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How to solve "Cross thread operation not valid"

, 7 Oct 2006
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how to access a control from another thread which didn't create this control.
how to access a control from another thread which didn't create this control.

I faced this issue more than 1 time, I decided to collect info about it and made some changes on the code to simplify this problem to you cause it's really annoying and confusing to work with threading stuff. Here is a small code solves this problem FOREVER and in ANY case.


Cross thread operation not valid: Control "XXXXXXXXXX" accessed from a thread other than the thread it was created.


1- Create your thread:

 Private Strt As System.Threading.Thread   

2- Start your thread wherever you want:

  Strt = New System.Threading.Thread(AddressOf MyThread1)

3- Add the thread sub (MyThread1) and put whatever you want and remember that the lines which access a control from this thread will be separated to into another sub (the Delegate sub)

 Sub MyThread1
       ' Working code
       ' Working code
       ' Working code
       ' Working code
       ' Working code
       ' Working code


End Sub

From the previous code you will notice 2 things:
1st: AccessControl the sub which will be delegated.
2nd: ' Working code - which doesn't need a delegate to get it work. In other mean, it doesn't show up the error message you receive.

4- and finally, add the delegated sub:

Private Sub AccessControl()
        If Me.InvokeRequired Then
            Me.Invoke(New MethodInvoker(AddressOf AccessControl)) 
    ' Code wasn't working in the threading sub
    ' Code wasn't working in the threading sub
    ' Code wasn't working in the threading sub
    ' Code wasn't working in the threading sub
    ' Code wasn't working in the threading sub
            Button2.Visible = True
            Button3.Visible = True
            Opacity = 1
            ShowInTaskbar = True
        End If
    End Sub

From the previous code you will notice that all the codes which wasn't working in the threading sub will be added after "Else" line.
examples for some codes which needs to be delegated:

I hope i simplified it enough, and now no worry about this issue again.
Special thanks to jmcilhinney for his help. You can also find this article at this link:
Have a nice day Smile | :)


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About the Author

Software Developer (Senior) InfraDrive
Egypt Egypt
Egyptian freelance programmer and the founder of InfraDrive, Inc.
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Comments and Discussions

QuestionNo need to use Delagates PinmemberTino Fourie25-Jan-14 23:33 
Although this article is very old, most of the content is still applicable.
I experienced Cross-thread issues when I implemented the FileSystemWatcher class native to System.IO namespace in stead of the old conventional way of using timers (I did use a timer but found the SystemFileWatcher class beats timers hands down).
The first problem I experience was with a DataGridView. Searches brought me to start using Delegates to update user controls on another thread - needless to say this was way over my head at the time.
Implementing the Delegate process on the DataGridView solved my problem.
The next challenge was to insert an image into a ListView. The first iteration using the Delegate method went flawless BUT failed on the second iteration and the application terminated.
DO NOT implement the following in your code
"System.Windows.Forms.Control.CheckForIllegalCrossThreadCalls = False"
Sooner or later you will regret this.
However, I kept searching and found the most simple and perfectly stable solution without using Delegates or disabling Cross-Thread checking.
In the Sub where you declare your SystemFileWatcher add the following line of code:
Private Sub StartFileWatcher()
        ' Create a new FileSystemWatcher and set its properties. 
        Dim FileWatcher As New FileSystemWatcher()
        FileWatcher.SynchronizingObject = Me
        FileWatcher.Path = txtImageFolder.Text
        ' Watch for changes in LastWrite times
        FileWatcher.NotifyFilter = (NotifyFilters.LastAccess)
        ' Add event handlers.
        AddHandler FileWatcher.Changed, AddressOf OnChanged
        ' Begin watching.
        FileWatcher.EnableRaisingEvents = True

    End Sub
FileWatcher.SynchronizingObject = Me allowed me to code as if there was no background thread running.
For more information please refer to this article by Richard Carr:[^]
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