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Adding a drop arrow to a toolbar button

, 15 Dec 1999
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Demonstrates how to use the new toolbar styles to add dropdown arrows to toolbar buttons
  • Download demo project - 28 Kb
  • Sample Image - toolbar_droparrow.gif

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    If you wanted to add a drop menu like the ones seen in internet explorer, it is pretty straight forward. This approach for will work for both Visual C++ 5 and 6, however you may want to read up on the enhancements to the toolbar class for VC 6.0.

    First off, after your toolbar has been created in CMainFrame::OnCreate(), you will need to make a call to the following

    m_wndToolBar.GetToolBarCtrl().SendMessage(TB_SETEXTENDEDSTYLE, 0, (LPARAM)dwExStyle);

    This will enable your toolbar to handle drop arrows. The next thing you will need to do, is to actually add the drop arrow to your desired button. This will be done via the SetButtonStyle() method:

    DWORD dwStyle = m_wndToolBar.GetButtonStyle(m_wndToolBar.CommandToIndex(ID_FILE_OPEN));
    dwStyle |= TBSTYLE_DROPDOWN;
    m_wndToolBar.SetButtonStyle(m_wndToolBar.CommandToIndex(ID_FILE_OPEN), dwStyle);

    Now, you will need to add a message handler for the drop arrow, as well a menu to the application resources. Assuming you already know how to create a menu, ( if not, click on the resource tab, select the resource name ie: MyApp Resources, then right click. Select insert, then select Menu, then press the New button ) and assuming that the resource id for our menu is IDR_MENU1, add the following code to CMainFrame's message map:


    Add the following method to CMainFrame's .cpp file:

    void CMainFrame::OnToolbarDropDown(NMTOOLBAR* pnmtb, LRESULT *plr)
    	CWnd *pWnd;
    	UINT nID;
    	// Switch on button command id's.
    	switch (pnmtb->iItem)
    	case ID_FILE_OPEN:
    		pWnd = &m_wndToolBar;
    		nID  = IDR_MENU1;
    	// load and display popup menu
    	CMenu menu;
    	CMenu* pPopup = menu.GetSubMenu(0);
    	CRect rc;
    	pWnd->SendMessage(TB_GETRECT, pnmtb->iItem, (LPARAM)&rc);
    		rc.left, rc.bottom, this, &rc);

    Then add the following to CMainFrame's .h file:

    	afx_msg void OnToolbarDropDown(NMTOOLBAR* pnmh, LRESULT* plRes);


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    About the Author

    Kirk Stowell
    CEO Codejock Software
    United States United States
    No Biography provided

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    There's some weird bug with CToolbar when XP theme is applied to an application. I've ran into this bug when I was updating one application to use XP styles. It took me a while to realize what was going on and then some more time trying to track down
    1. Add xp manifest file to the same folder as the demo executable.
    2. Run demo
    3. Now, open Internet Explorer and notice how toolbar buttons got larger and cut off at the bottom. Here's a screenshot:
    Some more investigation revealed that it only happened with XP themes applied and only for toolbars with dropdown. But why??? Debuggin this took hours. Spy++ was hanging my system to a crawl and only hard reboot helped. I did found though that IE was sending WM_SETTINGCHANGE to my application and after that the buttons would get corrupt. Calling SetButtonSizes at any point after IE would corrupt the buttons didn't work.
    I was deep in CToolBar code trying this and that and was geting very frustrated by this. And then it dawned on me: if it was the dropdown style that had a problem, then what if we temporarily get rid of it and then restore it when it was safe?!
    So the solution I tried was to derive from CToolBar (which was already done in my case), listen for WM_SETTINGCHANGE, then remove dropdown style and add then add it again:
    void CMyToolBar::OnSettingChange(UINT uFlags, LPCTSTR lpszSection)
    DWORD dwExStyle = SendMessage(TB_GETEXTENDEDSTYLE);
    SendMessage(TB_SETEXTENDEDSTYLE, 0, 0);
    CToolBar::OnSettingChange(uFlags, lpszSection);

    It's not a perfect solution because a button with dropdown shifts one pixel, but it's much better then the large and tuncated buttons.
    Hope this helps someone.
    P.S. It seems like this bug was fixed in MFC for VS.NET . But if you are still on VC++6, then you'll need this fix
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