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17-Jan-14 16:04pm by Mubin M. Shaikh (updated) 
Learn Custom MDX Query Step by Step
13 hrs ago by Micah Nikkel (updated) 
Helps create/execute the Disaster Recovery steps performed while failing over Log Shipped databases. Most helpful for multiple databases, such as SharePoint, consolidated SQL Servers, etc. However, it also makes even a single database failover a more straightforward process.
19 hrs ago by Eric Lapouge (updated) 
An other way to export data from a SQL-Server to use them to call a web service
19 hrs ago by (new) 
Quickly set up the ability to serve up several pages and record which was served in SQL Server
yesterday by Mayank Pal Singh (new) 
Know you digital presence / cyber presence / internet presence using DFMAP
2 days ago by Singh Deepika (new) 
This article will step by step guide you through the Flow of MVC application clearing your basic concepts of MVC
2 days ago by Vishal_007 (new) 
hassle less free fast ajax grid with the use of javascript and
2 days ago by diponsust (new) 
Here, we will see the basic differences or similarities between various joins of MS SQL Server.
2 days ago by Emiliarge (new) 
Read and write data to Access databases without limitations caused by the use of the SQL.
2 days ago by Jefferson Takahashi (new) 
Integrating Exchange Server 2010 Mail Attachments with SharePoint 2013 via C#.
3 days ago by .dan.g., autoQA (updated) 
A hierarchical task manager with native XML support for custom reporting.

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by Android on Intel
This guide is intended to help developers port existing ARM*-based NDK...
by Android on Intel
In this article I will explain how to build a project with CoCos2D.
by donn-felker
Crashlytics is a free service offered by Twitter that collects your...
by Android on Intel
This case study discusses building map and geolocation features into an...
by Android on Intel
This article will discuss different options available for presenting...

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Thu 21 Aug 2014
General discussions, site bug reports and suggestions about the site
Thu 21 Aug 2014
Here are some principles to guide you in building and releasing code that others will care about.
Thu 21 Aug 2014
For the first time in a while, this release focuses on adding some significant new features to Knockout.
Thu 21 Aug 2014
In a .NET application, what process should be used to obtain a series of Setting values? A procedure? A function? Local variables? Global...
Thu 21 Aug 2014
Imagine a typeface that unites all the world’s languages. A publisher could print a book in Arabic, Cherokee, Egyptian Hieroglyphics and more—all...

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1 min ago by demoninside9
Forum: .NET Framework
by Mohi Uddin Sumon
I make an SQL Server Report using Business Intelligence Development Studio. It works nice.But I have to open this report by running visual studio 2010. Please help me how can I do that.Advance thanks for helping me.
by Devdhiman82
CODE:public class JobInfoRepository { OracleDependency oracleDependency = null; public static bool IsNotified = false; public IEnumerable GetData() { try { using (var oracleConnection = new...
by fsze88
HiWhats means
by arh66
KD-source solution Puzzle 8 My professor gave me a workout for a month to deliver what you please help me. 8-puzzle with C # source code to solve the parallel programming================================================================================= my email : {Personal Email...

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by Mark J. Caplin  5.00/5 (21 votes)
AngularJS and the MVC/MVVM design patterns
by Singh Deepika  4.61/5 (18 votes)
This article will step by step guide you through the Flow of MVC application clearing your basic concepts of MVC
by Vishal_007  5.00/5 (10 votes)
hassle less free fast ajax grid with the use of javascript and
by Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan  4.79/5 (8 votes)
This articles describes how to kick start a shop website using ASP.NET and the software Microsft WebMatrix
by Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan  4.00/5 (4 votes)
This article explains how you can use ASP.NET (C#) and search for related queries in your Database.

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