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13-Feb-14 17:33pm by sbarnes (new) 
A small utility that feature-creeped into Yet Another SCM tool - a useful app to examine
yesterday by Andrey Chaschev (new) 
An introduction to the Wookie, a Java/Scala library to automate web browsing.
yesterday by Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan (new) 
What are the wearable devices and what is the role of Internet of Things in them and how do they interact to make things better and easy.
4 days ago by Hanbo (new) 
In this article, I will show you how to integrate Hibernate Search into a simple yet feature complete web application with the Spring MVC and Hibernate enabled.
4 days ago by Joel Ivory Johnson, Taryn Blake (updated) 
This is a walkthrough creating a speedometer for the Samsung Galaxy Gear.
4 days ago by Dr. Song Li (updated) 
This document presents two Maven example projects for mocking final and static methods using PowerMockito for Java unit testing.
5 days ago by Pavel Durov (new) 
Article about dynamic Sqlite database management on Android platform using Java class reflection.
5 days ago by arteysoft (new) 
Get rid of dependencies through the use of Functions
15-Oct-14 6:29am by Fabrizio Stellato (new) 
Generate entities, mapping and configuration files with Hibernate Ant Tools. Apply reverse engineering in a few seconds !
14-Oct-14 10:12am by uros_calakovic (updated) 
Use the LibGDX Java gaming framework and JRuby to create a simple 2D game for desktop
14-Oct-14 2:56am by Sipra Ray (new) 
Selenium to start with for automation Testing in a simple and diagramatic approach..

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Showcase Product Showcase

by Naveen Gv
This article presents the advantages of developing embedded digital...
by Nicolas_Vailliet
Our goal is to get familiar with simple sensors, wires and the board...
by Gael Holmes Hofemeier
Cyberlink and Intel utilized several tools to analyze and optimize the...
by Android on Intel
The purpose of this paper is to provide a high level overview of the...
by Alvin Ashcraft
Last June, I reviewed the Aspose.Email for .NET component and...

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Tue 21 Oct 2014
I can make chili almost anytime of the year, but I prefer, to make it in the Fall/Winter time. For me, it is the perfect comfort food. I like to...
Tue 21 Oct 2014
Physicists have built a tractor beam out of lasers that can both repel and attract objects across distances 100 times farther than previously...
Tue 21 Oct 2014
We all use instruments like Google Analytics. It is a powerful way to collect data. In this article, we will see a CSS-only approach for tracking...
Tue 21 Oct 2014
AngularJS and .NET seem to work great when used together. At first this type of technology arrangement may seem like overkill. However, I would...
Tue 21 Oct 2014
For a long time it seemed like it was ok to just use a single file full of jQuery selectors and event handlers. This is just not a sustainable...

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by HariPrasad katakam
I have an old application, in which i am using VB script MsgBox. Now i am making the application Chrome compatible, in which VB script wont work, So i create a function belowfunction MsgBoxClass(header) {this.returnvalue = 0;this.modalalert = function msgBox() { var modalDiv =...
by Alixeer
Hi all !!!I am newbie about deployment.I have a application mvc + ssrs report using sql 2012. I want to deploy it on webserver.How can i deploy mvc + ssrs report ? Pls give me advice about some webserver can do it.Thank you .
by $andesh M Patil
I have a 2 web application. So if user login then he will be redirected to webapp1 and will be redirected to home.aspx.On webapp1 home.aspx, i have to call webapp2 home.aspx in backgorund so that user session will be started there also. User will not be get to know that he is redirected to...
by kami2
I have a user control in .aspx page that user control bind when first time page load and that page have some filed we use for update some information in database table ,that updated value reflect in user control,but that are not reflecting because when page postback user control bind prevoius...
by Kochathu Thomas Tinu
How can i interchange two rows in sql servereg:ID name priority age1 robin 1 232 anish 2 24i need to interchange the priority asID name priority age1 robin 2 232 anish 1 24Thanks in adavance

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by Pavel Durov  4.89/5 (8 votes)
This article is explaining how to implement a a basic game fundamentals on Android platform.
by Louie Bacaj  5.00/5 (8 votes)
Web API was introduced and was recently streamlined into Web API 2.0. This framework is heaven for C#/.NET services developers. It allows you to get a RESTful API in .NET up and running in less than an hour. As you'll see it's also just as easy to consume that API in another programming language.
by Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan  4.59/5 (8 votes)
What are the wearable devices and what is the role of Internet of Things in them and how do they interact to make things better and easy.
by Ranjan.D  5.00/5 (6 votes)
This article is all about how to make an Articles Request by using CodeProject API, then get the response and de-serialize the same and display the list of articles in a ListView element.
by Joel Ivory Johnson, Taryn Blake  4.92/5 (5 votes)
This is a walkthrough creating a speedometer for the Samsung Galaxy Gear.

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