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13-Feb-12 16:01pm by manythreads (new) 
This article will demonstrate how to create C/C++ plugins that can be dynamically loaded at runtime to add massively parallel OpenCL capabilities to an already running application
1 min ago by Davyd McColl (new) 
How to get started with Cordova and the Web Starter Kit framework when developing apps for Android (which you can then expand to include other targets like iOS, Windows Phone and Windows8 Store Apps)
10 mins ago by Nick Polyak (updated) 
Describe architecturing a flexible and extensible WPF application with the help of WPFWidgetizer framework
1 hr ago by newton.saber (new) 
Learn Angular and Firebase API (AngularFire) for live storage of data via Internet using nosql db.
1 hr ago by syed shanu (updated) 
In This Article lets see in detail of Basic SQL Query
2 hrs ago by Simon McKenzie (updated) 
Reads JPEG Exif data without the heavyweight and unnecessary instantiation of GDI+ objects.
2 hrs ago by Sandeep Singh Shekhawat (updated) 
This tip is about the Constructor Dependency Injection Pattern Implementation in C#.
3 hrs ago by Muchiachio (new) 
MVC.Template is a starter template for ASP.NET MVC based solutions
9 hrs ago by B. Clay Shannon (updated) 
How to Capture and View Local Network Traffic Using Two Free Tools
11 hrs ago by konamiman.MSX, Erich Ledesma (new) 
Problem detected while testing a parallel consumer had a very dark explanation and a very simple solution.
13 hrs ago by Dr. Song Li (new) 
This article presents an example Spring MVC Rest service application that supports both Json and XML serializations.
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Showcase Product Showcase

by Android on Intel
This paper will discuss optimization needs and approaches on Android...
by donn-felker
Crashlytics is a free service offered by Twitter that collects your...
by Kevin_Hulse
Use Atalasoft's DotPdf SDK to improve workflow processes with external...
by Bruno Terkaly
Recently, the team at DiscountASP.NET launched a new cloud hosting...
by Gael Holmes Hofemeier
Cyberlink and Intel utilized several tools to analyze and optimize the...

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Tue 23 Sep 2014
When your website uses JavaScript, you are giving up control of how the code runs. Discuss.
Tue 23 Sep 2014
Higgs demonstrates how lazy code generation and other techniques improve compiler performance.
Tue 23 Sep 2014
I am currently having issues with a guy at work who think he's a great programmer and knows everything about what is the latest and greatest...
Tue 23 Sep 2014
Always nice to see a polite and friendly API. This one is for connecting to OAuth services.
Tue 23 Sep 2014
CSS has always seemed to suffer from the battle between print designers and non-print designers. And now a word (and feature) from the print folk.

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by Member 11046620
HiI want send data from grid view to report viewer in vs2010help me,please
by Member 11014751
Hello,I am using C# , I have one dropdownlist filled with data from database for example A,B,C,Dnow i have one radiobutton , what i want is when i click A or D from DropDownlist RadioButton get enable , and when i click B or c radiobutton Get Disable.please help
by Usha Sanjee
This is my XAML page <Border BorderThickness="0" BorderBrush="Gray" ...
by Shantanu sinha
i have a database where daily sale is i want to get the client outstanding between two date_ column is in varchar.i m not getting the required result.through this query and when i used between query its showing wrong what is the solution? kindly help...
by Member 11052746
I have followin div on my form.Error! Title: Mr. Mrs. Miss. ...

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by iSahilSharma  4.60/5 (45 votes)
This article is the first part of the series "Abstract Class & Interface: Two Villains of Every Interview" and explains the important key points of Abstract Class.
by Paulo Zemek  4.97/5 (23 votes)
Learn how to create a math expression compiler and a special WPF markup extension capable of using it to generate bindings.
by Suraj Sahoo Mindfiresolutions  4.81/5 (21 votes)
Lets get into the concepts of Dependency Injection and How can that be handy in MVC applications
by Sandeep sunku  4.90/5 (20 votes)
This article showcases on explaining the Threading concepts available in .Net
by Peter Leow  5.00/5 (18 votes)
Exploring the connectivity options in Android.

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