 days ago by Emiliarge (new) 
2 ways to read and write data to *.xls and *.xls files and display it on DataGridView.
3 days ago by Mihai MOGA (new) 
A quick solution to transform binary data to plain text
3 days ago by Andres Cassagnes (new) 
A simple serial communication library, with a serial ports enumerator
3 days ago by SergeiR[MCTS] (new) 
Demonstrates Windows 8 capability to directly control stepper motor
5 days ago by Bartlomiej Filipek (updated) 
Several issues related to smart pointers that are worth knowing.
27-Aug-14 1:14am by Yu222 (new) 
Running Google Test in Eclipse
26-Aug-14 15:02pm by Andrey Grodzovsky (new) 
Stack corruptions are usually tricky to solve, they can be random or consistent in nature, random are usually due to some rogue pointer writing to a random location wrecking havoc along the process address space and the consistent are due to overrunning allocated write buffer with more bytes that it
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Showcase Product Showcase

by Android on Intel
SEAndroid refers to Security Enhancements for Android, a security...
by donn-felker
In this article I’m going to discuss how this data can help you fix the...
by donn-felker
Crashlytics is a free service offered by Twitter that collects your...
by Android on Intel
In this article I will review several tools for automated functional...
by Android on Intel
In this article I will explain how to build a project with CoCos2D.

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Tue 2 Sep 2014
Fight for the Future and other net neutrality activist groups have set up the Battle for the Net coalition, which plans to launch an “Internet...
Tue 2 Sep 2014
Microsoft concluded support for Windows XP in April. Despite that fact, a large chunk of the global PC market still runs the operating system. And...
Tue 2 Sep 2014
It sure beats the usual method of testing responsive design (grab a corner of your browser, and wiggle it in and out to resize the window).
Tue 2 Sep 2014
Opsimath: one who learns, or begins to study, later in life.
Tue 2 Sep 2014
The "cool kids" have had this for a while, and it works quite well as a workflow. Now you can type your way to an ASP.NET website as well.

Discussions Latest Discussions

by InnocentAk
Two RequiredFieldValidator operate on a TextBox and a DropDownList, it doesn't show validation error when I fill them, but doesn't also let me move from one view to another. When I remove Cascading control and assign any other text to DropDownList via ListItem, it works properly. I thought...
by Kailashkumar Raghvani
if it is possible to disable menu strip item so stop working menu strip short short cut key
by vr reddy
I want text extraction from PDf throug code without using dll like I textsharp and others
by chiyun1
Hi,all, I was developing a context menu handle on windows OS. I have followed the website guide "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Writing Shell Extensions - Part I[^]", and now can show my own submenu item when right-click a shorcut file. Then I want to remove the other submenu items, such as...
by Derek Kennard
Hello, I'm stuck... I have this code setting a value of 30 minutes used in a timer. The time works great, but I don't want to hard code the value. As soon as I do, some knuckle head is going to ask for it to be changed... this.applicationIdle.IdleTime = System.TimeSpan.Parse( "00:30:00"...

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by Shao Voon Wong  5.00/5 (5 votes)
A C++ Text Stream design which has read/write symmetry
by  4.75/5 (4 votes)
Asynchronous, "crash safe" logging with dynamic logging sinks
by Yu222  4.60/5 (4 votes)
Running Google Test in Eclipse
by SergeiR[MCTS]  5.00/5 (4 votes)
Demonstrates Windows 8 capability to directly control stepper motor
by Joren Heit  4.50/5 (2 votes)
Designing and implementing a Pi2Pi chat-protocol in C++

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