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5-Oct-14 7:11am by Varavut (new) 
Create a app that support Phone and Tablet
18hrs ago by Isaac RF (updated) 
To create visually engaging apps, displaying images is a must. Learn to display Bitmaps Efficiently on your Android apps, without giving away performance. The post Displaying Bitmaps Efficiently on Android apps appeared first on Isaac RF.
18-Aug-16 21:27pm by Rou1997 (new) 
Android: Using SQLite DataBase
18-Aug-16 0:29am by Rou1997 (new) 
Sending SMS Without Intent (Silently) & With Intent . . . Simply & Long (Multi-Part) Text Messages . . . Checking Sent SMS Status . . . Sending MMS With Intent . . .
14-Aug-16 19:35pm by Mohamed Taman (new) 
Cleaner, readable, and powerful coding with Java SE 8 New DateTime API JSR 310 .....Java SE 8, JSR 310In this article of the “Java SE 8 new features tour” series, we will deep dig into explanation, and exploring the code of JSR 310 specification, on how to Calculating timespans with the new DateTime
9-Aug-16 20:38pm by ridoy (updated) 
A R/D approach to detect earth seismic activities with IoT and make an android device self aware to save your life.
8-Aug-16 0:01am by Mitchell J. (new) 
Learn how to setup a Raspberry Pi as a wifi router, track public transport with GTFS, install & use Django, and combine CMUsphinx, Webview, and Microsoft's speech API in an Android app. We'll also control Sonos speakers, build a security camera, and consume some API's (including the CodeProject API)
7-Aug-16 12:44pm by Grasshopper.iics, Moumita Das (updated) 
An assistive technology initiative for patients with upper body disability
7-Aug-16 11:19am by Grasshopper.iics (new) 
Human Activity tracking and aggregation at the edge with Activity based climate control
6-Aug-16 18:22pm by raddevus (updated) 
Plug this device into your computer and never type or memorize a password again. That's right, no need to memorize your Windows login (and you won't be able to because it will be so long and complex anyways).
5-Aug-16 20:29pm by Grasshopper.iics (updated) 
Live Streaming Multi Modality Controlled Intel Edison Smart RC Car
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Fri 26 Aug 2016
Google will now allow you to play games with search results. When you search for solitaire or tic-tac-toe, it will return a playable game as a result.
Fri 26 Aug 2016
What's New in C# 7.0
Fri 26 Aug 2016
Four years ago, Microsoft made a bold bet by introducing a new version of Windows which was much different from the well-received Windows 7.
Fri 26 Aug 2016
The creator of Linux talks in depth about the kernel, community, and how computing will change in the years ahead.

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by Sys Dev
Hi, I have installed 2 SQL Server versions on my PC, 2000 and 2012, and is now trying to connect my application on the 2000 one. It is necessary in order to support legacy systems still beiung used that uses MSSQL2000 as backend. I used named instance as well as IP/Port address on the connection...
by Ye Htut
In my application, when user set cursor or type on select, grid will be appeared beneath select control to show data. and then user will select data. Now, I am using combogrid jquery plugin. I saw a post from other forum like this issue. but I didn't solve.What I have tried:in...
by Trung Tuyen Tran
I have Windows Phone 8.1 project . MainPage has a FlipView. FlipView has 2 FlipViewItem. I want to the MainPage will be NOT reload when I back from another page to it, So I used NavigationCacheMode = Required. And it's worked, but it has a other problem.First, I swipe to second...
by Member 12702779
Hi,I have an vb6 application in which one form is having a farpoint spread control. This control is fetching rows from database. Based on current data, the spread may contain 100s of rows.Can anyone help me how i can make a search on these rows. I am planning to place a text box and when...
public bool processScreenCoord(Point screenCoord, Bitmap printscreen, List lootableItems, List attackableMonsters, bool[,] blacklistedPixels, ClickTracker ct, bool chkGreen, bool chkBlack, bool chkItem, int blacklistOffsetX, int blacklistOffsetY, int[]...

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by Rou1997  4.98/5 (29 votes)
Sending SMS Without Intent (Silently) & With Intent . . . Simply & Long (Multi-Part) Text Messages . . . Checking Sent SMS Status . . . Sending MMS With Intent . . .

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