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NGif, Animated GIF Encoder for .NET

, 1 Sep 2005 CPOL
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Create animated GIF images using C#.

Sample Image - NGif.gif


Because .NET Framework can't create animated GIF images, NGif provides a way to create GIF animations in the .NET framework. It can create an animated GIF from several images and extract images from an animated GIF.

Using the code

/* create Gif */
//you should replace filepath
String [] imageFilePaths = new String[]{"c:\\01.png","c:\\02.png","c:\\03.png"}; 
String outputFilePath = "c:\\test.gif";
AnimatedGifEncoder e = new AnimatedGifEncoder();
e.Start( outputFilePath );
//-1:no repeat,0:always repeat
for (int i = 0, count = imageFilePaths.Length; i < count; i++ ) 
 e.AddFrame( Image.FromFile( imageFilePaths[i] ) );
/* extract Gif */
string outputPath = "c:\\";
GifDecoder gifDecoder = new GifDecoder();
gifDecoder.Read( "c:\\test.gif" );
for ( int i = 0, count = gifDecoder.GetFrameCount(); i < count; i++ ) 
 Image frame = gifDecoder.GetFrame( i ); // frame i
 frame.Save( outputPath + Guid.NewGuid().ToString() 
                       + ".png", ImageFormat.Png );

Points of Interest

Use Stream to replace BinaryWriter when you write a fixed-byte structured binary file.


  • 31 Aug 2005: Draft.


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


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Bug[Bug] Last two pixels of every frame is wrong. Pin
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GeneralRe: [Bug] Last two pixels of every frame is wrong. Pin
morhost at 28-Feb-12 5:51
membermorhost28-Feb-12 5:51 
The bug is in class LZWEncoder, method NextPixel()...

Here is the fix:

private int NextPixel()
  if (curPixel <= pixAry.GetUpperBound(0))
    byte pix = pixAry[curPixel++];
    return pix && 0xff;
    return (EOF);

Variable remaining in the original code is unuseful and can be removed at all.
GeneralRe: [Bug] Last two pixels of every frame is wrong. Pin
Member 10347531 at 21-Oct-13 9:23
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