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yesterday by Anurag Gandhi (updated) 
A class to pivot a DataTable with various aggregate functions.
37 mins ago by Anurag Gandhi (updated) 
A Grid/Report control in MVC with pivot option
49 mins ago by Mahesh Pachbhai (new) 
Entity Framework basics
7 hrs ago by John Atten (updated) 
Earlier this year we looked at Implementing Group-Based Permissions Management using the ASP.NET Identity 1.0 framework. The objective of that project was to gain a little more granular control of application authorization, by treating the now-familiar Identity Role as more of a "permission" which c
8 hrs ago by Abhishek Jaiswall (new) 
State Management in ASP.NET
9 hrs ago by Rajneesh K Barapatre (new) 
This article is to help you understand the fundamentals of the Microsoft ASP.NET MVC with basic concepts explained along with code snippets.
14 hrs ago by Rajiv Gogoi (new) 
Introduction to SignalR using ASP.NET MVC 5
18 hrs ago by pradeep shet (new) 
Step by Step learning of knockout framework - Day 1
yesterday by Anurag Gandhi (updated) 
A class to pivot a DataTable with various aggregate functions.
yesterday by Alexander Gorin (new) 
Introduction to txcaching library.
yesterday by JMK-NI (updated) 
How to hit the ground running with AngularJS on ASP.NET MVC: Part 2
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Showcase Product Showcase

by Kevin_Hulse
Use Atalasoft's DotPdf SDK to improve workflow processes with external...
by donn-felker
Crashlytics is a free service offered by Twitter that collects your...
by Android on Intel
SEAndroid refers to Security Enhancements for Android, a security...
by Android on Intel
In this article I will review several tools for automated functional...
by donn-felker
In this article I’m going to discuss how this data can help you fix the...

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Fri 22 Aug 2014
At Syncfusion, we recognize that the freedom enjoyed by hobbyists enables them to be great innovators. That is why we offer special Hobbyist...
Fri 22 Aug 2014
The vast majority of web users would not be willing to pay to browse the internet without advertisements.
Fri 22 Aug 2014
The Russian press agency ITAR-TASS is reporting something so surprising that I'm having a hard time believing it: Cosmonauts have found...
Fri 22 Aug 2014
Young programmers don't generally seek advice from aging coders. Fine -- but for once, sit down, shut up, and listen in.
Fri 22 Aug 2014
Microsoft is involved in many major open source projects, including Hadoop and Docker. What's motivating the company to abandon its...

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by Member 10649328
i am new to c# programming and hope to get a simple awnser here() only if posible :)i am trying to get to following in my program form1:textbox1 ("value")textbox2 ("value")these are public into form2 ("Datagridview1") Product[0]and price[1]but if i use...
4 mins ago by jinksk
Forum: tip/trick "Jquery introduction and How to use jquery with Master page and Simple page"
41 mins ago by bruceshining
Forum: article "Using ASP.Net WebAPI with Web Forms"
45 mins ago by Kevin Marois
Forum: Silverlight / WPF
by dysert
I've been trying things for a day and a half with no luck, so please be kind. I've been to all the websites referenced in many of the solutions about this question, but I am still stuck.I've got a C# Web Application that (of course) puts up an aspx page. Upon a button click I want to display...

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by Sacha Barber  5.00/5 (32 votes)
Angular.Js / Azure / ASP MVC / SignalR / Bootstrap demo app
by JMK-NI  4.97/5 (30 votes)
How to hit the ground running with AngularJS on ASP.NET MVC: Part 1
by Mark J. Caplin  5.00/5 (21 votes)
AngularJS and the MVC/MVVM design patterns
by Singh Deepika  4.14/5 (19 votes)
This article will step by step guide you through the Flow of MVC application clearing your basic concepts of MVC
by Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan  4.75/5 (12 votes)
This article explains how you can send emails using ASP.NET Web Helpers without having to work with connections.

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