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17-Sep-12 5:41am by Dane Balia (new) 
A Quick Read For Understanding The Power Behind SASS
1 hr ago by john_1726 (updated) 
SignalR with self-hosted Windows Service
1 hr ago by DiponRoy (new) 
Table generation finder for rotational database in SQL Server
2 hrs ago by Sander Rossel (updated) 
The sixth in a series on web development.
2 hrs ago by Sander Rossel (updated) 
The fifth in a series on web development.
2 hrs ago by NewPast (updated) 
Format, add line numbers, error handling, expose a .NET library to VBA, and number to words in Office.
2 hrs ago by Sander Rossel (updated) 
The (long awaited) fourth in a series on web development.
2 hrs ago by Sander Rossel (updated) 
The second in a series on web development.
2 hrs ago by Sander Rossel (updated) 
The third in a series on web development.
2 hrs ago by Sander Rossel (updated) 
The first in a series on web development.
2 hrs ago by Dirkster99 (updated) 
This is a basic 101 type tutorial on CefSharp 3 with WPF. You learn how to display of HTML in your WPF application.
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Showcase Product Showcase

by Rainer Stropek
MVP Rainer Stropek sets .NET developers a fun challenge. Here is a...
by Igal Tabachnik
Why you should use OzCode to debug your C# code in Visual Studio
by LEADTOOLS Support
In this whitepaper, we will explore the inner-workings of this...
by Kevin_Hulse
Use Atalasoft's DotPdf SDK to improve workflow processes with external...
by Ian_Paullin
For the past few months, I’ve been analyzing Octopus Deploy in terms of...

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Thu 5 Mar 2015
Microsoft is finally letting developers build apps for the Xbox One. While the software maker has had a private SDK since the console's launch,...
Thu 5 Mar 2015
Easier than Amazon's Mobile SDK and more complete than Google's Firebase, Azure Mobile Services has more of what developers need.
Thu 5 Mar 2015
But 88 percent report of hiring managers report that it's "very difficult" or "somewhat difficult" to find qualified candidates.
Thu 5 Mar 2015
In this blog post I’ll walk you through some tips you can use to improve the performance of your debug sessions and include instructions for how...
Thu 5 Mar 2015
Though Facebook reigns king, the company's report show some interesting regional differences in usage and app categories.

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by Member 11360293
I have a custom `UITableView`. What I'm trying to do is add a row when the user selects a button.Here is my code: - (IBAction)addRow:(id)sender { NSInteger row = [self.rowArray count] - 1; [self.rowArray insertObject:@"cellIDRowSeven" atIndex:row]; ...
by Member 11498921
Where is Part 3 of Stephen Boissiere Generate SQL Database Schema from XML?
45 mins ago by landersohn69
Forum: C#
by Member 11498880
My booking system currently allows users to delete bookings at any time. The system should restrict the users from deleting bookings at a certain time for instance 24 hours before the booking date. Users should only be able to delete bookings 48 prior to booking date. Is there any way of doing...
1 hr ago by DiponRoy
Forum: Article Writing

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by Abhinaw Kumar  4.80/5 (35 votes)
Process of runtime type discovery is called reflection. Using reflection, we are able to obtain the metadata information, dynamically.
by pradeep shet  4.67/5 (24 votes)
Features included in c# 6.0 that can help us to have our code better and readable.
by  4.85/5 (21 votes)
This article provides a recipe on how to avoid producing legacy code by using a proper architecture and unit testing.
by DebugErr  4.98/5 (17 votes)
Retrieving the path to the new user folders like Downloads, Saved Games or Searches
by Max R McCarty  5.00/5 (16 votes)
How to prevent XSS in ASP.NET

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